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First and Bos'n kept things interesting..... One of the best commands by far! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); There are 292 crew members registered for the USS Savannah (AOR 4). USS Savannah (CL-42) was a light cruiser of the Brooklyn-class that served in World War II in the Atlantic and Mediterranean theatres of operation. After two such cruises to Cuba and back, the Savannah debarked the midshipmen at Annapolis on 30 September, took on others, and steamed on 1 October towards Pensacola, Florida. Following a shakedown cruise to Cuba and Haiti in the spring, the USS Savannah returned to Philadelphia on 3 June for alterations followed by final trials off Rockland, Maine. Their objectives were the Port Lyautey city and its all-weather airfield, the Wadi Sebou, and the Salé airfield. Always seemed to have found myself in some kind of fun trouble. Poised on the plateau above the beach was the Luftwaffe's Hermann Göring Division, ready to strike back against any amphibious landing,[4] along with other German and Italian troops. Eleven sailors of the boarding party were killed, but one of Savannah's boat rescued three men from the water. The Task Force, including the outer screen, covered an area approximately 20-30 mi (30–50 km), making it the greatest warship fleet to be sent out by the United States up to that time.

[4], On 13 July 1943, Savannah had but one call for naval gunfire support. The Savannah became the flagship of Cruiser Division 8. The Savannah was underway on the next day, and she steamed towards a new homeport, Newport, Rhode Island, on 8 March. From March to May 1945 she was used as a training ship for the crews of new ships that hadn't been commissioned. [4], After emergency repairs were completed, Savannah departed Malta on 7 December 1943, bound for the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard by way of Tunis, Algiers, and Bermuda. |'s mission is to provide a means for shipmates to keep in touch with one another.

The Savannah next steamed to readiness exercises in Chesapeake Bay that would prepare her for the invasion of North Africa. On 11 September she suffered the blow that effectively ended her active career. [8] Taylor also credited Savannah with firing on German forces from twelve miles away to enable U.S. forces to seize the first high ground overlooking Gela. The Savannah departed from Annapolis on 7 June for training at sea with over 400 midshipmen embarked. A memorial service was held at the graves of the USS Savannah's sailors and marines killed in her bombing off Salerno. Made the 93-94 Cruise and had a lot of fun, especially in Mombasa.

This was completed by 15 August. Register and add yourself to the Crew List of the USS Savannah (AOR 4), Report an offensive or inappropriate entry, I MISS YOU GUYS SN SYKES,HUGHES,HARRIS, AND MOORE WE HAD FUN HANGING TOGETHER I'LL NEVER FORGET THE CREW ALSO PEACE KELA DANIELS. Memories of CHENG, Capt Besal, MM2 Thompson, ENS Makee, and Chaps. The muster rolls or crew rosters from 1976 to the present are in the custody of the Navy Personnel Command (PERS-00J6), 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington, TN 38055 (866-827-5672). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. The ship was struck from the Naval Register on 29 October 1998, and transferred to the Maritime Administration for disposal. Savannah returned to Algiers on 10 August 1943 in order to train with U.S. Army troops for the Operation Avalanche amphibious landings to be made at Salerno, Italy. In May the Savannah left Norfolk with a troop convoy heading for the Mediterranean to take part in the invasion of Sicily. Add yours! The following day, she put to sea with 1,370 enlisted men and 67 officer passengers, bringing them to New York Harbor on 28 November.

The Savannah was in New York Harbor when the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor occurred on 7 December. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Articles incorporating text from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Cold War auxiliary ships of the United States, General Dynamics Quincy Shipbuilding Division, Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships,, List of auxiliaries of the United States Navy,, General Dynamics Corp., Quincy, Massachusetts, Transferred to the Maritime Administration for disposal, 3 × boilers, steam turbines, 2 × shafts, 32,000 shp (23,862 kW). - Contact Us - Search - Recent - About Us -  Subscribe in a reader - Join our Google Group Her homeport was soon shifted to Long Beach, California. [4] During this period her forward superstructure was remodeled, 4 dual mount 5"/38 caliber turrets replaced her eight single open-mount five-inch naval guns and a new set of up-to-date 20 mm and 40 mm antiaircraft guns were installed. Savannah provided naval gun fire support to the American 1st Infantry Division's "Rangers" before dawn on 10 July 1943. [4], On the morning of 8 November 1942, Savannah commenced firing against Vichy guns near the Kasbah, which had been firing on the Army troop's landing boats.

