white doberman price

I just lost my 11-year-old cream girl in Feb. She had a small mass removed once that was benign. Its not fair to the animals first and foremost. I bought a albino dobe and had i known all the problems they have…i don’t think i would of.. Brenda. If you ask me it’s people who are ignorant and stupid .

The best way to get an understanding of your dog’s overall health, is to get them DNA health tested. The FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) is a worldwide kennel club that is well known and deals extensively with European Dobermans. The instructor said she used to raise dobies and my boy fit the mold perfectly. I’ve seen others similarly sized. xoxo. To be perfectly honest, this was before I knew the dangers of buying from a backyard breeder. But once you get to know them and experience their sense of humor and love of play, you realize they live to love and be joyful. ALL PUPS HAVE HOMES Born 1/15/2012 CLICK HERE: Babies Born 4/27/12 Star and Hoss Click Here … I am a dark skinned person i hve stomach problems, light sensitivity, and sometimes i dont behave like i should….should i be assisted with death because of it? continental or Canadian kenne?l if continental…walk…no…run the other way!!! A red (also called sorrel or chestnt) horse becomes pale gold (also called palomino or isobella).

But I will say that i have never spent so much money on vet bills on any dog I’ve ever owned in my life. The handler has to be smarter or they will take advantage. The fawn Doberman, (sometimes called Isabella color or cinnamon) is a diluted red. She protects the chickens, ducks, & turkeys. i think whitedobielover has the most sense of anyone on here. I work for a Holistic Vet that created an incredible line of Cat and Dog food…if you’re interested, I would love to set you up with some free samples and tell you more about it. Like every Dobe, he’s happiest when with his family (me, my wife, our son, daughter and granddaughter). (I canNOT be out of her sight!)

Shelter dogs aren’t for everyone. Lovely puppies looking for new homes. You don’t understand breeding. Protection come automatic , you just have to learn to control it . I am certainly responsible with dogs and have a lot of experience around them, I was raised with them. Neutered and spayed dogs had five times higher incidence of other types of cancer, regardless of age of neutering. They were selling for $300 each and we paid $500 for the 2.

do you think white tigers should continue to be bred, as well?

What I find truly aweful about this entire string of comments to dates back to July of 2008 is the fact that there is so much venom and passion about the z factor dobies but it’s all a senseless argument. I’m sure there was some possibility that he was mixed, but he didn’t look it. When you purchase puppies the price is based on quality of desired traits.

Since then, all known white colored Doberman Pinschers have descended from Sheba. Joanne, I rescued a White Dobie about a year and a half ago and in December had a tumor removed from his eyelid and a few from his lip that were cancer. Below you can see the traditional black and tan Doberman color alongside a red Doberman. This gene is missing a large portion of its typical genetic code (source).

You obviously are quite the Bible Scholar, huh? I have been a little crazy since as he is like yours, just as friendly and loving as can be and a little velcro. But, when it does happen….when a bitch produces 7 healthy, beautiful babies, of which one just happens to be White, that pup should not be killed. As an owner of Dobermans for over 40 years, my opinion is that how you raise, socialize and train a Doberman, or any dog, is so much more important than its color. So the fact hearts stop instantly and the dog dies just didnt make any sense to me.

I took four semesters in genetic based studies just for shiggles; this stuff is easy to understand if you just READ. Although these white Dobermans look beautiful, these dogs should not command higher dog prices. Check it out!

I don’t know if he was inbreed. and I think that whatever the color they are, Doberman are freaking perfect and lovely. We are living proof! Both of the latter are in Florida……lots of luck in your search. Fantastic dogs. But if you are adopting an adult dog with an unknown history, it’s important that you know what you are doing and certainly, don’t bring them into a home with children. Do you live in America?

Please help if you can. Only Shebah. Now what do I know, I been doing this since 1976.

They were taught you give kisses no bite. I had the bottom of the fences cemented to the ground so none of the animals can dig under it. Study and actually thoroughly read what you find. The first documented albino Doberman, Sheba, was born on November 10, 1976. Do you history and know why a doberman was ever created then ask urself will my dog do this.. And even if you think your dog will it probaly wont and if it did dit would probably get harmfully injured.. What is so different with these? There have been some in Germany and Russia that have sold in the 75,000 to 90,000. She already had beautiful manners, we just added a calm environment and patience to her life, which made her the perfect companion for us. The environment is everything. Isn’t that enough ?. if these dogs , and i say if mind you have more health , and behaviour problems than the other dobermans please dont breed these white dogs . I have a fawn and he’s the best thing in my life. Now what? and there is word that her mother had a albino male ina previous litter that “died at a young age” that was probably destroyed because he was not a breedable color. It is also far easier to know the temperament and shape such when purchasing a pure pup. Love your dog and I will Love mine! Stop. I think all dobermans are very beautiful and after I learned they come in so many colors I became very interested in the melanistic black. if they POP up, that’s one thing… but don’t be an irresponsible breeder and try for a dog that will diminish the breed standard. They also have a pink nose, lips, rims of the eyes, and blue colored eyes. White Dobermans are not known to be any more prone to hearing loss than Dobermans of any other color. Would like to tell you my story. thank you. And humans are an inbred species wether or not you believe the principalities of Christianity.

This is natural. These are black, red, blue, and fawn Dobermans with rust-colored markings. They’ll cost about the same as other Doberman puppies, or between $1500 and $2500. Everyone that meets him, wants him. Somewher down the line, someone decided to select for certain traits, and breed for said traits. They were called straw color, yellow and dirty. What are the health risks for a red pup from a red dad and albino mother? Jessica

The whole family was depressed specially me, the one who beg my parents to buy the dog at a local breeder. If you are going to take on a white doberman be prepared to address and pay for potential skin cancer treatment in the middle and late years. I bet half of you owners with “healthy” white Dobies haven’t seen been to a vet more than three times with that dog. And ever since I’ve been sharing what I’ve learned with other Dobie fans. My first doberman was with us some more than 13 years. DobermanPlanet.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. I’m so sorry for your loss. Please contact me. He has never met a stranger and loves kids.

For example, if the white gene in a tiger provided resistance to any given cat disease, then breeding white tigers could potentially endow the species with a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card in the future. If you have an Albino you should love it like you would any dog. You’re a puppy mill just like breeders that breed for merle in Chihuahuas.

But nobody cares. And I say albino because it is not a colour it is the complete opposite a lack of colour I would never entertain a breeder of the albino Doberman and those breeders who describe the dog as rare and desirable are idiots that have no interest in healthy dogs just lining their pockets it makes me feel sick. The dilute colors were frowned upon in their beginning as well. When Becky started to talk her first word was Clee her word for Cleo as Becky got to four years old we gave in and let her hold Cleo’s lead as she had been asking from about two years of age ? Simply because many Doberman professionals will believe that you’re referring to the traditional full-albino, which these dogs aren’t.


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