what is a prs match
They are selected from some of the more difficult matches, and their lower numbers are intended to ensure high turn-out of competitive shooters. New Charity Program Supports NRA International Rifle Teams Via AmazonSmile, A Short History Of Randle Trophy Team Awards, Steel Challenge: Everlasting Race Of Speed, © 2020 National Rifle Association of America. If you do not have a rifle or optic, and are looking at buying either/both, be aware that there may be better options in your price range than you would think, from great brands you’ve either never heard of, or never knew were producing precision rifles. For both clubs, a membership includes a T-Shirt, and exclusive discounts with industry companies. Advanced long-range rimfire shooters often make the jump to a bolt-action after they’ve pinnacled with a semi-automatic. The Wisconsin Barrel Maker Classic is an AG Cup Series Qualifier match. My advise FWIW 1. On the deck of the “USS Peacemaker,” engaging animal silhouettes at 111, 118 and 262 yards. Regional Series matches vary by club, but they must be open to registration at least 30 days prior, but no early than 120 days. Entry fees range from $225-$300, with a round count from 190-230. )The sport has definite PRS origins, but hardware differences alone necessitate different approaches to equipment, rules and stage design. In this post, I’ll talk about preparing for the match, and the experience of competing in the match. Increased interest in both the Practical Rimfire Challenge (PRC) and the National Rifle League rimfire division (NRL22) showcase this surge in the popularity of precision rimfire competition.“The technology has finally caught up to what many competitive shooters want now—precision-level accuracy in a .22 LR cartridge,” says Cole McCulloch, director of NRA Competitive Shooting and a strong proponent of the precision-rimfire discipline. Neither do veterans or retirees. Armageddon Gear has teamed up with PRS to bring about a more advanced series, nested into the Pro-Series. The PRS is home to countless competitors including 6,000 active PRS shooters with scores being tracked. WPRSC and MPRSC each have the option of purchasing a membership, which along with shooting a minimum of two regular season matches, is a requirement to shoot the WPRSC or MPRSC finales. Once entry fee, ammunition, food, travel and lodging costs are added up, Pro-Series matches can be pretty costly, especially in comparison to the Regional Series matches. This data was pulled from 626 registered shooters that participated in WPRSC events over the course of the 2019 match season.

Pick one that you are comfortable with.


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