why do eggs suddenly taste bad
I have the exact same problem. I had recently been diagnosed with IBS a few months prior so they ruled it as such and sent me on my way. I now realize that my symptoms appeared about the time I had this year’s flu shot. I would say that knowing is the first step.

in. Nausea, headache, hot flashes (but no temperature). I’m so thankful for your info and everyone’s comments. I usually can eat just egg whites and nothing happens but sometimes I still feel a little off. The allergy text came back negative. About fifteen months ago, I started feeling sick to my stomach. I too thought it was wheat and cut it out but it was still happening. Children below the age of 16 are more likely to develop an egg allergy. Enjoy the McDonald’s sandwich! Last week I went to Germany to visit a friend, and when offered eggs I declined, telling her about my issues.

AFAIK, Burger King uses carton eggs. another F was added: Fair. You should always wash your eggs before eating them, but this will not always make a difference.

About 6 months ago, I started getting the same sort of back pain about 3hrs after breakfast every morning. Children below the age of 16 are the most vulnerable to protein allergies. That really sucks but at least it’s better than not knowing. Also I’m super curious if anyone has done a good DNA test, and if so, what company? Some products have eggs hidden in the ingredients. I started feeling nauseous today after only having scrambled eggs and avocado. Eggs cooked very well seemed to be OK.

Everything you described to a T. I will still mention it to my doctor next time i go back. Never ever got sick from them. Thank you!!

It must be a very protective layer that is stripped away and those of us who are sensitive will feel the consequences. I’m so glad I read your post….now maybe I can start feeling human again!! They should not be eating grains and corn in closed in factory farmed facilities as majority sadly are in USA.

I get morning sickness from all other eggs. It’s rough. I assume its to do with how it's been cooked or what it's cooked with but I find it happening wherever I eat, and the meat hasn't gone bad or anything. I’ve only had two surgeries in my life: a C-section that happened about 9 years before this started, and gall bladder removal a couple of years after. I even buy the organic eggs.

Please try actual science – especially when you can’t explain why plenty of people don’t have problems with eggs after getting the flu shot. Deviled eggs, boiled eggs, and eggs cooked in food still dont bother me. For me, it seems to be all pastured eggs. Really really old, rotten eggs smell overwhelmingly like sulfur, but it takes a long time for an egg to get to that point. I’ve had the same problem for years. You might notice variations in this scent, especially after you have sex. I disscovered this problem on a cruise. This hasn’t happened for a while and I eat eggs usually once a week.

Atopic dermatitis is a severe allergic hypersensitivity skin condition. Four times farm fresh eggs have made him violently ill. Oh wow OK…thanks for info…I hear different things…one person says the yoke is what messes with your stomach..but this sounds so much better…I just don’t eat eggs no more..lol thanks. If you have ever read about healthy bowel movements before, then you probably heard that you need fiber… And unfortunately eggs don't provide any.

This was awesome and so detailed! store bought eggs make me soooooo sick (like food poisoning sick.) I apparently don’t have a without a problem with eggs in baked goods. We are now 40 and both suffer this. I know I cannot eat dried fruit with sulfur dioxide it makes me unbearably sick.

This morning decided to have boiled egg and back again. This is awesome, I recently discovered that if I eat brown eggs they don’t bother my stomach and at the farmers market they cost less than the ones at the store. If neither of these labels is present, there is yet another date you can look for to tell how fresh your eggs are. We thought is was the local eggs we were buying. It is frustrating, but at least it looks like you identified the issue! I hope this is what it is and I never have to experience this again. I made fresh pasta the way I always make fresh pasta: one egg per person. According to the USDA, which regulates eggs, the “use by” date can be as long as 45 days after the egg was packed (and they don’t seem to define how long the egg can hang around the farm before being packed, either!

In fact, my experience would suggest the opposite, since McDonald’s eggs never bother my stomach at all. Breakfast eggs have only started bothering me the last few years. Eggs are so nutritious that they're often referred to as "nature's multivitamin." Ooh, that’s a very interesting piece of the puzzle, thank you! But as the day wore on I felt worse and worse.

If I buy white eggs from the grocery store the smell alone will make me feel sick when scrambled in a pan. That causes a bacteria, sometimes you’ll smell sulfur, sometimes not. She also mentioned that when in Europe (where they don’t scrub the protective exterior) she never has problems with eggs.

After all my online searches, typing “why store eggs make me sick” finally landed me on this blog post – and it confirms everything I thought it was. Happiness and wholeness to all !❤️❤️, it’s the mcdonalds using excessive antibiotics on their chickens, they kill or weaken your gut bacteria that causes your problems. I knew it had to be eggs but couldn’t quite put my finger on how I could eat cookies and other things but scrambled eggs kill my tummy every time.

Hard-boiled eggs can go bad, and actually have a surprisingly short shelf life.

I avoid eggs as much as I can now. I’m going to ask on social if anyone I know has any idea what the big difference could be in Cuban eggs.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Sheila Bob.

