what episode does sun and jin die in lost
("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")  ("The Substitute") ("Sundown")  ("Dr. Linus")  ("Ab Aeterno"), The next day, the others' inactivity angered Sun. ("Numbers")  ("Deus Ex Machina")  ("Born to Run") Just before Michael and Jin left on the raft with Walt and Sawyer, Sun gave him a notebook of English maritime phrases.

("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")  ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3"), When the Oceanic Six escaped the Island, they believed Jin dead. I'm a little frightened about the next episode. Centric Jin beat Jae Lee but didn't kill him. The group continued to the other side of the Island, spotting the remains of the Statue of Taweret. Keamy then showed up, and Jin hid in the bathroom.

"Sun-Hwa Paik" is a Westernised form; in Korean, her name is 백선화 (Paik Sun-Hwa). She and Jin once again traveled to Los Angeles to deliver a watch for Mr. Paik.

Drowned Jin attacked Michael, and Sayid and Sawyer intervened, handcuffing Jin to a piece of debris.

("Namaste")  ("Dead Is Dead")  ("Follow the Leader"), Locke led an expedition to Jacob, assuring Sun he could unite her and Jin. He also contributed through his combat skills, which he'd learned as his father-in-law's enforcer, and through fishing, a humble occupation that had brought him shame back in Korea.

Charlie then privately confessed his and Sawyer's role in that attack.

The group listened to Juliet's recorded message to Ben, and though Jin didn't understand it, he realized Juliet spoke of Sun.

Sun is one of the seven characters to appear in all six seasons and Missing Pieces along with. The two fell into bed. Jin, angry that Sun still gardened after the attack, ripped her garden apart. He even managed to conceive a child with his wife, even though he'd been infertile. ("LaFleur")  ("The Package"), Three years later, Jin encountered Jack, Kate and Hurley at the waterfall after they'd returned via Flight 316. Jin followed his father's advice: after delivering two Rolex watches to Sydney and Los Angeles under Paik's orders, he and Sun would disappear together to a new life in America. The sub filled with water, and though Sun begged Jin to save himself, he refused, staying true to his word that he would never leave her.

She returned to Korea, where she confronted Mr. Paik, blaming him for Jin's death along with one other person. ("Pilot, Part 1")  ("Pilot, Part 2")  ("Tabula Rasa"), Sun, wanting to be more active with the other survivors, slowly began to find her place with them, leaving Jin to fish. She denied and blamed the maid, fully aware this meant the maid would be fired.

In the airport, customs officials discovered $25,000 in Jin's luggage, which surprised Sun. After Charlotte warned him to keep Sun from the Island, Jin made Locke promise not to ask her to return.

Shared Centric The next day, Locke cut off the handcuffs Jin had worn for the past month and a half.

Actor When Jin arrived on the Island, he had no knowledge of the English language, which left him alienated from the rest of the survivors. Sun first saw Jin-Soo Kwon when he was a hotel doorman, but they met when they accidentally ran into each other. Jack shared his plan to reset time, which would, if successful, reunite Jin with Sun.

Anonymous. ...to secretly deliver watch to Mr. Paik's associate in Los Angeles "), Mr. Paik ordered him to send messages to officials and union leaders.

When an explosion proved imminent, Michael insisted Jin return abovedeck. Later, Jin tried to apologize by replanting what he could salvage.

Sun shot her then escaped through a window. "Locke" had slipped a bomb aboard though, and after it detonated, the survivors fought to escape. Jin tried a number of times to escape the island. ("The Glass Ballerina"), The two returned to normal island life and were excited to see Kate and Sawyer return to the camp. Upon arriving at the station, Sun confessed her affair and Jin's infertility.

Rousseau eventually revealed her name, leaving a confused Jin to sort out when he was.

The doctor later privately told Sun that it was Jin, not she, who was infertile, but he'd feared the repercussions of questioning the manhood of one of Mr. Paik's employees.

Despite having angrily confronted Richard about blowing up the Ajira plane, the next day she followed the group to the Black Rock to retrieve dynamite and to the Man in Black's camp, where Kate told her Sawyer's plan to escape on Widmore's submarine. Later, Sun attended Seoul National University, majoring in Art History. Jin served in the national Army, as the law demands all Korean men do. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3")  ("Because You Left")  ("The Lie") ("The Little Prince"), After a brief phone conversation with her daughter at the marina, She aimed her gun at Ben, blaming him for Jin's death. Later, when Sun wore on a bikini to the beach, Jin angrily covered her with a towel, and though Michael intervened, she sided with Jin this time. The Others dodged his questions about the Ajira flight, and after Kate incapacitated them, Jin left to search for Sun. Jin had since been told that his mother died when he was young. He shunned her, but they later reconciled. Jin still bossed her around, scolding her for wearing a tank top, but she began to disobey.

They stayed a couple in the afterlife and moved on with their friends.

The C4 exploded seconds later, taking half the ship with it.

The couple first had to postpone their honeymoon - Jin again gave her a flower in its place - and a later gift of a dog made Sun recall when a flower had meant as much. A submarine they boarded sank, and she and Jin drowned together. Jin then shot the translator, and a bullet hit Sun, who revealed she was pregnant. She and Jin fell passionately in love, and kept their relationship discreet because of the class divide; Jin once waited at a party Sun attended and sent her a message using a napkin. She, Jin and Sayid walked back to camp. ("The Beginning of the End")  ("Eggtown")  ("The Other Woman"), When she noticed Daniel and Charlotte missing, she searched for them with Jin and Vincent, and when she learned what they'd done in the Tempest, she packed supplies and took a map from Kate to move to Locke's camp. Later, she instructed Jin to break up a fight between Hurley and Sawyer. Profession Sayid and Jin, armed, manned the dock while Sun stayed on the ship.

Jin once came home with bloodstained hands revealing his work's nature. Though she initially pretended to speak only Korean while on the Island, she was helpful, caring, sociable and occasionally brave with survivors, eventually forming notable relationships with Kate and Hurley. Jin helped freeze the battery to postpone the detonation and tried to find how to defuse the bomb.

With Michael planning a final rescue effort for Walt, Sayid planned to attack by sea with Jin, and Sun insisted that she come too so they wouldn't be apart. He heard her talk to Sayid about his plan, and when he revealed he'd understood them, Sayid gave him a gun. Sawyer did lose and had to keep his promise. ("The Variable")  ("Follow the Leader")  ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2"), Jin awoke and told Hurley he knew from experience that they'd traveled through time.


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