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I put 225 in the shock and got to about 30% static sag, but I saw someone else above say they're at 185psi for 200#.. 40psi seems like a large pressure differential for 10-12 lbs. I ride there because my buddies do, but I prefer the other side of the bay where I live. The carbon-framed, 130 mm-travel trail bike with 29-inch wheels fills a void for YT and is destined to uncork good times for riders on after-work rides through local woodlands as well as during trans-alpine adventures.
It's pretty pretty in Ghostship Green. [selectable] => 1

If I could've initially afforded the Pro Race, I'd definitely be keeping those. I know there is not much information or reviews from the yt izzo but maybe someone has some suggestion or already experience with one or both online seller [user_selected] => ) By submitting your comment you agree to our Privacy Policy. [subPages] => Array My concern with a lot of the new bikes is the wheelbase gets very long and for some of my riding on tight trails my concern is they will feel long and not agile. Sharp like a katana, agile and damn fast. The reach on my size XL is 492mm with a 1240mm wheelbase, and the bottom bracket drop can be set to 40mm or 35mm, depending on the position of the flip chip. I forgot the lines went Comp>Pro>Pro Race. I know you had the Primer MK1. Chips hidden very well. [id] => 57 Other problem seems that I'm trying to convince myself that if I get the Izzo or something similar I won't need another longer travel bike. The 140mm gets a 65.5 ish HA and the 150mm a 65. In addition to leaving more room for a water bottle, this approach tends to be lighter weight because the shock is mounted to a part of the frame that is naturally burly enough to hold a shock, instead of the middle of the top- or downtube. [ordernumber] => 2020570.5 [target] => By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Those of us with more experience on full suspension bikes describe the bike when the shock is locked out as feeling like a hardtail. )

( [status] => -1 What is the max tyre size that can be used with the frame. How much sag are you running? He drew his sword so fast that his opponent could not see it.

A true everyday mountain bike with the typical YT DNA. So, no XMCs for me! It's funny how we come back to where we started sometimes.

The Izzo is basically a mini Jeffsy. It’s not just the frame that’s carbon – the X01 cranks, DT Swiss XMC 1200 wheels and narrow Race Face Next bar are too. This whole 1 tooth at a time thing is purely marketing games. Unfortunately for me, I'm still half a state away for 9 days. Só falta ponderar se compro já este modelo, ou se espero pelas de 2021, que devem reventar lá para dezembro. Let’s be honest: not all of us can boast the luxury of having mountainous terrain on our doorstep. This is the same thing just not precut: Congrats! We are the best online resource for information for mountain bikers of all abilities, ages and interests. [target] => 6. [parentID] => 0 I ordered 140mm and 150mm airshaft. [description] => IMPRINT [optionID] => 58 I agree with all of your points. Honestly, 130mm-130mm is more than plenty for 95-97% of the Mt Diablo rides. [id] => 58 1, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, Array One of the reviews said that if you put DHFs on the're "missing the point" of the bike. The geometry of the IZZO is also designed for climbing and descending. Clunking noise is gone but I also tightened the headset a bit. A 140mm air spring will likely be installed soon but if I spend $1k on a fork right now I'll need a lawyer. I'm just saying I don't feel a drastic difference. It is so. ) [kw] => 03 The Fox 34 specced on every Izzo model sits at a dignified 66 or 66.5 degrees. This progressive but not overly aggressive and well-balanced geometry, paired with a great kit, will ensure Good Times on backyard trails and long days in the saddle alike. This has been a leap of faith for me. Similar to the Wreckoning. The maneuvers shown were done with professional riders on a closed course. That's alittle troubling. Overall, the Izzo appears to share a lot with those iconic bikes that founded this category not so long ago. Here are my initial thoughts after about 6 hours doing my local well-trodden lockdown loops. ( I discovered today that my cable from the twistloc to the shock was really loose. This is for my first lockout I've ever had though and first full sus bike. [kw] => 03 However, the difference between the having the shock locked out and open should be stark. As both the CAPRA (180mm/180mm & 170mm/170mm travel) and the JEFFSY (160mm/160mm & 150mm/150mm travel) boast increased travel across the range for 2020, the IZZO (130mm/130mm travel) perfectly caters for those riders out there looking to ride trails and embrace the uphill just as much as the downhill.

[buyable] => Array Just sold my rocky mountain it was just recalled and I didn't feel like messing with all I am looking at the Izzo Pro and really like the specs.

[buyable] => Array The carbon-framed, 130 mm-travel trail bike with 29-inch wheels fills a void for YT and is destined to uncork good times for riders on after-work rides through local woodlands as … Unlike YT’s trail bikes, every size fits a regular old water bottle cage. The IZZO is very special. They worked fine but honestly if I had one of those bike or the Izzo I probably wouldn't ride them on Diablo. Bike Magazine has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. ( Thanks to you all I should have anything extra that I might need for day 1 lol. But also very capable down. the Official " I couldn't find the Car thread for DJ in the OC" thread. Please do not attempt.The bikes pictured may differ in certain details from the stock model and may feature optional equipment available at extra cost. ) ( No rights can be derived from incorrect information.

For some of the people that might still be on the fence about buying a YT, how would you grade their customer support/service? My impression every time I rode the Izzo was that it was egging me on to do things I shouldn’t. Personally, I'd go with 140. [childrenCount] => 0 However, at least initially, the Izzo has been sent out with what appears to be a rebranded Rockshox shock pump with a long head and tube that DOESN'T fit the shock and the tube leaks. Of the four 29ers we tested in Marin County, the YT Izzo had the longest legs. I don't mind using a riser bar if I have to though, and I actually have one on my hard tail (30mm?


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