why do i get mad when my boyfriend drinks

It’s easier and more effective to ask questions and get answers. AAC, I'm about to state the obvious here, but your boyfriend has a drinking problem. The question, do you want a boyfriend that’s an alcoholic? I just don't know how to deal with his drinking when he drinks, as he becomes a horrible person that I wouldn't wish on anyone. I get very angry and sad with my boyfriend and don't know why! Does he have any other friends who notice this and can help you talk with him? "Because your love, your love, your love is my drug." I want to b able to watch it with him we could have a lot of fun with it but I don't feel comfortable b/c I think he will b thinking of the girl while he's giving it … It wasn't a big deal until I saw it with my own eyes... My boyfriend is angry with me over nothing. My girlfriend drinks underage. I just want to know why I feel the way I do.

I have tried being nice, I have tried fighting back, I have tried ignoring him. Also, forgot to mention that alcoholism runs in his family. Does a person know they have coronavirus if they have diarrhea 3 times today? The other I had a great time at that play the other night. My guess is that 95 percent of your relationship with him in three years would look pretty different. I’m a 26 year old woman and keep struggling with shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and get tired easily. He has never acted like that sober. Aren't we usually on our best behavior during the first five months? But I don't know if that would be the full reason. As I said before, he takes care of me, bonds really close with my son and my family, and helps around the house, cooks everyday.

I cant stand it. He's 18 and I'm 21. I recently drew a hard line saying if this doesn't stop, we can't be together anymore. I think if he loves you he should get help, but an all too common theme to these situations is it will almost take you leaving for him to get it. After two hours I went home. Then, you will hopefully get a direct answer from him. I don't tell him not to, but I have told him how it makes me feel. Maybe their drinking too much, or using drugs, taking pills, watching porn, or addicted to sex, tobacco, or gambling among other things. Then, of course, the same texts came in, he was drunk, wandering around Boston, no clue where he was, first being sweet, then being a jerk. But we do have control over how we react. Is the 95 percent real? My boyfriend gets very angry when he drinks. Why does he do this? HOWEVER ... when he drinks, he becomes a total different person. I asked him when he was coming home (as he takes the train), and by then (it was 10 p.m.) he was overly drunk, incoherent, and walking around Boston aimlessly by himself. One of the key steps in solving this problem is finding out why your boyfriend is mad at you. He's 18 and I'm 21. Of course I was worried, drove to Boston, and drove around two hours looking for him, because he was so drunk, he had no idea where he was. Can he fix the 5 percent? During these times, I am the happiest, luckiest woman in the world.

My boyfriend gets very angry when he drinks. CAN’T HELP MYSELF is Meredith’s memoir about giving advice, learning from readers, working with an ex, and moms and daughters. Readers? Ninety-five percent of the time, I could not ask for a better boyfriend. When this stuff happens, I dont know what to do. His personality completely changes, almost like he is a different person. After this last incident when I told him about my hard line, he is drawing a hard line for himself because he doesnt want to loose me. What is this ? Why am i always upset and angry with my boyfriend? So why is it when it's only him? He has never acted like that sober. Get answers by asking now. If he’s drinking regularly at age 18, he’s an alcoholic. He gets mood swings -- one minute he loves me and can't live without me, the next minute he is mad at me (just out of the blue). The next day, I told him about all the things he said (he didn't remember), and he was very apologetic. Q. I know it's "only" been 5 months, but we are together everyday for the most part. Nothing works. He called me to tell me he was going to be an hour late.

I laughed it off. The bad 5 percent is an important 5 percent. My boyfriend and I have always had a great sex life. I stood my ground and told him he can find his own place to sleep, as I was not going to drive around Boston looking for him again. I hope it doesn't come to that. Not totally convinced but I guess time will tell. I'm not sure the second option is really on the table, of course. We don't have control over if they use or not, and how much. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Was I given an opioid?

He can be described as a binge drinker, not an alcoholic. It's still a drinking problem. Your boyfriend needs to make his own decisions. So that could be another factor. Woww!! Do you want to be a part of it? He becomes very verbally abusive to me once he has reached a certain blood-alcohol level. How to convince my boyfriend who is angry on me? We have had 3 horrible incidents in the past month where he has been drinking, woke me up in the middle of the night to accuse of of stuff I would never do, etc. You have two options: drop him -- or make a list of demands that include no more booze and major counseling. Now when I know my boyfriend is going to his aunt's (That's where he gets the alcohol and drinks) my stomach twists and my anxiety skyrockets causing me to have some muscle spasms (Don't know if it's caused by the anxiety or nerves) I have bad anxiety but I want to know why it's only when he drinks. He is 33, I am 35. 3 horrible incidents already , there's more where that came from , it sounds to me like his father drank also ?? Have you taken medical cannabis oil for mental illness and what was your experience. Still have questions? It’s also a story about how an online community can become another kind of family. You can't force him to admit his problem and seek help. I hope he listens to you.

I can relate. It's not legal for him to drink so that could be one reason, but back in the day before my friends were 21, they would drink too and I didn't care. My boyfriend gets very angry when he drinks. I'd also note that 95 percent of the first five months of a relationship isn't an accurate snapshot of reality. But when he does drink, I always dread it, as he does not know how to moderate, he goes to full blown drunk. It was for a really painful injured arm? As I was writing this, being worried about him as I didn't hear from him since around 3:30am ... (I was tossing and turning the whole night), he just called. I have had a bad past and some of it was alcohol-related but that still doesn't explain why it's only when he does it. I have been in a serious relationship with my boyfriend for about 5 months. Tell him if he's going to hang out with girls then he should have to constantly text you to see what it's like for you. My boyfriend gets angry and violent when he drinks. I did let him know the next day, and he just said "Next time I get like that, just punch me in the face." One of my best friends is a guy and he's gay, but my boyfriend still gets jealous when I hang out with him. When he is sober, which is 95 percent of the time, he is amazing! It will break my heart to see him leave. Should she stick around? He for sure needs some help controlling this.

like just hearing someone eat can send bursts of anger rageing through my body in seconds. He cooks dinner for me every night, tells me he loves me all the time, is very affectionate, helps around the house, has a good job, and is great with my son (from a previous relationship). you are 18 or older, you read and agreed to the. Sometimes during my episodes i will break things causing harm to myself, cut cords to the phone , … I don't know why, because we don't make ANY physical contact, like a hug or anything. All I want him to do at that point is to shut up and pass out but he stays awake for hours, disturbs my sleep. I will feel horrible about kicking him out but like I said, I can not live like this. A month later he was out with his buddies from work. Morning. If your BF is getting a personality change from alcohol that he ingests his an " alcoholic " & has learnt this behavior somewhere perhaps Childhood... Dad was not an alcoholic but was physically abusive to him, mom and sister. It's not legal for him to drink so that could be one reason, but back in the day before my friends were 21, they would drink too and I didn't care. Please note that he does NOT drink everyday, or every weekend, as I think he knows how bad he gets. I showed up at my boyfriend's house unannounced and he got so angry he almo... Vote on your opinion - drunk texts are the truth from a binge drinker yes or no-no maybes.


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