waverly and nicole cheerleader
She can tell Wynonna needs to get laid. They are shot at by a sniper each time they attempt to move. One, my girl Nicole really did have such a terrible day.

House of Memories and I Walk the Line.

Featured in the Purgatory case files during Season 2. Allegiances: The Fool, a journey, but not for Nicole for Waverly.

FINALLY FOUND THE SONG OF THE CHEERLEADING SCENE, only one of these is from s1 but y'all know she had looks in s1 too, the cheerleading outfit will always be iconic, thank you waynonna erarp people for this gift, the cheerleader outfit takes the cake btw, also that scene with waverly in a cheerleader uniform and nicole is also there. Wynonna reluctantly hands over Peacemaker but Willa still shoots Nicole to slow them down. In this parallel universe, Nedley has died by Doc's hand, and Nicole Haught is Purgatory Sheriff. Wynonna realizes the C is for Clantons. Doc bangs on the windows trying to enter but Nicole freezes unable to let Doc into the homestead. She answers, hoping to see Waverly, but instead finds a Widow who promptly attacks her. giggles and hurries off to her room to get changed, I watch her go She later goes to Shorty's to console Waverly over the death of Shorty. In S2E11, the entire universe may be upside down, but the WayHaught pair is back on their feet, ready to keep the fire burning. What with the whole “maybe not actually an Earp thing” going on in her head. Wynonna doesn’t want her to forget she’s an Earp and has priorities; Waverly doesn’t take kindly to her sister’s concern.

The writing is honestly so seamless, and the tone and characters so consistent, you’d think it all fell out of the same head. WayHaught . Honestly, I was so mad when Nedley brushed her off and let Tucker go but then…he turned right around and became the best damn Cop Dad ever. While treating the bruise, Waverly kisses Nicole and they try to take it further until Nicole's bruise makes it painful.

Waverly states that Nicole wanted to leave. She walks away and Champ says that there's something about her that he doesn't like. We suggest contacting the seller directly to respectfully share your concerns. Nicole is still however, secretly pining for Waverly from afar.

The first thing you should do is contact the seller directly. Wynonna is suffering from hypoxia and passes out on Nicole, cutting their happy reunion short. The Mictian replies with, "What? I mean, I loved that opening scene (as Nicole said, “that’s everybody’s thing”), but Nicole and Nedley managed to top it. Her parents let her go to a music festival with her aunt and uncle in the woods. Later that night, Jeremy is drowning Nicole as Randy speaks Latin over her. Later, at the Homestead, while Waverly walks Chrissy Nedley inside, she smiles and waves and Nicole, who waves back. Grid View List View. the corner of her mouth and she looks me up and down. Wynonna says she wouldn’t blame her for not wanting to join the Earp family with all the craziness that’s going on. You’re supporting a shop close to home with your purchase.>. In S2E12, WayHaught are more in love than ever before as Waverly crosses the Purgatory line, revealing her and baby Alice's Revenant status.

Wynonna talks about it, and Waverly states that keeping her out of BBD was for Nicole's protection and admits that she would die inside if anything happened to her. Nicole sits on the stoop as Wynonna brings her beer. Waverly apologises, but Nicole avoids the topic, saying that she got cases to track. Good Lord. Hottest WayHaught Moments: PDA. This only adds up to Waverly's identity crisis. Dolls and Nicole have a somewhat strained relationship for most of Season 1 as Nicole grows increasingly suspicious of Black Badge's presence within Purgatory. Wynonna condones the behavior of hitting a kid. Even when they try to guess what Nicole did she throws up even more. Waverly tells her to go home and Nicole hurries off. oh i like when you’re scary.(06.09.17). WE’RE GETTING A NICOLE HAUGHT STORYLINE NEXT WEEK!!!! Nicole requests Waverly tell her the plan on what's happening after finding Waverly holding an axe over her head. Follow. The women flee from the creatures. Great combo, right?

and bites her lip, she looks at me expectant. Love how Waverly throws out the “flaming ladybug” line thinking she and Wynonna are doing a bit, then Wynonna actually calls herself one. If Peacemaker doesn’t show then they’ll take them on together.

Let’s compare right now.”, Nicole: “Yeah that’s not fair, you’re wearing leather pants and I’m stuck in this uniform.”, Wynonna: *Grabs extra pair of leather pants* “Fine, put these on.”, ~~~2 minutes later, Nicole walks out of bathroom in leather pants~~~, Waverly: *Jaw drops and is trying very hard to not pass out*, Wynonna: *Takes a swig of whiskey* “Well Haught damn, I’ll admit defeat this time.“, Waverly: "I’ve never wanted to be a pair of pants so badly. The mug has images from the highly popular cheerleading scene from an episode in series 2, where Waverly dances for her girlfriend Nicole in the opening sequence.

Wynonna interrupts Nicole and Waverly sneaking into Nedley's office to tell them she slept with Doc, a fact that Nicole already seemed to know. Wynonna tells Nicole to tie up Nicole so nothing else happens while she and Doc are gone.

OMG IS THIS REAL LIFE?! She is obviously paranoid and nervous.

She is in Willa's room with Waverly, going through Willa's old diary. She then gives Waverly some papers that could help her discover whether or not she's truly an Earp. She reminds Waverly that she's at work. Nicole wonders where the rest of her friends are and asks Kate to do a reading.

The shot turns out to be non-fatal as Nicole is wearing a bulletproof vest.

Gooverly doesn’t take kindly to his casual sexism and homophobia.

Just punch me in the face.

Rachel has a plan to stab everyone until they make Billy’s family pay. Too bad Gooverly is being a magpie and ignores him. Nicole takes out her annoyance on your not-so-friendly neighborhood pervert Tucker Gardner (Mercedes’ brother), who she catches taking upskirt photos of the cheerleaders on his phone.

Nicole and Waverly lie on the floor and Waverly asks if they should talk about Peacemaker but Nicole comments that is something she also failed at for 18 months. At least it’ll give them something until Wynonna can find Peacemaker.

This is an estimate based on purchase date, the seller's location and processing time, and the delivery destination and carrier. That night, Nicole hears screaming from the barn and hurries in to investigate. Then, they are approached by Nicole, who tells them there is a case. The rock in his hand glows blue and his eyes turn black as he falls over. Nicole remarks that the Clantons run the town now - Sheriff Holt is a Clayton and so is Cleo. Waverly tells her how she feels and they kiss again, officially beginning their romantic relationship. Dom reenacting the cheerleading scene from 2x03/ Katherine Barrel and Dominique Provost Chalkley during Earpercon UK/ Day 2. she had been recruited into the Black Badge Division, and between patrolling They presumably separated right after. While reading, she asked, “So…a

Rachel is holding a knife while Billy asks if she can see the Reaper - if she can see it then it’s coming for her.

Waverly asks if she and Doc are okay but Wynonna claims they’re the same.

responded with glee, “it seems like only yesterday I was cheering on the

When he hangs up, he drains blood out of a skinned rabbit into a bowl. She tells Wynonna that she'll be waiting for her back in Purgatory and that only Wynonna can do this - it has to be her. He won’t hurt them. my heartbeat steady as her arms and legs move, almost automatically, I’m grateful to see the tension between Waverly and Nicole isn’t going away after the makeup sex, a hope I voiced last week.

He tells her to watch it.


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