wisting plot explained
And running that race was Benjamin, who was desperate to find her to assuage the guilt he felt after his poor handling of Linnea’s pleas for help in the first story. 1 star will be cut because there were some parts of the story that simply were dragged and added nothing new to the story. Still confused. But still, the mystery is there that who actually is the one behind all this? His serial killer investigation crosses paths with his journalist daughter's news story, putting her in grave danger. It explains why he knew about the bunker. Together they found out where this room was – an old military bunker where Ravneberg kept his motorcycles – and sped to the scene. What was really killing the villagers? We will see what the audience really liked and what they didn’t. So… Haglund was guilty after all, and Robekk – who had maintained this all along – was vindicated in his obsession that he was guilty. If Jong-goo believed the lady, his family would have been alive.

Totally agree with the confusion over the ending. The mysterious Japanese guy acts as he has done nothing but everything indicates that he might be the one behind all of this. For all the answers, you have to watch this horror masterpiece and I promise that you will not regret it. But that doesn’t explain who murdered Ravenberg, nor who was the assailant that beat up Line when she went to his house. Elsewhere, we found out at the end of episode nine that Linnea was alive, and bathed in the same red light in the same room Cecilia had been kept in. While returning back to his car, he drops a wooden box filled with photos of the other dead villagers showing that he was with the stranger all along. At some point, the movie becomes a horror film like Dracula theme and sometimes it feels like a crime thriller where a serial killer is at a killing spree and no one can catch him.

This is the thing I liked about the movie that they did not make the characters superhuman.

Diesen also directed episodes along with Katarina Launing. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. So the story gets 4 out of 5 stars. But there he was, in the bunker before Wisting and Line, having followed his own clues and getting there first. If you like this article, check out other articles here: https://cinematvnews.com/2020/02/13/upcoming-movies-from-marvel-phase-4/. What's it about? Moo-myeong then grabs his arm and he notices that she is wearing the personal belongings of all victims. He moved away once Cecilia had been killed to try and forget about it. Search all of SparkNotes Search. He was killed because Haglund knew that he had the video tape and that would prove he was guilty (in the book Haglund appeared on the tape) rather than The innocent he portrayed. Roxrud was barely in the book. Wisting is the most expensive television drama series produced in Norway.

In the book Ravneberg was a quiet, loner who had an interest in model cars. Line Wisting is outraged that her father is being hounded by the newspaper for which she works and resolves to clear his name, but a murder case she is working on starts to become connected to everything else. I loved the Tv series. Just as Wisting is hailed a national hero for solving The Caveman case, he faces accusations of evidence tampering in a previous murder case, leading to Vidar Haglund's potentially wrongful conviction.

Absolutely agree – so confusing. Written by MTG Studios. Complexities and structures that work in novels (I’ve heard good things about Jørn Lier Horst’s books) don’t necessarily work in TV series, and maybe these two stories needed to be scaled back a bit because all the questions I had after the credits rolled overshadowed the good bits of the series. Coal. For this, and all other aspects of Wisting’s heroically stolid presence (a stellar performance by Sven Nordin), there is every reason to be thankful as the 10 episodes of this superbly layered drama (begins Wednesday, Sundance Now) roll on. Police officer Jong-goo, who is investigating these murders in the village, meets a mysterious young girl called Moo-myeong which means “no-name”, who tells him different things about his case and the Japanese stranger. In a sense, this is good because of the complicated genre-changing, the audience cannot to their own opinions of the movie and it helps the writer to give his audience an unspoiled ending. And I believe the cigarettes that were found at the scene of the crime were the same brand (2 butts were found then hadlunds cigarette butt, which was a different brand, was planted?) The trap of Moo-myeong breaks and his whole family is killed by his daughter. Change ). The story of the movie is interesting and the writer has added all the entertaining aspects in the movie that will not get you bored for a single time. This ten episodes thriller is based on two Jørn Lier Horst novels, The Caveman (2012) and The Hunting Dogs (2013). So we have got you all the details about another great South Korean movie. Then a shaman comes into the story who claims he can eradicate all the evil forces.

Homicide detective William Wisting struggles with the two toughest cases of his career. While Wisting was welcomed back onto the force, I was really left scratching my head. I thought maybe frank had tortured Hadlund into confessing or that frank was the killer. Wisting (2019–) Plot Summary (3) Homicide detective William Wisting struggles with the two toughest cases of his career. [11], Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Dorothy Rabinowitz found the series "seamlessly woven" and "superbly layered". [3] Horst is a best-selling author in Norway and has been translated into over 30 languages.


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