who did sokka marry
Game Of Thrones: The 5 Biggest Losers In The Battle Of Blackwater Bay (& 5 Big Winners), 10 Iconic TV Romances That Never Would Have Lasted In Real Life, 10 Things We Wanted To See In SyFy's Dark Matter Season 4, Modern Family: 10 Times Jay Loved Stella More Than Gloria, Top 10 Rebooted Shows Of The Last Decade, Ranked According To IMDb, New Girl Meets The Big Bang Theory: 5 Couples That Would Work (& 5 That Wouldn't), Gravity Falls: 5 Most Likeable Characters (& 5 Fans Can't Stand), Top 10 Scariest Original Powerpuff Girls Episodes, The Blacklist: 5 Most Hilarious Fan Theories About Season 8 (& 5 That We Hope Turn Out To Be True), Veronica Mars: 5 Times Logan Proved He Wasn't Perfect for Veronica (& 5 Times He Was), The Big Bang Theory: 10 Best Season 4 Episodes, According To IMDb, 10 Most Obvious Baby Bumps In Movies & TV, South Park: 5 Reasons Why The First Season Was Best (& 5 Why The Series Is Still Awesome), 5 Ways The Walking Dead Is The Best Zombie Show Ever (& 5 Ways It's Dead Set). Sokka, along with Katara, was the very first character created for Avatar: The Last Airbender.Sokka and Katara were conceived at exactly the same time. Apparently, Suki was supposed to be one of those characters in Avatar to just appear in one episode. RELATED: Avatar The Last Airbender: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 5 They Rejected). While Sokka was shown in a brief flashback, not much about him was mentioned after that, leaving fans to wonder where he lived, if he had any kids, and more importantly, if his romance with Suki lasted. Suki doesn't appear in flashbacks at all, and she isn't even mentioned in The Legend of Korra, leaving fans to come up with their own theories concerning whether or not her romance with Sokka lasted. A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News. I wish we knew! But this wasn't enough to tie Sokka down.

Sokka, overcome with emotion, didn't hesitate to shush her, and the look on Suki's face afterwards definitely didn't make Sokka someone to envy. When Suki was first introduced, she was only ever shown in her Kyoshi Warrior garb, face paint and all. Even after the Hundred Year War, Team Avatar got pulled in many different directions. Okay, we've seen the children and grandchildren of the Gaang. Though they could also just be random new characters, of course. If Sokka is Lin's father, then Lin is Tenzin's cousin. He was a Waterbender. Sokka and Suki first met on Kyoshi Island in Avatar: The Last Airbender's fourth episode entitled "The Warriors of Kyoshi", in which Suki gave Sokka a little kiss on the cheek after he apologized for treating her like a girl and not a warrior.But this wasn't enough to tie Sokka down. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The time-gap between the two Avatar shows, The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, means that many side-characters and minor questions about the franchise have been left unanswered. This means that unlike Aang and Katara, Sokka still had to go for long periods without seeing his girlfriend, although he seemed to handle the separation well, prompting him to make the most use out of the time in which they were together. His goal is to go the extra mile and write articles that include extra tidbits of information that other sites often gloss over. A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News.

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Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender appreciated the realness of Sokka and Suki's relationship, but this is what they might not have known about it! :) Plus, they've only had like, what? While he didn't intend to be punched by his own girlfriend, he gets points for flipping the script and using her own rouse against her in an unforgettable callback to the earliest days of their relationship. If it wasn't for this trilogy we could all just assume Zuko ends up with Mai and Sokka ends up with Suki. Since we don't know Suki's fate, whether Sokka married and had kids, who Zuko married and the growing closeness between Zuko and Suki, whether it is as a friend or something more (We don't know) its a potential possibility. That's why he felt free to pursue a romance with Princess Yue in the Northern Water Tribe. :L so yeah, hate to burst ya bubble buddy xD if Zuko ends up with anyone it would definately be Mai. 5 Star Trek Characters Who Would Survive A Terminator Attack (& 5 Who Would Be Terminated), Avatar: The Last Airbender - Everything You Didn't Know About Sokka & Suki's Relationship, Avatar The Last Airbender: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 5 They Rejected), "Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Art of the Animated Series", Avatar The Last Airbender: 10 Non-Benders That Don't Get Enough Credit, 10 Crazy Sokka Fan Theories That Were Actually Confirmed, Did Sokka Get Married & 9 Other Questions Legend Of Korra Never Answered, Recasting The Main Cast Of Frasier, Today, The Boys: 5 Things We Want For Homelander In Season 3 (& 5 We Don't), Gotham: Best Season One Episodes, Ranked By IMDb. Plus, Ty Lee's not exactly firelord lady material is she?

