when it is possessive where does the apostrophe go
1. scowie, did you really read my post? Sentence B is correct because Lochness needs a year of work on his mouth. Ratrug carries around a nutrition chart and a scale and weighs every scrap of food he eats. Wiki User Answered . You belong to me. And what about this: But either are correct: here’s a post from another website. Sometimes, no clear owner seems present in the phrase. This is incredibly stupid. Even when you get triple-Ss like “congress’s”. If the plural noun shows ownership, do add an apostrophe after the s (for regular plurals).

There are four ways to use the apostrophe to show ownership or belonging. It is NEVER anything other than Jesus’ or Moses’; ancient proper names are the exception to the rule! Subscribers get access to our archives with 800+ interactive exercises! If the plural noun ends in s, just add the apostrophe. To give you an idea of how to run the “of test,” here are some phrases that express time: one week’s tooth cleaning = one week of tooth cleaning, a year’s dental care = one year of dental care. C. The Halloween decorations are decaying, especially the pumpkin’s teeth. Is it ok to turn a noun into a contraction in writing? The apostrophe is all about making a statement of ownership. Thanks for clearing it up. How much does does a 100 dollar roblox gift card get you in robhx? Where does the apostrophe go in womens month?

The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. The other day I asked my ESL Teacher if it was correct to say “It´s a beautiful summer´s day” The answer was no, you can only say summer day, she said. Where to Place the Possessive Apostrophe in a Surname By Mark Nichol You see them all the time during rural drives and suburban errands alike, those olde-fashioned wooden shingles mounted on mailboxes or dangling from porches or fastened to walls: “The Smith’s” and the like—stark reminders that possessives still throw many people for a loop. (?

Traditionally it was Jesus’ and Moses’ and Socrates’ and Pythagoras’ and Sisyphus’ and so on and so forth for every other name that ends in an ‘esse’ sound. Add apostrophe s to the end of a singular noun that does not end in s: the manager’s room; 2.

What happens when two single people own something? That’s actually the way I wrote it out the first time, and then came to a complete halt, certain I had it all mixed up! commercial for insurance). Clients' is the correct In the dim light one might look like one’s son. The usage determines if they are employed correctly. Is it Business’s Tall Poppies or Business’ Tall Poppies. The correct usage is: Shaun and Geji’s house was nice. They look harmless enough, so why do even well educated people throw them where they don’t belong and leave them out where they’re needed? Cedric carved all ten jack-o-lanterns, and he can’t bear to throw them away. Many publishers, for example, demand an apostrophe-only following an s- ending word, so woud prescribe Doris’. ‘For Jesus’s sake’, or ‘Moses’s staff’..? ), my sister’s friends’ investments (I have one sister and she has many friends.). Good post. However, I wouldn’t recommend it. Here’s the bottom line: To show possession by one owner, add an apostrophe and the letter s to the owner: the dragon’s burnt tooth (the burnt tooth belongs to the dragon), Lulu’s pierced tooth (the pierced tooth belongs to Lulu), Another way to think about this rule is to see whether the word of expresses what you’re trying to say. The possessive is the standard form - playmate's - and the possessive of the plural can use only the apostrophe - playmates' - in accordance with standard usage. Just wondering which is correct (is ‘one’ a pronoun)? We opted for ‘The Douglas Family’ on return address labels. No one is ever quite sure where to put it. Client's is the correct spelling for the singular form, e.g. If the plural noun is not showing ownership, don’t use an apostrophe. We’re going to visit the Walker’s residence. To show ownership for an irregular plural, add an apostrophe and then the letter s (teeth’s). For example, are the possessive forms of Jesus and Moses Jesus’ and Moses’ or Jesus’s and Moses’s? B. I pity the branch of the clan that spells their name Douglass. Would you say?

Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? Until apostrophes disappear from English altogether, you can take one step toward apostrophe reform by perfecting the art of showing possession. 1) Individual members´profiles I need help capitalization and apostrophe placement for the following — which is correct in describing one’s level of education in a bio. Is it clients' or client's? Hillary and Bill Clinton’s daughter (Chelsea claims both of them as her parents. when the word ending in ‘s’ is a group of people, an apostrophe is added without an ‘s’. …within close proximity to Jonnie’s sister’s, Jane’s, residence. I keep seeing it used with plural nouns/objects as in: “There’s dogs running everywhere.” It should be “There are dogs running everywhere.”.

What about names that end in S? 1.

