woodchuck vs raccoon

The American badger has a squat body, with a characteristic white stripe down its triangle-shaped nose.

By process of elimination I can narrow this right down to the most probable culprit. They surround Phil and call out whether he has seen his shadow or not.

I have never wanted a smart phone until now. My attempt at making an animal track booklet two years ago with the elementary students looks absolutely primitive compared to the amazing information your app provides. Since groundhogs are such avid diggers, they are often despised by farmers who dislike having tunnels in their fields that pose a risk to livestock and foundations of houses. Its face is long and pointed its ears rounded and hairless with a ratlike tail. And if I ever get one, I can confidently say that the Tree, and Animal Tracks apps will be the first two I buy (unless you have one for flowers or mushrooms by then)! Additionally, most other species under the squirrel family are excellent diggers, and groundhogs are no exception. Another difference between the American badgers and the rest of the squirrel family is the badger’s preference for meat. If you see a bumbling, dark brown rodent-like creature in a forest (in the requisite areas, of course), it’s most likely a groundhog. Please consult a pest control professional before applying any tactics from pestpointers.com. Is it possible to tell what animal left a turd here or there? Buy The Track Identification Iphone & Ipod Touch App. Woodchucks are diurnal, (active during daylight hours), solitary, and are occasionally found climbing trees. It depends on the size of the raccoon and how many Yorkies you are talking about. In Laboratory Animal Medicine (pp. The tunnels will have spaces for the woodchuck to defecate, store food in, and sleep, in order to keep their homes clean. Always wear gloves and use a stick to probe scat when identifying it. Raccoon!! Additionally, their habits of eating crops, such as alfalfa, wheat, or produce, meaning that they’re not a welcome sight on farms. Aside from groundhog day, woodchucks are often seen as pests due to their digging habits, which can collapse buildings, and eating of gardens and farms. I'm Zack DeAngelis, the creator of Pest Pointers.

OK, we eliminated a few possibilites and now were left with the choices of Pine Marten, Fisher, Coyote, Gray Fox, Raccoon, Black Bear, Bobcat or Porcupine.

Many of the brown, rodent-like animals that are commonly found in North America may seem the same – beavers, groundhogs, and prairie dogs all exhibit similar behavior. I have already told my brother about this (he’s a hunter and professional fisherman), and will advertise for you because this a wonder set of resources. The name “woodchuck” comes mostly from the Native American word “Wuchak,” which means, roughly, “digger.” The word developed into the name as we know it, and the names are used interchangeably, even in scientific reports on the groundhog/woodchuck. I may just start saving my nickels for a fancy phone!

Most “joeys” die during their first year. When the groundhog comes out, he is surrounded by handlers, called his “Inner Circle,” who wear distinctive uniforms of top hats and tuxedos.


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