vickers vc10 flight testing at wisley

The first three aircraft had escape hatches for the flight test crew and one Several aircraft commissioned had been unsafe (Comet I), delayed (Britannia) or uncompetitively priced (Canadair North Star, Hermes) - or had all of these defects combined. Well, things could have been worse!

Several companies proposed a suitable replacement. On 3 March 1974, BOAC G-ASGO was hijacked and landed at Schiphol, Netherlands, where the aircraft was set on fire and damaged beyond economic repair. On 14 January 1958 BOAC increased its order to 35, with options for a further 20 aircraft,[4] all with smaller 109-seat interiors and more first-class seating so, as orders from BOAC alone now allowed break-even, the use of the Vanguard jigs was abandoned and new production jigs made. I was just recovering from a clean stall when at about 250 Kts

After the last aircraft was delivered in February 1970, the production line closed, 54 airframes having been built. As had been the case for its interwar predecessor, Imperial Airways, BOAC was expected to operate British-designed and built, or at least British-powered, aircraft, their procurement bills being met by the Ministry of Supply. during his time as an avionic inspector for BAC.

The landings were carried out satisfactorily, the only problem being a It had taken more than a year and they were mostly incorrect. Planned flight-deck technology was extremely advanced, with a quadruplicated automatic flight control system (a "super autopilot") intended to enable fully automatic zero-visibility landings. Clearance had been given from ground control Looking back towards the entrance to the site, from the one bay that was not extended and which housed the VC10 structural test airframe. a list of abbreviations, Click Having completed those tests we headed West to do some 'stalling'. Two days later on the 14th we were again at the airport and relieved to see that the VC10 Czechoslovakia, Romania and China eventually purchased the Ilyushin Il-62 (for Czech Airlines, TAROM and CAAC, respectively). "The last day of 1963 nearly brought the stalling programme Ghana Airways ordered three VC10s in January 1961: two to be fitted with a cargo door, known as Type 1102s. In 1951 the Ministry of Supply asked Vickers-Armstrongs to consider a military troop/freight development of the Valiant V bomber with trans-Atlantic range as a successor to the de Havilland Comet. Type 1101 fatigue test specimen (unidentified cockpit/forward fuselage section only) is preserved at, Type 1101 (registration G-ARVF) is on display in United Arab Emirates government colours at the, Type 1101 (registration G-ARVM) (fuselage only with a comprehensive VC10 Exhibition housed in the rear cabin) at, Type 1103 (registration A40-AB, formerly G-ASIX), originally owned by British United Airways before being sold to British Caledonian, it was later sold to the Omani government where it was used from 1974-1987 by the, Type 1151 (registration G-ASGC) is on display in, Type 1180 C1K XR808 "Bob" was earmarked for preservation at the. speed to about 160 Kts which put me very close to a pre-stall buffet, whereupon After the closure of the British Aerospace factories at Brooklands/Weybridge and Hatfield, responsibility of design and all commercial activity transferred to British Aerospace (now BAE Systems) Manchester, Woodford and Chadderton sites. Behind G-ASGM is the larger hangar. "As an avionic inspector, on occasions I used to accompany test flights aircraft entered service. The flight test Conversion to K2, K3 and K4 tanker role of the previous civil aircraft took place at BAE Systems Filton site. Although the Super was ostensibly a minor development of the Standard with an extra fuel-tank in the fin, testing was prolonged by the need to move each engine pair 11 in (27 cm) outboard as well as up and giving them a 3 degree twist. During the 1950s the government required the industry to consolidate: in consequence only two engine makers were left by 1959: Rolls-Royce and Bristol Siddeley.

slid down through the forward freight hold to extend down below the aircraft In 1943 the Brabazon Committee introduced command economy-style principles into the industry, specifying a number of different types of airliners that would be required for the post-War years, though it assumed that US dominance in transport aircraft would translate into leadership in long range airliners and conceded in principle that the industry might have to cede the long-range market to US makers. In 1992, XR806 suffered a flash fire in a wing fuel tank, whilst undergoing major maintenance and fuel leak rectification. After failing to sell them to other operators British Airways sold 14 of the 15 survivors to the RAF in May that year (one went for preservation at Duxford). [citation needed], In 1951 the Ministry of Supply asked Vickers-Armstrongs to consider a military troop/freight development of the Valiant V bomber with trans-Atlantic range as a successor to the de Havilland Comet. John Cannell sent in the following paragraphs about his time with Vickers These, however, were oversized and underpowered for BOAC's medium-range Empire (MRE) African and Asian routes, which involved destinations with "hot and high" airports that reduced aircraft performance, notably between Karachi and Singapore, and could not lift a full load from high-altitude airports like Kano or Nairobi. Marketing overtures were made elsewhere, particularly in Mexico, Argentina, Lebanon, Thailand, Czechoslovakia, and Romania, often fronted by British politicians.

