what are the pipes in my basement floor

You have not identified the material that the pipe was made from, which would also give me a clue to its purpose. Finally, at this time of year make sure your water valves in the basement are shut off to those outside spigots, since they will freeze in the winter. While drainage provisions don’t eliminate the possibility of flooding entirely (yes, some do eventually fail), they’re usually made during the construction of a new home in an attempt to prevent standing water downstairs. If you can’t figure this out after following my suggestions, further evaluation by a licensed plumber or CAHPI home inspector should yield the answer.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, basements are more likely to take on water than any other part of your home because they’re below grade, i.e., located below the ground’s surface. You can temporarily tape a plastic bag over the opening until the repairs are made. Basically I have three pipes in my cement floor and I don't know what they are for. Most homes built today are required by local code to have floor drains that lead to a collection pit where a sump pump carries the water to the surface. Of course, the process of what was put in the basement when the house was built began with heat and hot water, perhaps a BILCO door and some other necessary connection access points. This type of drain is located along the interior perimeter of the basement and lies below floor level. From the basement, only the cover grate is visible. Similar to exterior drain tile, an interior French drain features a perforated pipe that carries water to a collection pit where it can be pumped to the surface. However, if you are in the country, does it empty into a dry well or a septic system? They both have a …

It’s always a good idea to turn off the power to the pump before touching the pump, or water surrounding the pump.

After the foundation walls have been poured, the contractor will position a flexible perforated drainpipe all the way around the foundation at the bottom of the wall. You can hire a plumber if you are investigating something. In this case, filling the hole with regular concrete patch will end your concerns. (Previously, homes may have floor drains that are connected to the main sewer system, but that’s rarely allowed anymore because the sewer can back up in the floor drain and with an even more unpleasant flooding problem.). A builder from the start designs the base of a building, the basement, around current needs and trends. If you have cracks occurring in the basement floor, and it's because of hydrostatic pressure, the good news is that it can be mitigated, but it will be pricey. 1. Get free, no-commitment estimates from pros near you. A sump pump needs maintenance, and so does a pump-up system if you have a basement bathroom.

Many builders now add them in new homes. A newer home may have a small pipe jutting out of the floor which is there in case you have radon at some point. Do not wait until you are marketing your home to study the basement. The concrete floor around the drain gently slopes towards it, encouraging water to collect there and drain out. These vertical pipes typically connected under the floor slab to the catch basin, which drained the water into the floor drain. A pedestal sump pump attaches to a pole and sits an average of four to eight inches above the collection pit.


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