venus conjunct north node composite

What is the couple’s automatic response to the environment? Composite (left). Although these aspects don’t make or break a relationship, they can help a relationship that is otherwise powerful. If, for example, a man’s Sun and Mercury are found within 1-2 degrees of the composite Venus, he may tune into the composite Venus vibration more naturally, and act out its aspects. Something communicated in the past can now come back for correction or refocus. There is a sense that we can only have one or the other. Its trine to Mercury this morning helps us express ourselves well, even if our words are not perfect. Romance developed after several months of close friendship. Your understanding of balance, harmony and relationships is about to change in a drastic way. This is most important to understand in terms of Leo zodiacally opposing Aquarius— an air sign energy which wants to think, not feel, where all Leo energy wants to do is feel, not think. We like to assume that both men and women “own” the Sun and Moon, which represent the yang and yin (masculine and feminine) energies respectively.

We skipped right over it and were practically instant best friends. In these kinds of analyses, sometimes the symbolism is very literal. Mars spent its full retrograde cycle in the sign of Aries. Since this post regards Leo, this connection suggests confidence, or the lack thereof… and yet, because Venus is involved— and wherever Venus is in your chart is where you’ll enjoy an ease, a sense of beauty, a confidence, and a strength in approach— this provides a particular perk to this celestial connection, conjuring a celestial confidence, if nothing else. Mercury in Scorpio seeks truths in all that is hidden and undercover.

This is considered to be one of the binding synastry aspects because of the sheer nature of the North Node being the dragon’s head that is always hungry for whatever it comes in contact with. If only one of the individuals receives these aspects, this can be a sign that that person is more attached to the relationship than his/her partner. They are always present, but each aspect will be expressed more overtly in certain situations and circumstances. There is a true feeling of enjoyment and pleasure with one another. Posts: 21731From: Bella's Hair SalonRegistered: Jul 2011, here is a thread that explains some of the breath of the nodal axis and some of reasons the real nature of the node is censored.todd A feeling of instant affection is likely between the two of you. A major focus of this relationship is romantic love, and in all likelihood the feelings for one another were instant. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use. As the shift from retrograde to direct occurs, there can be the magnification of problems and difficulties conveying and understanding directions. Furthermore, the North Node in one’s nativity represents one’s life purpose, and likewise, as it moves in transit, in Leo it suggests expressing yourself with heart, in truth and for truth, and toward something that invites thriving, something that makes you come or feel alive. Thinking is inclined to be one-track minded, focused, and even obsessive. When a planet conjuncts the North Node in the composite chart, there can be a real sense of purpose and direction in the relationship.


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