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Virtual Conference Help - Whova. Ask for a free checklist and guides for different roles and last-minute concerns. It can feel awkward to start conversations with new people for the first time but with gamification features like the Ice-breaker and the Leaderboard, attendees will naturally want to interact more. You can also send surveys to speakers so that you can find out exactly how you can help them better next time in terms of format, extra help, or anything else. A recorded video takes away a lot of risks.

Each paper will be individually referenced by a DOI. We’re happy to schedule an hour-long training session to help you prepare!

Call for Entries Open for 2021 Aluminum Extrusion Student Design Competition, Extrusion Excellence: Applied Fundamentals for Aluminum Extruders.

Please look at instructions (video and text) for Whova on your phone or as web-app to find the best option for you. Even though your in-person event has turned into a virtual conference, it doesn’t mean exhibitors and sponsors have lost opportunities to get attendees’ attention. Papers and extended abstracts for presentations can be submitted via the EasyChair conference management system: There, you can also read your reviews and hand in the final paper after the reviewing process has taken place. That’s why you need to prepare every speaker ahead of time and make sure that they know how to use the software you choose. Speakers can select the questions they want to answer based on high votes or their own preferences, either through the Whova app or during their live session. Why doesn’t my profile on Whova sync-up with my LinkedIn profile? Get attendees as involved as they would at in-person events by allowing them to ask questions on every session detail page and vote on great questions. Whova’s virtual booths for exhibitors make it easier to promote products and companies through custom profiles with product photos, in-app coupons, giveaways, and raffles. h���� � E�V��0_"Y.!�l-w�xcѿ#n����]J-뺼����~��,z�~?��>��JAQAS���M�1(@ The conference date is the same as before, October 8–9, 2020. All rights reserved. The participants who registered at Eventbrite will receive an email from Whova one day later to activate your Whova account. While tools like Zoom or Vimeo are great for streaming individual sessions, they’re still limited in flexibility and amount of engagement features that you can use to make it feel like a face-to-face event. No matter how much you prepare them though, things could still go wrong so you need to be ready with back-up options when planning your virtual event. The sponsorship and exhibition will be avialable at the virtual conference as well. If you want to make your online event successful, you’ve got to make a plan and have a back-up plan, just like you would with your in-person event. Event Marketing February 16, 2020 Submission of extended abstract (if full paper is submitted, abstract can be skipped), March 1, 2020 Submission of full paper (extended), March 22, 2020 Notification of acceptance for papers, August 7, 2020 Submission of final papers, August 25, 2020 Switching to virtual conference. If you work with Whova, we’re with you every step of the way to make sure your event succeeds. The Conference Committee welcomes you to the Conference page! But as long as you start following this in-depth guide on how to plan a virtual event well before your event is supposed to kick-off, you’ll be able to replicate the event experience as if it was still happening in person. Meanwhile, you can conduct live polls to give everyone a chance to get involved. For one, it can lower the price of admission, enabling smaller businesses with limited budgets to purchase tickets to your conference and offer their own unique insights. As the host, you can decide if you want attendees to come on camera and/or use their microphone, otherwise, it’s mostly the host and panelists that show up on camera, speak, and share their screens while attendees watch. Overall: With six weeks to go for a virtual 4-day conference, Whova met all the requirements we were looking for in a virtual conference experience for both the organization and the attendees. Then, collect all the feedback and use it to inform your next event’s strategy. The Ice-breaker feature allows you or any attendee to select a fun question to get others talking. Attendees can find and connect with others with common interests and backgrounds, Use video or text to start instant conversations conveniently and without pressure, Sponsors and exhibitors can build a customized company showcase for attendees to explore, The booth hosts both a pre-recorded video and a livestream for demonstrations, panels, and more, Attendees can learn more about companies through content featured in each booth, Help exhibitors get more signups with online coupons, raffles, and giveaways, Showcase sponsor banners throughout the mobile and web platform, Leads are automatically collected when attendees interact with the booth. About the LLVM Developers' Meeting . Luckily, we were able to do so seamlessly and used pre-recorded videos (via Whova) . h�,�� � E�U�@�7h�A�_������w(1�Y6���O��`���8(�֠�zx��yK#�=��[���Z� �� endstream endobj 181 0 obj <>stream After that, they should be ready for the virtual conference! IMPORTANT: Please use the email address you used to register for the virtual conference. I received an email notification about having a message in the Whova app.

