unity resolution scaling mode
Set custom compilation flags. Choose how you want to render for a virtual reality device. Enable write permission to external storage. Unity documentation talks about a general screen resolution which can be unclear if you don’t know much about the way Unity manages screen resolutions. Make Unity render to the framebuffer provided by the OS, if possible. It is better to start from that codebase to build your resolution managing code. Use full exception handling (with some performance impact on the device when using the Mono scripting backend).

Set up textures for the Android Legacy icons in your app.

Make Unity render to a surface with transparency so that you can use an overlay view in your app. The main graphics primitive of Unity. The application, in fact, will pass from fullscreen to windowed with an animated transition of a couple of seconds.


Choose which .NET APIs can be used in your project. Defines how aggressively Unity strips unused managed (C#) code.

On Mac OS X PlayerPrefs are stored in ~/Library/Preferences folder, in a file named unity. Compiles C# code into .NET Common Intermediate Language (CIL) and executes that CIL using a Common Language Runtime. With this mode it is not possible to change the screen resolution at runtime, thus we have to avoid this mode and choose the fullscreen window mode instead.

Is there a way to get notified that the resolution should change to native? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Check this box to enable OpenGL ES 3 GPU skinning.

This is the default option.

Level 2 size reduction (includes reductions from Level 1).

A blit operation is the process of transferring blocks of data from one place in memory to another. ), An internal version number.

Steam overlay issues on Mac OS X. Now, if you close the application and then you launch it again on a monitor with higher resolution (a common case is when you have a multi monitor setup with different screen sizes), your application will keep the previous smaller resolution even if now your monitor could support the native game resolution. Use the Unity XR Plug-inA set of code created outside of Unity that creates functionality in Unity. Choose this to set ILC2PP as your scripting backend. Set the application ID, which uniquely identifies your app on the device and in Google Play Store. Specify the texture that should be used for the Android splash screen on a Virtual Reality application. Choose whether to enable write access to the external storage (such as the SD card) and add a corresponding permission to the Android manifest. See. The standard size for the splash screen image is 320x480.

Target Android version (API level) on which to run the application. I’ve a second full hd monitor connected to my macbook 13”. You will get a maximized window which cannot be resized by script until you manually unmaximize it. Setting Function; Resolution Scaling Mode: Allows you to set the scaling to be equal to or below the native screen resolution. Options are. When checked, the alpha channel of the framebuffer will not be forced to 1 (fully opaque).


To render the current game Cameras, Unity applies this value to the lightmap textures when it generates the textures. Specify whether the Unity Linker tool removes code for Unity Engine features that your Project doesn’t use.

If the game is running on a fullscreen borderless window, you can set a display resolution on your OS and the game won’t change it but will probably set its fullscreen resolution to your current display resolution (minus letterbox bands if it is enforcing some aspect ratio).

The operating system doesn’t guarantee it; if not possible, the app will be installed to internal memory. Enable this option to load only the lightmap mipmaps when needed. The user will be unable to move the app to external storage. Devices supporting these forms of interactive applications can be referred to as XR devices. Works only on devices which support it. I mean, the config window will show the new values, I just need to click “Play”, and this is better than nothing. More infoSee in Glossary (ScriptOnly) , all the time (Full), or never (None).

Use the incremental garbage collector, which spreads garbage collection over several frames to reduce gc-related spikes in frame duration.

When targeting devices with wide color gamut displays, use DisplayP3 to utilize full display capabilities. The output is either drawn to the screen or captured as a texture. Lightmaps are overlaid on top of scene geometry to create the effect of lighting. Enable this option to allow Unity to evenly distribute frames for less variance in framerate, creating a smoother gameplay. On Mac OS X it’s easy, just read the Screen.currentResolution property. To use an existing KeystoreAn Android system that lets you store cryptographic key entries for enhanced device security. Android Developer documentation on install locations. You can choose from Legacy Wide Screen (1.86), Native Aspect Ratio, and Custom. cause it only set’s the main default one. Orient the screen so that the device’s Home button is on the left-hand side. You can choose between fullscreen window and exclusive mode on Windows. Shipping your game with the Unity resolution dialog window turned on (Edit menu > Project settings > Player | Resolution and  Presentation : Display Resolution Dialog) is an easy way to let your users choose a windowed or fullscreen resolution for the game. Enable this option to mark the application as Android TV compatible. The blitting technique that Unity uses when rendering to the screen: Set the application’s screen orientation. A system that immerses users in an artificial 3D world of realistic images and sounds, using a headset and motion tracking. Note that for security reasons, Unity does not save the Keystore password or the Key password. Check this box to mark the application as Android TV compatible. Click the plus (+) icon to see a list of available gamuts. Publication Date: 2020-06-05.