Would be a nice addendum to the article. To scramble eggs I usually have to scramble them until almost brown. I think we’ve found the real culprit ;) I was racking my brain to figure out why.

All rights reserved. What makes this so interesting is that I too am 40 and will be 41 in a couple months. Crap. I know I’ve seen them in cartons in giant grocery stores but I can’t remember where or when (it was before I had this issue so I wasn’t really paying attention). Once I realized the eggs were the problem at first I tended to really limit them and noticed it was hit or miss whether or not I’d feel sick and as time has passed I tend to eat them more often again.

When I finally did it was like a giant light bulb going off over my head. Eggs add a pleasant taste to meals, and that is why eggs have become popular and are in every breakfast table. That’s an interesting theory, but it definitely doesn’t apply to me. is it an intolerance?

I had the exwct same symptoms on Sunday after having pancakes for breakfast. I also have problems now with mushrooms – and I think it is the same problem….And what about the poor chickens ??? This pervasive scent is like that of semen — or as one Urban Dictionary user puts it, “used sex rags.”. I can eat really, really, really cooked eggs (hard boiled, very fried, very-very scrambled) or baked goods with no problem. Garlic and eggs have Sulfur in common. BUT I can eat egg sandwiches and scrambled eggs from a restaurant! The more I think of it, the more the age of the eggs makes sense to me.

I love eggs so haven’t completely given them up. I ran across it when i started googling “why do i feel nauseated after eating egg.” i’m 37 and never really seemed to have an issue when i cook my own eggs (not that i eat eggs frequently, but when i do, no problem.” I believe it is whatever brand of eggs they are using at my work. the “use by” date can be as long as 45 days after the egg was packed. And as I found out from making cornbread with eggs last night it doesn’t matter if I bake them into something or scramble them. Sometimes if I’m at a really nice restaurant I’ll grill my server on how fresh the eggs are (yes, I’ve had to become that person) and get some, but usually, I just skip them. Registered Dietitian here! I was researching poached eggs when I ran across this article. Both sank.

Thanks for sharing this, I thought I was the only one.

Look for any pink, blue, green or black discoloration in the yolk or whites, as this may indicate bacterial growth (3, 4). At least I could eat them if I had enough forethought to take it.

I have since been scared to eat eggs and when I do it is hit or miss, realized it must be whether they are store bought or fresh farm eggs..had store bought eggs a few times this week and only today they bothered me . Works great for food poisoning too. Excess stress is a common problem for many people.

I’m going to use the info in this article to look at my own situation more carefully. I am going to try fresh eggs and see if it makes a difference! Getting diarrhea after eating eggs could also be due to bacterial contamination, such as that from the popular salmonella.

For me it’s brain fog, tired, and nausea.

One other interesting fact, I have an identical twin sister and she also cannot eat eggs anymore in some instances. . Like you, I’m no chemist, I can only report my individual experiences and look for patterns. Yuck I had no idea you could develop an egg intolerance at 42.

Thank you Amy!!! About 9 years ago sometimes I got horrible stomach and back pain and diaherra would follow it soon.

As they get older, their digestive system matures, and their chances of suffering from egg allergy go down unlike when they are young. They can use various methods, one is fumigating them with fermaldihyde gas, another is to bleach them or use hydrogen peroxide on the shell to kill any pathogenic bacteria. That has never happened before. In some people, a change in taste or smell can be an early sign of Alzheimer ’s or Parkinson’s. Healing for us all and real food in normal grocery stores I’m not sure the “difficult to process sulfur foods” is the main problem, but it’s possible to play a part.

The “pack date” is printed as a Julian date, meaning each day of the year is represented by a corresponding, chronological number. In there is way too much hate.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I’ve been having these bouts the past couple years of diarrhea and now realize it is probably eggs. can a shot in the knee produce that effect? Now it seems (like past 2 weeks only) whenever I have eggs for breakfast I get super ill, like shivers, diarrhea, and stomach cramps for half the day.

-Old eggs I have never in my 53 years been allergic to eggs. We have some farmers who sell eggs locally, going to try them straight from the chicken and see if I react :-) If you’re uncircumcised, the concentration of sweat, skin oils, dead skin cells, bacteria, and smegma under your foreskin can all mix with your semen during ejaculation. You also may want to look into the other ingredients that you are mixing in with your eggs, if any. If you’re circumcised, sweat and oils can still affect your scent, but they typically don’t build up to the same high concentrations.

I’m also now in my mid-30s and have always had “off” hormones so not sure if that’s part of the culprit. Here is the difference tho; In the Netherlands they dont wash the eggs. I love that you tried them in cookie recipe! Thank you so much for this. If the air pocket becomes large enough, the egg may float. I got hens and raised them for their eggs and I didn’t have a problem at all. I have resolved to NOT eating eggs anymore ~ and I can occasionally eat an egg from a Amish farm nearby but I don’t like not knowing if they are new or old enough to make me sick.


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