The fifth Savannah was laid down on 22 January 1969 by the General Dynamics Quincy Shipbuilding Division at Quincy, Massachusetts, launched on 23 April 1970, sponsored by Mrs. Ralph L. Shifley, wife of Vice Admiral R. L. Shifley, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, and commissioned on 5 December 1970, Capt. These four sailors were not rescued until the Savannah had already arrived at Grand Harbor, Valletta, Malta on the 12th of September. Then by using the crew list and the list of casualties, the names of the survivors of a World War II ship or vessel can be created.

After reporting to the 6th Fleet on 8 October, Savannah operated in Task Group 60.1.

The cliffy coast there was topped by heavy coastal defense batteries, and no landing place could be found besides a 5,000 yd (4,600 m) stretch of shore about 1 mi (2 km) east of the mouth of the Gela River.

Eight 0.5in guns

Decommissioning ceremony was very moving.

On 27 January 2009, the Department of Transportation signed a fee for service contract worth $515,726 with ESCO Marine of Brownsville, Texas, to scrap ex-Savannah. After brief repairs following her combat missions, at New York City, the Savannah steamed on 25 December to join the U.S. Navy's South Atlantic Patrol, arriving at Recife, Brazil, on 7 January 1943. On 10 July she provided fire support for the 1st Infantry 'Rangers' as they landed at Gela.

I miss my shipmates and I won't forget all the fun from the 'Med' cru. Each swing was punctuated by a 4-6 day load out period in Subic Bay. During the next eight weeks, the cruiser helped cover British merchantmen and Allied convoys to within a few hundred miles of the British Isles, replenishing at Casco Bay, Maine, or at New York. SAVANNAH, the N.S. This action aided the USS Dallas in winning the Presidential Unit Citation for safely landing a U.S. Army Raider Battalion on the obstacle-strewn Wadi Sebou, just off the airport near Port Lyautey.

US Navy Light Cruisers 1941-45, Mark Stille . 331574 entries available online. Four days later, the Savannah headed for home, and she reached Norfolk on 30 November. After this refit she more resembled her half sister St Louis, than her Brooklyn-class sister ships. By the end of the year, she had replenished 178 ships. Much fun! [4], This action aided Dallas in winning the Presidential Unit Citation for safely landing a U.S. Army Raider Battalion on the obstacle-strewn Wadi Sebou, just off the airport near Port Lyautey. She then supported an amphibious landing east of Monte Fratello before returning to Algiers to prepare for the invasion of mainland Italy. True, was able to land the riddled plane on the sea.

3 gun turret, passed through three decks into the lower ammunition-handling room, where it exploded, blowing a hole in her keel and tearing a seam in the cruiser's port side. Crew List: This section contains the names of sailors who served aboard USS SAVANNAH. The USS Savannah returned to Algiers once again on 10 August in order to train with U.S. Army troops for the Operation Avalanche amphibious landings to be made at Salerno, Italy.

At that island, the President and his party debarked, and they continued on to Yalta by airplane. As soon as the first light of dawn appeared, the Savannah launched two scout planes. 13 July was a quieter day, and she was only called on once, to supporting fighting near the town of Butera. The task group then swept north from Bermuda to NS Argentia, Newfoundland, where Savannah arrived on 23 September. Please join the Baltimore Port Alliance, the staff and crew of the N.S.

Covers the five classes of US Navy light cruisers that saw service during the Second World War, with sections … She spent the Navy Day celebrations from the 25th to the 30th of October 1945 in her namesake city of Savannah, Georgia. On 12 July she fired over 500 rounds from her 6in guns and also helped provide medical support.

With some assistance from the USS Hopi and the USS Moreno, the Savannah got underway on her own steam by 1757 hours, and steamed for the seaport at Malta. After her shakedown cruiser she visited Britain as part of American preparations for a possible outbreak of war in 1938. [8], In the 1980 movie "The Big Red One," Lee Marvin's character Sergeant Possum praised Savannah for firing on enemy artillery from miles offshore, as Hermann Göring's Panzer division approached Possum's position in a cave with their backs to the sea, Possum exclaiming that "the U.S. Navy saved our ass."[9][10]. She arrived at the Naval Yard on the 23rd of December, just before Christmas, and she remained there, undergoing heavy repair work for the next eight months. In January 1945 she escorted the Quincy (CL-71) as it carried President Roosevelt across the Atlantic on his way to the Yalta summit.

That day, the Savannah's doctors and hospital corpsmen also gave medical care to 41 wounded infantrymen, while the warship bombarded enemy troop concentrations far inland, and also shelled their artillery batteries high in the hills. Her name was struck from the Naval Vessel Register on 1 March 1959, and she was sold for scrapping on 25 January 1966 to the Bethlehem Steel Company. The next morning, the Savannah supported the Army troops with more than 500 rounds of six-inch shells as they advanced toward Butera. [3] In addition to the new gunnery fit she also received new air-search and surface-search gunnery radars.


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