-screen-height “value”. (Shared between iOS and Android. I’ve edited “Screenmanager Resolution Height_h[ten_digits_sequence]” (same for width) values, but it only works on games which show the graphics/input configuration window/launcher. In fullscreen window mode, your game will run inside a maximized borderless window. Orient the screen so that the device’s Home button is on the right-hand side. Produces larger builds and any additional APIs available are not necessarily supported on all platforms.

?….i mean how to activate it(other that unity documentation,becuase it does’t work for me). (Shared between iOS and Android. For more information, see XR Plug-in Architecture.

Sometimes a 3rd party .NET DLL uses the APIs that are not included into the .NET compatibility level you would like to use.

They are present in the majority of registry keys value names on Unity games. Copyright © 2020 Unity Technologies.

The aspect ratio enforcer works fine but the screen resolution module has some issues. Set a custom maximum screen width with the Up To property. User will be able to move the app back and forth. A Unity-developed scripting back-end which you can use as an alternative to Mono when building projects for some platforms. Check this box to move graphics API calls from Unity’s main thread to a separate worker thread. The options are, The Color Space used for your application. When you choose Custom, the Up To field appears.

Level 3 size reduction (includes reductions from Levels 1 and 2). For more information, see Gradle for Android.

Enable this if your application is a virtual reality application, then add the required VR SDKs to the list. Enable the SRGB Write Mode option to allow Graphics.SetSRGBWrite() on Vulkan renderer to toggle the sRGB write mode during the frame.

In each Scene, you place your environments, obstacles, and decorations, essentially designing and building your game in pieces. In Player Settings I have Default Is Fullscreen checked, the Default Width 1280, Default Height 720, and Fullscreen Modes set to Fullscreen Window. If I change the screen aspect to a 16:9 ratio, the game is squashed vertically, with wider horizontal bars.

[company name].

Enable this option to remove any data from Meshes that is not required by the Material applied to them (such as tangents, normals, colors, and UVs). Drag the .NET assemblies for the API compatibility level you are having issues with into Reflector. The code on https://github.com/gportelli/UnityScreenResolutionManager….I was going to download it, then open it up in a Unity project and go through this with your notes above, testing how things work but I can’t see any way to download the files. You can choose your mono API compatibility level for all targets. It also provides some utility methods to remap screen sizes and mouse positions, useful when you are working with the game UI. Very useful!

The correct way to deal with aspect ratios and insert black letterbox/pillarbox bands is working with camera settings. Add to the fullscreen list all the resolutions smaller than 80% of the current resolution.

This section is only visible when Default Orientation is set to Auto Rotation. The sRGB gamut is the default (and required) gamut.

If the slider is near width, the canvas will match the width of your screen first. Overall, performance might be lower when this setting is enabled. (Managed code stripping is always enabled when using IL2CPP.). The process of binding bone joints to the vertices of a character’s mesh or ‘skin’. This option only appears when the.


Enable the Split Application Binary option to split your output package into main (APK) and expansion (OBB) packages. Orient the screen so that the device’s Home button is at the bottom. There is a nice script on the Internet – AspectUtility.cs[b] – which is very simple to use: just add it to every camera in your scene. It is a feature of the unity editor: when you are running in editor you can’t toggle fullscreen nor changing resolutions. See. When you make new builds of your application with different screen settings, the application will keep reading the old PlayerPrefs at startup ignoring the new player settings.

Use the Android Splash Screen property to specify the texture that should be used for the Android splash screen.

Thank you for very useful stuffs. FixedDPI: Allows you to scale the device’s screen resolution below its native resolution and show the Target DPI property. Sustained Performance Mode added in 2017.3.

Enables a custom banner for Android TV builds. The trick to switch back to fullscreen = false for changing screen resolution while full screen on Windows was very helpful. Target Android version (API level) against which to compile the application.

An array of assets to be loaded when the application starts up. In this article I will always specify if I’m talking about the display resolution or the game viewport resolution.


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