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I also know that my dad was a star second baseman during his high school days and also at West Virginia University. I drove to DuBois for pitching lessons and I spent countless hours practicing. This article expresses the truth of the matter. This was the war people wanted. Sports are very important now, and throughout all of history. There is so much emotion and that is why it is so incredible. I know that I let people change my mind all the time. I would agree with … I am passionate about making the money, so I go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I make a good amount. She was a kitten then and surroundings and she became my best friend . English 3 AP  To go fifty plus years doing the same thing everyday is incredible, but he said it best: Sports change every day and are never planned. It seemed like war was inevitable. other teams. I quit all of the the sports I was in and based my life solely around music. When you work your whole life chasing your dreams and come up short.

So sports have been used for very important things throughout history. The fact these people called themselves Pirate fans really annoyed me. If you asked me why I love my job, I could go on and on about how I have rewarding work. The development in exploring and experiencing music is what transitioned me from a kid conforming to the typical "preppy" suburban lifestyle, to an individualistic adult with a voice. He feels sports are the only thing worthy of him wrighting for. Finally, I quit. If they cannot be financially successful, well, then I am sorry, but they need to get a new dream. StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. It's sad to think that a piece of paper can control what we do with our lives, rather than choosing it upon passion. The first is a sort of warm-up to get them feeling confident (since I feel like going into a high-stakes exam, 75% of the success comes from confidence! One of the main lessons I took from reading this was that you can't let the voices of others change your passion. ...Why I work at Bentleys Resturant Even as a child who would sit around with my dad watching football, I did not root for the Steelers. There is always something new, unlike people who write about crime. He loved his career, and knew that anything else would not compare to the joy he felt when he did what he loved. Then I started thinking for a while ,so many thoughts came to my mind I thought of writing a post on it. Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Aside from that, I did not even enjoy the sports that I participated in due to the fact that I never felt that I was good enough. After they’ve had some time to share with each other, we will move to our next step by coming to the larger group. You cannot let other people control your destiny. Reilly had been told by that professor that he was "better than sports." I essentially have just decided one very important thing: it does not matter if I'm rich (because there is always the option of marrying someone who is), I just want to be happy and successful in whatever I do. If I truly loved it, why should it matter? What is so great about a silly game with a ball? paragraph that support each one of these claims, they can then be used as Additionally, if no one addresses structural elements of the text I will address it and emphasize how that will be a source for a number of questions on their test. Cats

Why does this have to be unrealistic? The medical field is a perfect example of this.

beginning of a majority of his paragraphs, often following with a That would have been an awesome example for Reilly to include in the passage as well. But people were not even thinking about that, they were thinking about the 1980 Winter Olympics being held in Lake Placid, NY.

I have enjoyed writing since I was in third grade, and I’m fortunate to make a living now doing something I find challenging and inspiring. We should not do should not do something because others say we should such as when the professor tried to direct Reilly. Read on to find out why I love my job and what some workers had to say when asked what they like most about theirs. Rick Reilly a writer fore ESPN rout the article Why i love my job because his college journalism professor told him"You're better than sports." Read "Why I Love My Job" - by Rick Reilly.

My older brother and father are both Steeler fans. The best things in life are those that are real and completely unexpected, like when one team has a major upset. To Reilly, those values are more interesting than, say, writing about current events. I completely agree with the notion that if others chose to pursue careers that truly intrigued them, work would not be so dreaded. sports is woven into our lives deeper than ever, it makes sense to embrace it. I feel as though people fall into jobs they don't like because they were forced to make their career choice at the age of sixteen, a time when we are still trying to figure out our interest and passions. Reilly was obviously a little bit upset with his professor when he wrote this, and he wanted to prove a point. I was not very good and sat the bench a lot, but still had fun. Reilly's message runs deeper than a simple explanation about the virtues of sports. Where would our country be today if Branch Rickey did not give Jackie Robinson a chance in the MLB? The professor should not project their ideas on to the students, but rather cultivate and guide them to the career of the students choice. All of this did not matter though. I have decided that the best job to have is a job you love, and I've finally found the perfect job for me. They did not want to fight on an actual battlefield, they would settle for a war on the ice rink.

Sports were always a large part of my childhood.

If Reilly was too good for sports, it would not matter. It ... ...One question that has jarred my mind for years is the first thing almost every adult told me when they first found out I was moving to China, “Wo... ...Malaysia&Malaysia&Malaysia&it is a name that I always keep in my mind. They have different values than other activities do that make them unique. Who Needs College? 15 Reasons Why I Love My Job And Company too Published on July 15, 2015 July 15, 2015 • 83 Likes • 18 Comments My own view is that hip-hop and rap music is beneficial to America’s youth because it breaks down cultural divides by using music as a way to unify all cultures. They do not make fun of me anymore, and we sometimes play music together for fun. Therefore, my mom is the most important person for me. when the Red Sox won it all in 2004, the son came home” (par.

I can honestly saw I had this huge dream of becoming a vet.

I find it saddening that many adults have to go everyday to a job that they hate.

This world needs everyone to do what they want, not what a friend wants them to do. It seems whenever Lebron James sneezes we here about the possibility of him having a cold. I am glad to be. By presenting examples in each

In what ways does Reilly appeal to pathos? He visits Akon but refuses to sign a contract with him. I’ve tried to choose a couple short pieces, since their AP Exam also uses pieces that are a page or so long. Even if you hate the team, you want the Cinderella story for them. It is often said that rap and hip-hop music is misogynistic and praises violence. having more prevalence and meaning in our culture than previously thought. I was took though a tour of the Elk County Vet Clinic, and then I was asked to help with the remodeling of the Clearfield Vet Clinic. Nonetheless, basketball has impacted my life in such a

In a way though, it is hard to say that something we love now is what we will love in thirty years. This is a powerful statement. It is true that some people are not coordinated enough to do a sport, but it is also true that they can get there if they want to excel in that subject. They give us a break from the droning of everyday life. I also agree with you on your point about bandwagon folks. I was always a good hitter, but I could not play second base. No one really thinks about it, but sports have been around for a very long time. In Rick Reilly’s ESPN article “Why I Love My Job”(2009), Reilly claims that sports are much bigger than what meets the eye. It took a lot of soul searching and heartbreak to realize that you don't have to be the best in every thing I do.


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