yellowstone thorofare fishing trip

Yellowstone National Park has been inspiring creative people since before its inception, and over the years Rockin' HK Outfitters has been privileged to take out artists of all ilks, including photographers, painters, sculptors, and musicians. At Yellowstone Outfitters fishing camps, you'll settle in for hearty, mouthwatering meals cooked by our experienced crew. No matter what kind of experience you are looking for in Yellowstone's back country, Rockin' HK Outfitters is committed to providing a bucket list trip that will live in your memories for a lifetime. Whether you are seeking scenic riding, unmatched fly fishing, or spectacular photographic opportunities, you have found your outfitter. Sometime in the mid-1980s lake trout were introduced to Yellowstone Lake. Get away from bumper-to-bumper fly fishing. With his 25+ years of experience in Yellowstone and a lifetime spent outdoors, you are guaranteed to explore parts of the park few others ever will, all the while resting assured of your safety.

This is our most exclusive offering due to the rugged journey. Biologists counted more than 70,000 fish passing through Clear Creek on the way to spawn in 1978, which was the peak. Our third and final trip to the area has a few slots open. Yellowstone Outfitters has run its remote fishing camps in the Teton Wilderness near Hawks Rest and the Yellowstone Meadows since 1950. The test line is recommended. 71745864_10157516762259449_3632316140727828480_o, 51075959_288355001875187_5441980948537147392_n, 50846583_288344875209533_5759025384104394752_n, 50947211_288354921875195_5168734600884649984_n, 51172517_288354958541858_7020344505983303680_n, 51374167_288354928541861_3533088708129456128_n, 51492378_288355081875179_3237839071220858880_n, 51094520_288355041875183_8235284084213940224_n, 51126580_288355085208512_1748560239369650176_n, 51145958_288355131875174_8151883472957341696_n, 51056125_288355178541836_1115456234300899328_n, 50999274_288355218541832_8732955808955891712_n, 51304447_288355625208458_9181346847015305216_o, 67637568_368509480526405_1626724348033236992_n. Our pack trips provide the perfect opportunity for both activities! Today, it is the epicenter of an epic battle that will ultimately determine the fate of one of the purest strains of trout.

