what sims 4 expansion pack should i get quiz

Bowling Night Stuff, Decades There are already pre-made clubs that you can join in the game.

Ghosts can wish to be brought back to life Spooky Stuff, Clothes for Pets My First Pet Stuff  New Collections: Buried Treasure, Fish additions, Gardening additions, Underwater Photos (not an official collection but still an item Sims can gather and collect), Get Famous Even if the supernatural isn’t really your thing, Vampires is worth it if only for the stunning Build/Buy Mode content. New portable photography tripod, camera, studio lights, Sim ground markers, and backdrops, Tripod will produce better quality photos and open up advanced camera options, even with a cheap camera or low Photography skill, Digital picture frame and collage picture frame, Control where Sims stand for photos with new ground markers, New photography poses and more control over which poses Sims do while being photographed, A variety of cute rodents to play with and care for; hamster, rat, porcupine, and bubalus (fictional creature called a voidcritter, featured prominently in the Kids Room Stuff pack).

Children can study rodents as part of their homework Romantic Garden Stuff, Coastal and/or Tropical 

Water and power generators that can produce power and water for the household, but aren’t eco-friendly and push the eco footprint into an industrial state. Also, the variety of things is immense. Also, you have a vast influence over their traits as they could turn out to be good or evil. The DLC Parents raising a child is not an easy thing to do. I personally love seasons because dynamic weather, seasonal activities and holidays (that you can also create custom ones) just fits perfectly with ANY type of gameplay. Nifty Knitting Stuff, Tropical and/or Fun in the Sun  Almost all items in the game can be sold in retail stores, including crafted items

The longer the magical bloodline, the stronger the trait Seasons

Spooky Stuff, Party/Social Gameplay  Equivalent to witches, ‍♀️ Spellcasters can be created in CAS. ☣️ Laptops Jungle Adventure

*Get Together Community space lots can be placed in any residential world across all packs.

The following lists all the recommended packs according to their build style.

️ Assign a dress code for your restaurant

Apartment neighbours and landlords Eco Lifestyle Seasons

Finding non-playable roommates, for example, has added excitement without having to manage the lives of multiple Sims. Get Together Expansion Pack The DLC “Get Together” introduces a … Sims can WooHoo and skinny dip in the hot tub That is something really interesting to experience.

This will force you to use your space wisely.

Flowers can be added to wash tubs and washing machines to make clothes smell nice ‍‍‍ Doctor and veterinarian play sets Advantages like working from home or experiencing everyday life with the commute to work. Luxury Party Stuff, Backyard Lounging

‍‍‍ New Skill: Parenting Wizards! These careers offer players the chance to choose to either

These objects can be made eco-friendly by using bio-fuel from insect farms to power them.

*Get Together and Island Living are not actually vacation packs; the worlds they come with are home worlds, not vacation worlds, but they suit a vacation/holiday theme well and your Sims can visit these places to do vacation-y activities, like partying it up in Europe or swimming with dolphins on a tropical island.

 New rock climbing object that Sims can use to build Fitness skill

That said, it helps to know as much as possible about the packs before making a decision.

Get Together (Medieval suit of armour) Which is only normal, I think. City Living Luxury Party Stuff, Casual Fun Gameplay  Sims can hire a butler to maintain the household for them Knowing what type of pack you’re looking for will help narrow down your search right away. Get Together Vampires have vampire energy, which does not deplete gradually over time like human energy.

Children and toddlers can play in a rocking chair Toddler Stuff They usually (but not always) come with a mini-world of about 5 lots and plenty of new Build/Buy and CAS items. Voidcritter cards can be ordered on the computer, found in garbage bins and logs (children only), and traded with other Sims (children only) One fan favorite aspect of Seasons is the new Scouts after school activity — appearing as a child’s “career” that gives the younger Sims so much more to do than just attend school, do their homework, and repeat.

Pipe organ is a new instrument

You can often notice vampires making a weird noise and feel hesitant. Backyard Stuff You can play literally for hours without even noticing.


Sims bitten by rodents with dirty cages can contract the deadly Rabid Rodent Fever disease  Small Home Benefits: Inspired/focused/happy buffs last twice as long, reduced bills

You can the Sims 4 City Life expansion in Amazon and get it right away.

It introduced so many new details that make the accompanying world of San Myshuno a far cry from the quaint little towns we’ve always known in The Sims.

 Sims can use the new vanity table to change their appearance

️ Three factions your Sim can join; First Order, Resistance, and Scoundrels. While a lower end neighborhood like Spice Market, there is acclivities like playing basketball and eating ramen.

The pack also features new collectables and new skills for pet-loving Sims. Vampire energy depletes rapidly if a vampire is out in the sun (unless they have the sun resistance power). Ability to attend uni while on campus or living at home run your own clinic. Not everyone wants to live the Adam Family style on an everyday basis. visit.

Nifty Knitting Stuff.

The biggest change to gameplay is the addition of apartments. Sims can die from the extreme fire setting but this is not a new death type

 New Gameplay Objects: Buffet Table, Drink Fountain The expansion’s world of Britechester is one of the most aesthetically detailed in the whole franchise, combining the modern style of the Foxbury Institute and the more traditional, British-style University of Britechester. ️ A new full-size vacation world with a rustic Canadian theme ️ Hang out, sing songs, and tell stories around the campfire Cats & Dogs Backyard Stuff New 3-in-1 entertainment unit with bookshelf, TV, and stereo built into one object A new giant projection TV with speakers for Sims to watch movies outdoors

Nothing like experiencing the struggles of parenthood. ️ New Social Event: Weenie Roast The eco footprint can be disabled in the settings.

️ Sims can learn to cook experimental dishes at home by eating them at restaurants

 Children can collect, train, battle, and trade Voidcritter cards, similar to Pokemon cards in the real world

Tiny Living isn’t something we’ve seen before in The Sims, but it has quickly become a classic that you don’t want to miss out on.

The among of customizable items for your pets in almost endlessly.


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