why did father etienne kill claudine

“Be careful, little one.” He says… Then he was gone. Masson accidently ingested a poison that was meant for King Louis.Béatrice de Clermont is beheaded by Jacques on Fabien Marchals orders as punishment for murder and treason.Henriette of England is poisoned during her trip back from England. However, Phillippe tended to be with others as well, men or women. He had tried everyway possible to get her to move out – the children lived there and that was a problem or else he would have just forced her out.

Complete BS- Beattie had no idea what was going on inside Spider’s house and he wanted it kept private. Some people can accept that and others can’t. He certainly knew the victim and Longet better than anyone posting here. Claude SCHMITT fait partie du réseau de Claudine ETIENNE il est Gérant dans l'entreprise AU P'TIT PASSAGE. Skiing, surfing, guiding, travel, writing, and language float my boat. In a brief court appearance on Monday, she pleaded not guilty to to first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the stabbing death of her mother. Of co use, they blamed Claudine- an outsider. I don’t know if it would have been different. I moved to the Virgin Islands–as far away from snow as you can get. Habitat for Humanity provides homes with interest-free mortgages, using donated labor and materials. Co-Founder of SnowBrains, UC Berkeley graduate - molecular cell biology major, professional freeskier, professional mountain guide. He gave her an ultimatum he’d been wrestling with, so she shot him dead- Sadly, that’s the truth. And she blew the poor bastard away. As Mab tries to force feed Sookie a Lumiere fruit in order to magically manipulate Sookie into seeing Faery as a bright, peaceful place, Claudine looks on guiltily. just without the death and murder. I knew Spider during the winter of 1973-74. Godejohn also told police he considered raping the woman, but did not, the statement said. Few believed Longet’s story. Claudine reveals to Sookie that she is her fairy godmother. Yep that’s me! Edit, Though he was married, it was an arranged marriage. Prohibition just keeps the prices up for them and the bent SOB proxies they get to make the blood money and rain on the party. I also knew him and he was the greatest guy. Who cleans a gun in a bathroom while naked and with shaving cream on his face and a drug addled ex-girlfriend in the same bathroom? Madame Agathe was behind the poisoning.Jacques has a dagger thrown to his neck by Thomas Beaumont after catching him carve a message in a tree.Madeleine de Foix ingests a vial of poison to avoid a fate of decapitation. Claudine wrapping the chain around Mack Rattray. We were collectively shocked and saddened two weeks later when the news broke about his shooting. According to a probable cause statement obtained by KY3, three birth dates have been listed for Gyspy over the years: 7/27/1991, 7/27/1995, and 7/28/1992. Sticking his Charms in her face was a dumb move. It’s no wonder SNL has to keep apologizing for their idiotic “Humor”, even back in ’76-’77. Thoughts on Versailles season two, episode nine…. I lived in Aspen until the mid-eighties. I was in Colorado racing myself. She said he was explaining to her how to use the gun and it went off. In a flash, vampire Eric Northman captures Claudine and begins to feed from her. I was there to .we knew she shot him and why .you are on tract with your thinking .but lucky for her .her lawyer slash pimp got her off.and i lived there………….. Wow ,


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