Two reels and two rods per person suggested. Later in the evening, enjoy stretching out next to a crackling fire while sipping your favorite beverage, laughing with your family or close friends. Unless you count the trophy trout you angle into your net with your guides' expert advice. This trip travels through the southeast corner of the Park. “But to make the journey and soak in the history and import of what is happening with this fishery is like no experience you’ve ever had.”. Gather your sense of adventure and travel with us to a corner of the globe few have ever seen. 2-3 extra reel spools with floating and sinking headlines on them, Camera with a large memory card or lots of films, A good supply of Cutters Insect Repellent Spray. The Yellowstone Thorofare trip is the ultimate back country expedition that will guide you through the most remote region of the Lower 48 where you will truly feel the untouched majesty of the Earth. Our overnight fly fishing pack trips take you to remote wilderness where you'll let the cool, fish-filled waters of the famous Yellowstone River or Thorofare River ripple around your waders. Spend the evenings in marvelous spots recounting the day's tales around a crackling campfire and renewing the body with sumptuous fare. Fly Fishing. Herds of elk can be seen grazing in wildflower-strewn meadows of the high country, and sighting wolves is a real possibility. In the unsurpassed beauty of the Teton wilderness and Yellowstone Meadows, you'll connect with the serenity of vast, spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife in places that are just as well-suited to sightseeing as fishing. This land was once known as the best cutthroat trout fishery in the world. Learn to fly fish or improve your advanced techniques with easygoing guides who want you to have a trip you'll never forget. Spinning gear should be of ultra-light or light grade: 4-6 lb. Excellent fishing opportunities are found in the famed Yellowstone and Snake Rivers along with Thorofare Creek and Yellowstone … That number was reduced to less than 600 by the mid-2000s. Rockin' HK Outfitters is proud of our 25 years of packing experience in Yellowstone National Park. And catch that trophy trout, too. We strive to make every trip unforgettable with back country decadence and rigorous safety protocol. It wasn’t long after the introduction of the lake trout that Yellowstone National Park experienced a summer of wildfires that grew to historic proportions. Rockin' HK Outfitters offers drop camps as well. We are lucky enough to be one of the few outfitters that have a permit to fish in the Thorofare. Make sure you separate the following gear for easy access in saddlebags or tied to your saddle during your horseback rides. To plan your once-in-a-lifetime Yellowstone National Park pack trip, or if you have questions, contact Kipp Saile. Allen, who oversees the fly-fishing program at the ranch, will be the lead guide for this rare adventure. The Bechler region in the southwest corner of Yellowstone offers scenic beauty coupled with the unique opportunity to hotpot in the back country. Are you ready for the fishing trip of a lifetime? You may fish all day at our secret fishing … For more than a decade now, biologists and fishing enthusiasts have been working to bring back the cutthroat. The Thorofare is the cutthroat trout’s highway as the fish travel from Yellowstone Lake upriver to spawn. We excel at personalizing trips to accommodate the novice to expert angler, with the option of a private fly fishing guide. Twenty-eight rugged miles north of the ranch you enter the Thorofare. These ravenous fish, which can grow up to 40 pounds, decimated the cutthroat trout population with its insatiable appetite. Propelled by our trusty horses and mules, we can offer you 97 trail heads, 1,200 miles of trails, and 104 designated horse camping sites. The healthier runs of the native have also meant a return of the fishery for anglers willing to make the trek to this hallowed ground. Exploring the country's first national park on horseback is our specialty! Total bag count: 2 duffel bags no longer than 36 inches. This is one of the most remote areas of the lower 48 and the beginning of the Upper Yellowstone River watershed. The debris left behind in the Thorofare washed into the Yellowstone River creating silt that badly disrupted the spawning ground of the cutthroat. The Yellowstone Thorofare trip is the ultimate back country expedition that will guide you through the most remote region of the Lower 48 where you will truly feel the untouched majesty of the Earth. The scenery is incredible, the horseback riding spectacular, and you will only share the fishing spots with eagles. All trips depart from our Turpin Meadows Base Camp (See map below.). You can get away … After disembarking your dependable steed, a gourmet dinner will be prepared by our talented camp chef and served against a stunning Yellowstone backdrop. Ready to camp out in non-stock designated areas? Our overnight fly fishing pack trips take you to remote wilderness where you'll let the cool, fish-filled waters of the famous Yellowstone River or Thorofare River ripple around your waders. Envision mornings spent writing, painting, or photographing wildlife, and afternoons soaking in natural hot spring pools. The adventure of a lifetime! With our team of trusty mules, we have the ability to carefully pack and transport your required artistic equipment to the most picturesque places in Yellowstone! “Words cannot describe the beauty of this place and what it takes to get there,” said Jay Allen, a renowned fishing guide who has returned to the ranch. These rivers, creeks, and lakes receive very little pressure compared to the "front country" fishing areas in and around Yellowstone. Forty years ago, the Thorofare teemed with anglers who made the journey to see for themselves what … The southeast region of Yellowstone is home to the largest population of Grizzly bears. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Do you dream of cruising up hills to take in sweeping vistas with your steed while your partner wants nothing more than to spend the day knee-deep in waders? The population of lake trout swelled from 130,000 in 1998 to 800,000 by 2012. You just relax and let us take care of the appetite you work up in the backcountry. This trip is the crown jewel of all Yellowstone Park pack trips. Novice casters or advanced anglers will appreciate the in-depth knowledge of fly fishing and the area provided by your fishing guides. Forty years ago, the Thorofare teemed with anglers who made the journey to see for themselves what it was like to cast their fly rods into the river and do battle with a native cutthroat trout. An 8-9 foot fly rod raking a 5-7 weight line recommended. You will have the expertise of a personal wrangler and fly fishing guide to lead your group in outdoor endeavors in places like Sportsman Lake, Soldier's Corral, and Pebble Creek. For years, commercial fisherman from the Great Lakes area have been hired to spend the summer catching and killing more than 300,000 lake trout each year. You may fish all day at our secret fishing holes and not see a soul. Here, the mountains explode skyward on either side of the river as it flows toward Yellowstone Lake. Come join us for adventure-filled days and campfire-lit evenings in the back country of Yellowstone. Please note we discontinued 3-day fishing trips because of how many guests voiced disappointment when they had to leave. Call us today to share your vision of adventure and we will make it happen! Our wranglers and crew are the best in the business and share the passion for being in the mountains with our equine companions. Please visit our Drop Camp page for details. The first fire began on June 14 with subsequent fires sparking into September. The pack animals can better accommodate 2-3 smaller duffel bags, a sleeping bag rolled separately, and rods and waders apart from your main load.


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