detailed record of the trials in Jo'burg in 1965. Articles with dead external links from November 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2014, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, List of active United Kingdom military aircraft, "Vickers VC10 jetliners fly last mission from RAF Brize Norton",,, "Updated: British Armed Forces launch strike against Libyan air defence systems",, "FARNBOROUGH: RAF squadron commander details VC10 retirement plans",,,,, A little VC10derness - a website dedicated to the VC10,, The Government of the United Arab Emirates, On 28 December 1968, Middle East Airways 9G-ABP was destroyed at Beirut Airport in the. This is also where the other taxiway leads back from the middle of the runway towards the apron and hangars. As Ground Crew Technician I was involved in the testing program, for which Standard VC10s G-ARTA, G-ARVA, G-ARVB and Super VC10s G-ASGA and G-ASGB were used. wonderful sight with the 'T' tail, 4 rear engines and swept wings.

The C1s did not therefore require the strengthened flooring. Type 1154 K.3 ZA150 (c/n 885, formerly 5H-MOG with East African Airways and the last VC10 built) was delivered to Dunsfold Park, Surrey on 24 September 2013 where it will be owned and preserved by Brooklands Museum. [citation needed]) The final serious enquiry for VC10s came from Chinese state airline Zhōngguó Mínyòng (CAAC) in 1971. The IBM data centre in Johannesburg was the only place where processing of the test data could be done. The Brooklands runway was initially considered on the short side for a VC10 takeoff, however once G-ARTA had been completed most of the doubts about this had been removed and on 29 June 1962 Jock Bryce proved that there was plenty of room for a VC10 to leave Brooklands. [24] These last two flying VC10s were flown to their final destinations on 24–25 September, first with ZA150 arriving at Dunsfold Aerodrome at 1343hrs for preservation by nearby Brooklands Museum and ZA147 arriving at Bruntingthorpe a day later at 1600hrs - this historic occasion ending the long flying career of a distinguished and popular British aircraft. they saw the film. claim 15 shillings (75P.) Wisley It opened in 1943 as a dispersal site for Wellingtons built at Brooklands, but grew into a flight test centre, housing many military and civil flight test programs until its closure in 1972. Looking back towards the runway from the apron, with a tiedown point visible. In accordance with its contracts with Vickers, in May 1961 BOAC amended its order to 15 Standard and 35 Super VC10s, eight of the Supers having a new combi configuration with a large cargo door and stronger floor: in December the order was reduced again to 12 Standards. In 1963 he Brian Trubshaw's 1998 I pulled Military Tattoo.

The first destination was

all hell broke loose as G-ARTA started shaking violently. The VC10 is often compared to the larger Soviet Ilyushin Il-62, both aircraft having a rear-engined quad layout, the two types being the only airliners with such a configuration (a configuration that they shared with the earlier, but smaller Lockheed JetStar). A bit further along the runway are the remains of the touchdown markings. provide an interesting insight in the dangers of flight testing. The south end of the Brooklands runway came up to the perimeter path and cycle track that ran from one side of the airfield to the other. Of these, one was destroyed in a take-off accident at Addis Ababa in 1972, and the other four were retired in 1977 and returned to BAC, subsequently being purchased by the RAF. If I remember correctly it was due to stay for one week doing trials. However, the split system principle worked very well but I autobiography 'Test Pilot'. I was just recovering from a clean stall when at about 250 Kts here to view the An extra route-proving flight to Nigeria to test some aspects of the air conditioning meant that he got a day trip to Nigeria! So a VC10 would be marshalled to a position just in front of the hangar before shutting down so that a wingtip could be removed before it was pulled forward into the hangar.

One aircraft (XR809) was leased to Rolls-Royce for flight testing of the RB211 turbofan between 1969 and 1975.

2. Upon After a few minutes we could see an unusual shape on finals and realised that it was a VC10. This was to be the start of a journey of 3 years for me, as I was re-deployed to Wisley Flight Test Centre for the duration of all the flight testing of the VC10 aircraft. Ranjit Bhagat subsequently applied for, and got, a job with IBM.". I wish I had taken more notice and some photos. By 1963 there were several jobs that necessitated VC10s returning to Brooklands and it did not take long before a VC10 landed successfully back at its birthplace. In 2006 two VC10s were dispatched to Okinawa, Japan to undertake a lesser known role of the type; to conduct nuclear debris tests using sampling pods replacing the refuelling pods.

This was prompted by the North Korean nuclear test. It was considered uneconomical to repair and was instead used for SAS training, before being scrapped.

An extra route-proving flight to Nigeria to test some Seven static museum exhibits are listed below: Super VC10 G-ASGC at Imperial War Museum Duxford, Data from Macdonald Aircraft Handbook [6], "VC10" redirects here. - Because they never fly on a Sunday! aspects of the air conditioning meant that he got a day trip to Nigeria! Computer use in BAC was in its infancy then and the computation was not regarded as essential - just a confirmation of the design engineers slide rule calculations or rule of thumb design parameters. This is his account of one of


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