Sokka and Suki later reunited and let romance blossom between them, but unfortunately it was never revealed in the comics or sequel TV show, The Legend of Korra, whether Sokka and Suki stayed together. Yes, definitely. That makes absolutely no sense. Suki's feelings for Zuko are ambigous only because it could go either way. Her jokes could use some improvement, so if Sokka wanted to teach her anything, that would be a good place to start. she seems like too much of a light hearted dofus to be any type of royalty. Sokka and Suki first met on Kyoshi Island in Avatar: The Last Airbender's fourth episode entitled "The Warriors of Kyoshi", in which Suki gave Sokka a little kiss on the cheek after he apologized for treating her like a girl and not a warrior. © 2006-2020 Fanpop, Inc., All Rights Reserved. one scene together where they actually talked as friends? yeah probably but then again she was a kioshi warrior and probably travelling alot, They either got married or he didnt get married at all cause in the proimse Suki was Zuko's bodyguard along with Ty Lee and who else would marry Sokka. Series co-creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko said they loved the concept of a brother and sister with very different personalities, where the girl was a talented bender and the boy wasn’t. Unfortunately, this is all just speculation, and many fans even believe that DiMartino was joking when he made this comment. Fans learned that Sokka never told Suki the full story about Yue during the Book 3 episode "The Ember Island Players". Sokka (Chinese: 索卡; pinyin: Suǒ Kǎ) is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel series The Legend of Korra.The character, created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, is voiced by Jack DeSena in the original series and by Chris Hardwick in the sequel series. I mentioned Sokka and Toph because the two of them are often, and still, shipped together. There is more evidence for this pairing than for than say Aang and Toph, but still not a lot. According to the book "Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Art of the Animated Series", Suki was brought back due to her popularity among staff and fans. It wasn't until Book 2, after they crossed the Serpent's Pass, where they officially began their relationship after Sokka allowed himself to move on. They didn't tell us in Korra, but we will probably find out in The Promise Part 3 or the next series of Korra. I think Toph's husband is someone who is not introduced in The Last Airbender. Though Suki doesn't have a spiritual connection to the Moon Spirit like Yue, it's ironic that both girls have names that invoke imagery to the moon. He entered her room, dressed as a guard, and gave her the same spiel about her not recognizing him before trying to give her a kiss to jog her memory. Suki and the other Kyoshi Warriors spent a fair amount of time serving as bodyguards for Fire Lord Zuko. I don't think Toph ever married, to be honest. The biggest one is Zuko and Mai breaking up and Suki's Freudian slips. Still, it's the only lead we've gotten on one of the franchise's most captivating romances, so we'll take it! Don't hate me, hate the guy who wrote all this cr*p. they didn´t get married but they should get married some day. When she first appeared without her makeup, encountering Team Avatar at Full Moon Bay, Sokka had trouble recognizing her, until she gave him a little peck on the cheek. If he ended up with anyone else it would just feel like a complete cheat. I highly doubt the Rift will give us any answers. Sokka is a complete wild card, we know he is dead but know nothing of when he died, who he ended up with, or if he had any children. I don't think it's Sokka. RELATED: 10 Crazy Sokka Fan Theories That Were Actually Confirmed. Others, like the relationship between Zuko and Mai, were introduced later in the series, but were packed with drama in order to give fans an incentive to get so invested in the relationship and the conflicts that were present within it.


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