unturned modern gun mods

It is only visible to you. All rights reserved. {DISCONTINUED} Ranged Warfare Pack [v1.1.1 Germany update]. Also share? Installation of Mod is completed by restart game after pushing the subscribe button! Hello there Private, it's just you and me left here, the rest of them turned to those glowy-eyed pea brain zombies. Battle on many historical conflicts and experience what it may have felt like to be part of that time in history. Unturned> Workshop > Collections > [GER]J3NS's Workshop This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Come out victorious in a blaze of glory and honor the name of Soap McTavish. It’s a complete and vanilla-like overhaul of the item log, but with tons of new features to keep you busy for weeks.

You’ll be able to create different sets that each come with various durability points.

This adds a whole lot of weapons to the game. This mod adds 5 ATVs to Unturned. IDs are 57100, 57200, 57300, 57400 and 57500. READ PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to Summerside, please enjoy your stay.

But this does come with new materials and items that will let you craft every single one of these fantastic weapons, so definitely give it a go if you’re into the classics. This mod is down and I have reupload this mod (I'm not the creator), This mod is reupload on the workshop because I was remove (I don't know the creator sorry). This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Minecraft . Thanks! Specifically the following: Where have you heard those names before, you may wonder. But you will completely change the way you think if you try out this mod. Find all of the latest Unturned weapon idss. Models range from the common simple Maple Bow to the best - the mythical, deadly Shadowstalker Mk II. So you’ll need another mod if you want more high-tech stuff. Select your favorite game mode and dive into war by wielding one of 50 guns added with this fantastic war mod. Modern Roleplay is all about creating a fun environment for its community and playerbase. - Duration: 10:09. eNtaK Recommended for you. 62 Views 0 Comment. You can walk inside it. Search Mods. (August 26th 2017) This pack as well as my other mods may get updates in the coming months. Shadow Of Chernobyl (Flan's mod + content pack) Version: 1.0, Greek Gods Mod Version 3 (Please use link for curseforge not default planet minecraft link). And even though the mod is still a work in progress, eventually you should be able to use the magical powers of TES and cast them upon mobs. But this mod doesn’t come with any crazy assault rifles, sadly.


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