whiskey secondary market prices

Meanwhile, Buffalo Trace battles Macallan when it comes to the most traded bottles. So it did become sort of laughable to see SRPs coming out in more recent years and they’re nowhere near what people are paying on the secondary market. We love collecting liquor, especially whiskey. In particular, he believes more focus should be on the distributors and the consumers for the roles they play.

the distributor’s publicly available price book. Copyright © 2019 We Buy Whiskey. Callori went on to say that he has some empathy for package store owners, who are often made to buy vast amounts of cheap, bottom-shelf liquor from their distributors in exchange for the right to buy a few sought-after, allocated bottles, but that still doesn’t justify marking those bottles up by 200-500% in his mind. Click below to chat and get you paid.

In order to illustrate the range of pricing you’ll come across, let’s quickly look at one brand in particular: The flagship W.L.

Prominent whiskey YouTuber Jason Callori, meanwhile, lives in the state-controlled liquor market of Ohio, and is thus able to get bottles (when available) for around MSRP, but has nonetheless observed the same bleed of secondary pricing into retail shops in other states. But that’s going to take a psychological change in our country, because unfortunately that’s not how we operate.”. Michter’s 25 now goes for a cool $1,000. Weller brand, which had been a bottom-shelf staple for years, disappeared from shelves and became a hot item on the secondary market. Everyone benefits … except the consumer. Weller Special Reserve: $99, which is 400% the MSRP.

for $650 or $700. Hi there! This is just a general sampling of the types of mark-ups we’re talking about here, and although you could argue that this sort of package store is meant to cater exclusively to affluent suburban clientele, that fact that it’s selling these bottles online (the W.L. — $114 from this retailer, which feels like a not-at-all random number. Then, we will give you a quote on the phone. But for how many whiskies is this actually true? We are pleased to see the number of retailers that do sell at our MSRPs and have developed innovative and fair methods of distributing limited stocks such as raffles and lotteries. He expressed some frustration at trying to shop for whiskey during his travels through the U.S., saying “If shops need to mark things up somewhat, I get it, but they’re still buying these bottles at cost—they’d still be making a profit selling it at a basic mark-up rather than an extreme mark-up.”, “When a new product hits the market, you can see the same process unfold,” he continued. Although distributors are effectively able to set minimum pricing, the distilleries are legally barred in the U.S. from setting any kind of maximum pricing, thanks to the three-tier system that separates distilleries, distributors and retailers. WellerWild TurkeyWillett Family EstateWillett Vintage RyeWilliam Heavenhill, ArdbegBalvenieBlack BowmoreBowmoreBruichladdichGlamis CastleGlenfarclasGlenfiddichGlengoyne​GlenmorangieHighland ParkKaruizawaLagavulinLaphroaigMacallanMortlachObanPort EllenSpringbankTalisker, CofradiaDon JulioEl TesoroHerraduraJose CuervoPatrónSauza.

An invitation to the Vault does not guarantee a purchase. E.H. Taylor “Tornado” is up 23% since October. Secondary market for whiskies continue to explode with prices reaching highs never seen before in the high-end spirits market.

Meanwhile, retailers are tired of seeing those bottles purchased in their store and taken to the secondary market to be sold for 50-200% more, so they’re increasingly saying ‘screw it, I’m going to start pricing like it’s the secondary market.’”. Reach platinum key status, and we’ll let you press your face up against the glass case where we keep the Pappy Van Winkle! — $250, if you want to just go bulk and buy a 1.75 ml bottle instead. © 2020 Paste Media Group. Try some new brands. This sort of hype trickle-down phenomenon affects products from many different distilleries, although the starting point of Buffalo Trace’s Pappy Van Winkle is hard to replicate in terms of the power it possesses to transform the hype level of any product even tangentially related to it in any way. A.H. HirschAbraham BowmanAncient AgeBerghoffBlack Maple HillBlade and BowBuffalo TraceCabin StillDavid NicholsonEagle RareElijah CraigEvan WilliamsFour RosesGeorge DickelGeorge T. StaggHeaven HillHirsch SelectionJefferson’sMichtersMount VernonOld CharterOld FitzgeraldOld ForesterOld Grand DadOld OverholtOld Rip Van WinkleOld TaylorOld Weller AntiquePappy Van WinkleParker’s HeritageRebel YellRittenhouse RyeSazerac RyeThomas HandyVan WinkleVery Old FitzgeraldVery Old St. NickW.L. I’ve got to make money.’ It all feels a bit absurd.”. Therefore, we keep the process simple, fast, and transparent.

It’s definitely not just Buffalo Trace products commanding these absurd prices. It's about $25 now, a 130% increase, but Rittenhouse Rye BIB never has been a player in the secondary.

The Macallan Edition No.6 appeared on the market and all bottles of a Jura cask were sold on one single auction. It’s no shock, or particularly astute observation, to note the way that American whiskey prices have climbed in the last 15 years. Physical stores may keep these bottles displayed behind the counter, or behind glass, secure in their confidence that eventually, a big enough fool will come along to pay any asking price.

We remain committed to selling to our distributors and the government operated markets at prices that allow their retailers to purchase and sell for our MRSP while making a fair profit. I spoke with two such whiskey industry observers: Jason Callori, a popular YouTube whiskey reviewer and host of The Mash and Drum, a channel with more than 24,000 subscribers, and Fred Minnick, one of the whiskey industry’s best known writers and critics.

But at the same time, you’ll also find random outliers—here’s a place selling Old Weller Antique 107 for $80. Wanting to confirm these prices, I called Woods Wholesale Wine on the phone and spoke with an unnamed employee behind the counter.


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