In these examples, you notice that the apostrophe is used to show that a singular noun owns something (aunt’s, pen; bar’s fine wines). A common mistake on the MUD I run. We’re going out with the Walkers. punctuation for the plural form, e.g. The only tweaks to those are that, yes, some “ancient” names that have been written in a certain form from time immemorial are exceptions: It is Jesus’, never Jesus’s, if you are talking about the most famous one, as opposed to any old Spaniard who happens to have the name. The possessive forms of most singular nouns are formed by adding an apostrophe followed by the letter "s" to the noun.

2015-05-25 01:52:36 2015-05-25 01:52:36. ), Lochness and the superspy’s secret (Lochness told it to the superspy, so now they’re sharing the secret, which concerns doughnuts and explosives.). To show possession in French, for example, you say. You’d be finished figuring out apostrophes now if everything belonged to only one owner. However you look at it, if you’re speaking English, then you will need an apostrophe to show who owns what.

They both own the house. 1) Individual members´profiles Top Answer. One author, giving advice to budding writers, recommended avoiding giving characters any names that end in -s, simply to sidestep the issue altogether. In sentence B, pumpkins’ expresses a plural possessive. Shaun’s and Geji’s house was nice. Some people do not use the s when singular nouns end with s (they follow pronunciation). Here are some examples: RIGHT: The gnus gnashed their teeth when they heard the news. Which is pretty bad considering it’s a text-based RPG This one inparticular is a stickler! My question is about a list of things that posses one thing.

It's a possessive, so it's "Women's month"e.g. Just because something made it on the internet doesn’t mean you should cite it. "Those are my clients' (Actually, he needs false teeth and a nose job, but the year’s gum work is a start.). I know this all happened a long time ago, but I had to say something. ), Ludwig and Ludmilla’s wedding (The wedding was for both the blushing groom and the bride. Use the apostrophe if you want to state ownership or belonging. When you’re talking about time, give your sentence the “of test.” If it passes, insert an apostrophe. “JESUS’S words ” is awkward as used in worship, bible study, etc. A quick Google search also reveals a large number of educational establishments which have apparently given up on the question and call themselves St Thomas University (Miami Gardens, Florida and Fredericton, New Brunswick) or University of St Thomas (St Paul, Minnesota and Houston, Texas) — the former, of course, will give a lot of grammar sticklers indigestion. 3) Members´profiles. however the first one sounds better to my ear. Add apostrophe s to the end of a singular noun, even if it ends in s (this practice may vary in some places): 3.

It is plural, but teeth doesn’t end with the letter s. Teeth is an irregular plural. How to Show Possession with Proper Nouns, How to Show Possession for Nouns That End in S, How to Show Possession for Nouns That End in. Cedric carved all ten jack-o-lanterns, and he can’t bear to throw them away. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Rule 1: In general, you form a possessive singular noun (both proper and common) by adding an apostrophe and the letter S to the end of the word. Just like there is no demonstrable connection between the ‘apostrophe question’ and New York University being called New York University. With the of method, you note, the sharp tooth of the crocodile = the crocodile’s sharp tooth, the peanut-stained tooth of the elephant = the elephant’s peanut-stained tooth. Most other languages are smarter than English. If two people own things separately, as individuals, use two apostrophes: Lulu’s and Legghorn’s new shoes. ), Eggworthy’s and Ratrug’s attitudes towards dieting.

In sentence A, pumpkins has no apostrophe, though it clearly shows possession. I copied and pasted from what ddd posted.

They dont indicate possession with city names because a city can have more than one university/hospital so it wouldn’t be appropriate. The context of the sentence (all ten jack-o-lanterns) makes clear the fact that more than one pumpkin is rotting away. Lisa, the comment was in reply to a friend who asked if it was Rick’s sister’s daughter or his brother’s daughter. Here the organization refers to a record as a “members’ profile”. How long will the footprints on the moon last? There is no standard rule as far as I know here. Thank you, Cliff! Copyright © 2020 Daily Writing Tips . Is it friends or friends-es? in the California Dreaming song, “I´ve been for a walk on a winter´s day” Why can´t I do the same on a summer´s day? Don’t use an apostrophe when you have a plural that is notexpressing ownership. You still need to deal with plural owners. Use one for ownership (their house), don’t use one when referring to them as a couple? Perhaps, though I haven’t seen this in any style guide. If you can insert of into the sentence, you may need an apostrophe. It is Rick’s brother’s daughter. These all look bad to my eye. the gardens belonging to our neighbours – our neighbours’ gardens. My personal preference is to write -s’s, since it’s generally pronounced with an extra syllable: “Jesus’s” is pronounced with three syllables.


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