white feather disappears

Her friend left her and went in another direction and she did not see one feather but my daughter continued to be 'walking along a path of feathers'. I was in the garden yesterday, tidying it up and everytime I turned around I had a white feather at my feet. I have always believed that angels watch over us but, I never knew how close. Lola: Thanks so much for your comment. i was always told by my mum as i grew up that if you found a white feather it meant an angel had visited you xxx id like to believe this is true x. I lost my baby, aged 6 days just over 2 months ago. Thanks bro x, I lost my son almost 8wks ago, I talk to him every day asking him to show me that he's happy and free from pain. We had some weird things happen at my sons house after my sister passed. When I was back at my room and about 8 or 10 hrs after surgery, the nurse came to my room and checked on me.she noticed this long white feather sticking on me under my gown. Express. This is something we find almost everywhere. I find comfort in them appearing and disappearing - its like they need to flutter off to give somewne else comfort and that is nice. i have seen a white feather on two occassions,the first time was on my mums funeral..id just got out f the shower and there it was on the window sill x and the second time was only a fw weeks ago as i attended my uncles funeral..after the family had taken the casket in side the crem i looked over at the car tht carry the casket and i saw a white feather inside fall ?

Yesterday morning I went outside on to my balcony and found a White feather I was so happy that I’d found it on a plant my husband bought me for mother’s Day I brought it in doors. I've found them in my bed and in the car. Rationale thinking tells me the wind whirlpool the feathers out of my glass jar neatly out of my window. Where I was visited by a relative that had passed over several years before, and she stood watching over me for several hours. The first white feather took my breath away, the second I looked at still in denial but starting to think maybe....For.two and a half years after this I still found the feathers, every time I walked my dog regardless of the season, the weather, the time of day - I am in no doubt it was my mum saying its ok. A few weeks ago I was packing to go on holiday, I had spent a sleepless night worrying about my eldest daughter who had gone to work abroad and seemed to be in with a bad crowd, God knows how she was surviving, and my youngest who I was leaving on her own for the first time - I got up early to finish packing and there in the mesh inside my case was a perfect white feather. I definitely take it as her way of letting us know she is ok. Hi Our baby girl was born sleeping last week and my partner just walked outside and a white feather flew down infront of him.

Now my Mother doesn't have any belief in angels and I wouldn't say I've put too much thought into them either and I'd always assumed it was just a little tale she had made up to entertain me, however hearing that others have experienced such anomalies really is interesting! Signs from your guardian angel can include repeating numbers, feathers, coins, rainbows, clouds, tingling, smells, orbs, epiphanies, animals, plants, dreams. We had a loose paling on the balcony of our two storey house,when our son was 2/3yrs old. Determined to mak... Quite remarkable coincidences I noticed in an article in the Daily Mail newspaper. It resurfaced prominently during the First World War, when conscientious objectors were shamed by members of the Suffragette movement. They believed in different Gods, different religions, held different views about life, death, and the afterlife, and yet somehow came to view feather symbolism in almost the exact same way. I had never seen a white feather in our house ever before, but they began appearing every single day for the first couple of weeks after she passed away. my much loved mother passed away on april 16th, on april 19th at 8.45 at night i was walking down a dirt track when infront of me i saw something floating down, when i picked it up it was a white feather,it gave me much comfort and i would like to think it was my mum saying she is alright. Padre, the Messenger of the Angels, possesses uncommon spiritual gifts which, over the years, have earned him worldwide fame and respect. It’s walking in greater dominion. She knew i loved my rabbits I've just been out to feed them and there was a feather in the straw rack! In the 1997 book Jingo (novel) citizens of Ankh-Morpork are handed white feathers for not enlisting to fight in the impending war against Klatch. Within Christian cultures, it’s typically viewed as a symbol of peace and purity. A good friend of his told me about white feathers and I never gave it a second thought until now. What a charming post, Mike. When you have found a white feather, carry it round with you to keep your angel close. Great post and I dont think you are clutching at straws at all. The first of my white feathers floated to the ground in front of my eyes one afternoon not long after my mum died. Wonder what it could mean?

Preening will result in dropped feathers all over the place, but you don’t need to be alarmed unless there is visible sign of feather loss on the bodies of your chickens. “Which was totally random as my wife and I didn't say anything about it to each other or any one. I was trying to remember why this was and found your post regarding St Michael's chapel in Roche - a significant village for our family - and it's connection with Ley Lines and it fell into place and then saw the link to white feathers, something she again always referred to as an indication of an angel. My mother kept finding them independently too.


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