ww2 plane crash sites map kent

Stuart. I would love to see some pics of it. © W D Cocroft. Simon, the article I read about the widow of that German pilot was in the Eastbourne Herald newspaper, I think. Read about our current news, projects and campaigns nationally and in your area. Oberfw. My father used to tell me of a German fighter coming down! No problem Stuart. A friend and myself found a possible 50kg bomb (without tailfin) which was rolled into a silt pond by my friends father when we told him what we had found. JG3 in the English Channel pilot Hptm Willi Hopp Getting a ticket is almost impossible unless you are a season ticket holder now.

One grizzly tale his father found a human finger,put it in a matchbox and gave to the authorities ! Researching a German crash from the Battle of Britain (the one at the top of this thread) I only just discovered last week that a man remembered on the war dead in the parish church is a Battle of Britain pilot. Any help would be appreciated.

If you are this is Michael here, Martin`s ex brother in law and brother to Shirley, cheers. © Historic England Archive. But I will have a look and add anything further I find. For example, an RAF Hurricane crashed close by on 9 September 1940, though Polish pilot survived that one. Does anyone have information of a Heinkel which crashed in the north Cumbria area near to Steel road / Blackpoolgate location which is Bewcastle parish

Bob Doe is reported as saying the crash site was strewn with blood stained bandages. Hi Simon, Wonder if this was the plane ?!? This info led to me looking for what happened to the pilot’s body as he is not listed as being buried at Cannock Chase, as you suggest. Hi my name is Clive Sweet.

He thinks it was the winter of 1940 as was very wet and muddy.

And I would start with the 1940/42 period.

Hello A second request concerns a crash site perhaps 1½ miles away at Old Surrey Hall quite close to East Grinstead where a Lancaster crashed.

If you have the aircraft werk number that should help identify it. Obelt.

God almighty, there was a lot of German aircraft lost that day (32) and in that raid alone as you say! He was an Observer and in the early days of WWII the Observer was often the captain of the aircraft, having been trained as a pilot. St. Fw.

Knowing that a young pilot was laying just below my feet in his grave , He lay there until 1977 when he and his plane were dug up. I am an aviation artist (davidmarshallaviation art.com) and want to paint the scene, which I witnessed. Platt’s body was later located at Rathfinny Farm in Cradle Valley at Alfriston.”, This crash is also referred to in a memoir on the BBC, “Another night a Heinkel 111 was heard flying low over the village, then flew on to crash on the hill behind Seaford, near the cemetery. If that piece of metal was from the 410, it might have been ejected a considerable distance by the explosion. For Ian DB and Gavin Stacey. If they took the engines, hopefully they went to a museum, maybe the Wings Museum? ), a convenient ‘entry point’ into England since it is below the higher levels of the Downs on each side. I was after all a Boy Scout, and we were supposed always to Be Prepared! Hover over a marker for more information. Photo courtesy of Raymond Hill. We later found more about the war Plane and its Pilot and the reasons for the crash, He was a Luftwaffe Pilot Who had flown from his base in Guines near Calais France. Hello again Ray, I just recieved your last two emails, Iv’e been looking but must have missed them, it’s a great story about you Mother’s experience and I would dearly love to meet up with you, but sadly I have a condition in my legs (Neuropathy) and can hardly walk and my flying days are over, I know I’m missing out but that’s life I guess, my last trip was 2014. I don’t suppose you ever visited that part of the country? Another two crash-landed in France. Hi can you call me? Simon, this is the reply I got from the Rector of Litlington Church: I refer to your letter 14th January in which you ask for information regarding four white-painted crosses carrying the names of German airmen which you saw in the churchyard here in 1952, when you visited with a fellow Boy Scout.

Any idea as to the approx date or year?

Speculation abounds!

POWs? Very interesting stuff. Does anyone have any information on a German plane that supposedly crashed at Little England Farm near Withernsea, Yorkshire on the night of 17 March 1945? Anthony.

I only have volume 2 and I can find no one of that name, including phonetic variations. Ok will take a look anyway, see whats recorded. The aircraft crashing at the Gypsum Mines was at Woodlands Shaft on 4th Oct 1940 a Heinkell He111 V4+FW from II/KG-1. Any information would be much appreciated by a newly forming village historical group. Then died. Simon. What’s just as strangely coincidental looking at your website is that I was born in Bury and have also been to Berlin before the Wall came down where I took lots of photo’s of Die Mauer, Checkpoint Charlie and had a great time with my Dad goon baiting the East Germans in their towers. No identification of the spot though he notes debris was scattered over a wide area, which means a better chance of finding the right field sweeping with a metal detector though the farmer may be able to point you in the right direction. We carry out and fund high-quality applied research to support the protection and management of the historic environment.

I will keep you posted. If this does not sound right, do you have an idea as to the date? She walked back to the Farm gate and sat on it and sobbed her heart out She had just seen someone – someone’s son or Husband lose his life a few yards away, At that time she had no idea about the War plane nor its pilot, It had happened to quick. Your time & effort is greatly appreciated. She does not know anything about any subsequent exhumations. Cheers, The lifeboat went out to the place but no survivors were seen.” B. Krupp – in Gothic script, which I thought was a nice touch. Great film especially Helen Mirren’s armour……ahem. HI Ian, no its the Bf-110 from Erpro210 flown by Walter Rubensdorffer (something of a bomber celebrity and CO of the specialist unit. Move on, Davey-Boy! 21 August 1940: 1./KG54 Junkers Ju 88 A-1. Hi Jez, have sent you an email to your outlook address. It could be Ju88 L1 + BM which was shot down at Hazeley Down at Twyford at 1800 on 15 August 1940 by a fighter of 601 squadron (at the time they were flying Hurricanes though one forum entry on line mentions the Ju88 being shot down by a Spitfire).

Hi. I think the caption on the photo said those bombers were on the way to attack RAF Kenley. Hi Paul, couldn’t anything re; your first enquiry. The plane, returning from bombing London, had been hit so at the last moment dropped his last bomb which fortunately did not explode as it wedged into the chimney of the bedroom she was hiding in.

The original CCJS had been destroyed by firebombs and the Fire Brigade HQ was also destroyed. Click the “Satellite” button for an aerial view. Downland is considered ‘sacred’ in a secular sense, so it is unlikely that the authorities would have opened up an ‘ad hoc’ cemetery on the Downs nearer the coastline for enemy dead.

If it was more than 2 crosses you would be looking for a bomber crew.

If they avoided discovery one wonders where those souvenirs are today!” Now I’m wondering………. The pilot told them he was sorry & didn’t want to fight but was made too!

At the moment though I’m focussed on more recent events. We speculated that it might have been from a self-sealing fuel tank but who knows! I remember lots of barbed wire on the seafront and a long section of the pier had been removed in order to hamper invasion forces. I will let you know what transpires. Do you know what sort of aircraft he was flying?

I have a wing flap off a Messasmit 109 or I believe an Avalon !

Great stuff. Ok, got it. Re; the wreckage, it would be good for it to be in a museum.

flying out of RAF Marham on exercises they had just finished doing a practise PAN rolling landing at RAF Binbrook and had been cleared to turn in a southerly direction to return to Marham.


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