Event Marketing You’ll see double the response rate from surveys in Whova than you would from web-based surveys because Whova allows you to notify attendees to fill out the surveys within the app. While you don’t have to worry about attendees and speakers accessing software on time, you are taking away the experience of a live event that people crave. Even though your in-person event has turned into a virtual conference, it doesn’t mean exhibitors and sponsors have lost opportunities to get attendees’ attention. In order to submit a paper, you need to have an EasyChair account. Read our, Association Management Software Powered by.

If you’re going to choose recorded video, you can use options such as Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Whova. That’s where virtual event platforms like Whova can come in handy and keep your virtual event organized. If you need help to learn how to plan a virtual event, Attendees have one central location where they can access conversations through both the discussion board and private messages even after a session has finished and the conference window has closed, You can see engagement levels, speakers can share resources and prepare attendees, and sponsors can post content to get more exposure, Speakers can upload the time of their sessions and meeting links, allowing you to send in-app notifications to attendees so that they never miss a session, How to record videos with Keynote, Powerpoint, Zoom or other tools, How to upload videos via Youtube and/or Vimeo. The conference proceedings will be published by the Modelica Association on its website and by Linköping University Electronic Press. © Copyright 2020 Aluminum Extruders Council. Please look at instructions (video and text) for Whova on your phone or as web-app to find the best option for you. Pricing, Contact 11/2/2020Call for Entries Open for 2021 Aluminum Extrusion Student Design Competition, 3/18/2021 » 3/20/2021Annual Meeting & Leadership Conference, 5/10/2021Extrusion Excellence: Applied Fundamentals for Aluminum Extruders, Member Login | Library | Contact Us | Newsroom | Privacy Policy | Home | Sitemap. The LLVM Developers' Meeting is a bi-annual gathering of the entire LLVM Project community. Business Partner participants must first. FAQ You have three format options for running a virtual event: Let’s go over the pros and cons for each: With a live stream format, you get the closest experience possible to an in-person event. When you host a virtual event, you might run into problems like low audience engagement, setting up the right virtual event platform, and more. Click Accept to consent and dismiss this message or Deny to leave this website. The Fundamentals Workshop is a pre-conference training … You should also do internal testing with volunteers two weeks before the virtual conference, then a dry-run with speakers 2-3 days before the event. For more information and application, please contact the organizer.

Copyright © 2020 Whova All Rights reserved. Pricing Full Conference Monday, 0ct.

The conference is organized by the LLVM Foundation and many volunteers within the LLVM community. The paper submission form includes the option to mark suitable topics for your paper. The conference is organized by the LLVM Foundation and many volunteers within the LLVM community. You can seamlessly integrate the app with a. Whova Event App Dates and Location:  October 25th – 28th, Virtual, The Fundamentals Workshop is a pre-conference training for new and inexperienced financial aid administrators that will take place on. Terms of Use Move events online during the COVID-19 outbreak. Sitemap.

Whova Releases Virtual Conference Support. Sessions and videos are viewable only to registered attendees, Moderate questions, photos, messages, and any other content on both web and mobile, Engage and interact with the audience before, during, and after a session, Triple survey and poll responses by offering a prize to the most active attendees, Get attendees engaged through the Passport Contest and photo and caption contests, Keep attendees informed with push notifications, email, and in-app messaging and posts, Discuss relevant topics and share photos, articles, and tips with the rest of the conference, Get a detailed overview of who is at your event and even get in touch with interesting attendees, Organizers and attendees alike can create virtual meet-ups for the entire event and specific groups.


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