wesley hunt perry homes
Don Hopper is an uninformed wanna be. But as the county commissions of MoCo may have gone to Astros games with Perry Homes, the pleas from my residents went unheard.

And Democrats believe they can link Hunt to allegations that Perry Homes disturbed protected wetlands, causing severe flooding in area homes.” [Cook Political Report, 2/14/20] “Fletcher… has emerged as a moderate voice on energy policy in a district home to many oil and gas companies.” [Energy & Environment News, 3/2/20 ] That hasn’t stopped Wesley Hunt from doubling down on some of Washington Republicans’ most egregious missteps that TX-07 voters rejected in 2018. Dick Weekley and his merry band of misfits cater to Hispanics by reducing accountability, ignoring the rule of law, and promoting illegal immigration. This is a tax enacted through the sanctuary city policies of the city and permitted by national, state, and local elected officials. And Democrats believe they can link Hunt to allegations that Perry Homes disturbed protected wetlands, causing severe flooding in area homes.” [Cook Political Report, 2/14/20] “Fletcher… has emerged as a moderate voice on energy policy in a district home to many oil and gas companies.” [Energy & Environment News, 3/2/20 ] I have decided that local politicians want HISD to fail. And he terminated the conversation when I told him that Dan Crenshaw, who I will remind everyone gave back the money Kathy Britton gave to him, was the vet that came to help us. Don’t just stand and say he’s a vet and you’re smearing him …and that is why…It’s like a mom saying because I said so. “A commonsense voice for hardworking Texans and small businesses, Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher is bringing Houston’s values to Washington D.C. every day. Wesley is active in many organizations in the Houston area. • Berry seemed to make fun of us this morning, using Hunt’s service as the reason as if we were too stupid to know better. Hunt works for Perry Homes and I wanted to ask him about Bob Perry’s efforts to establish Houston as a sanctuary city. Your IP: I asked Hunt about Max Boot and the neocon policies that led to the invasion of Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Wesley Hunt has proven he will fight for our great country and our way of life in Texas’s 7 th Congressional District.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. After West Point, Wesley spent eight years in the Army as an Aviation Branch Officer and AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter pilot. In 2018, Fletcher specifically campaigned on a proposal to lower drug costs by giving Medicare the power to negotiate with drug prices. How long do we stay? At Easter, my minister introduced a six month prayer challenge. • HEADLINE: “Texas GOP congressional candidate Wesley Hunt has a convicted felon on his payroll” [Texas Signal, 11/19/19], “During the first Republican candidate’s forum with all the competitors for Houston’s 7th Congressional District, it didn’t take long for Wesley Hunt to be put on the defensive over a vote he made almost a dozen years ago.” [Houston Chronicle, 1/7/20], “This week, Fletcher announced she would oppose a bill to ban hydraulic fracturing… highlighting her independence in a district where plenty of voters are employed in the energy sector.

Lobbying in 2019: $0. That start at the end of Nov 2018, when he started his career at Perry Homes  By April 2019, he was running for Congress. . Elm Grove is butted up against what is called an unmapped flood territory. drag-and-drop candidate picked by Washington insiders, successfully dislodge billions in long-overdue HUD funds, 347,900 TX-07 residents with pre-existing conditions, permanently repeal key sections of the Affordable Care Act, vehemently anti-choice and supports stripping away commonsense funding for Planned Parenthood, failed to condemn President Trump’s false claim, 430 S. Capitol Street, S.E. I don’t’ smear vets and always thank them for their service and would extend the same to Hunt. Outside Spending in the 2020 cycle: $0. In contrast to Wesley Hunt’s growing liabilities, Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher is building a bipartisan record of achievement in Congress.


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