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1. Skills in this tree boost his Lore skill, spell slots, and experience gained for Lore and thrown weapons (Loremaster, Ancient Knowledge, Learned Instructor, respectively). Combat Style and Talents: Lantry is the most varied companion in Tyranny, with 3 skill trees to show for it, albeit smaller ones. Capture Mages - major favor boost with Scarlet Chorus and changes dialog with Voices Of Nerat. Her XP boost talent lies in the Ravager tree and affects Subterfuge, Unarmed, and One-Handed skills.

Increasing your Reputation in either Sirin's Fear or Loyalty meter will unlock powerful combo Abilities. She doesn't like a Fatebinder who is weak or works in underhanded ways.

Sirin is a Companion in Tyranny. You meet in a precarious situation; he's been captured, and he faces death at the hands of the Scarlet Chorus after his former home, the Vellum Citadel, has been reduced to a smoldering ruin by Kyros' Edict of Fire. Send Sirin's Cult To The Vanguard - gain wrath from Disfavored, A.

Reaching Loyalty (3) grants Sky Blade, an attack where Kills-in-Shadow launches the Fatebinder in the air, causing you to land at the target location with a mighty blast, all while dealing damage and buffing your melee attacks. Poisoning The Well (arbitrate dispute after Disfavored scouts are accidentally killed by Scarlet Chorus poison scheme).

Well-informed guard captain - offers dialog options with some soldiers, b. Fast-talking smuggler - offers dialog options with thieves and merchants and unlocks minions when you gain 1st spire, B. His Sage tree represents his thirst for knowledge. After taking Ascension Hall, she will join your party should you choose to spare her.


Solve matters in kind and trustworthy ways. Conscript Enemy Fighters For The Scarlet Chorus - mildly changes dialog from The Voices Of Nerat, A. Each option taken doesn't just shift your reputation with various factions (although that can have huge implications in-game later on), but can even drastically change whether cities are still standing or if NPCs are even alive and able to interact with you at all during the game. After picking the usual fantasy class and weapon skill options, Tyranny's character creation system puts you into the overview of a years-long conquest, deciding where you focused your army's attention and how you convinced the people of the Tiers to eventually surrender.

If you chose Lethian's Crossing as your posting during Year 2 of the Conquest, the area will be controlled by either the Disfavored or the Scarlet Chorus. Choose Disfavored - Gain favor with Scarlet Chorus, b. Background: Sirin is the Archon of Song, in service to the Archon of Secrets, Voices of Nerat.

Join Battle Alongside The Disfavored - mildly changes dialog from Ashen Grave and gain title from Verse when she joins the party, 2. Sometimes, evil wins... Post thread Menu Crusader Kings III Available Now!

Combat Style and Talents: Kills-in-Shadow is a hulking melee beast in combat. By kpoptosis Nov 17, 2016; Category Icon Blogs; 0 . It also unlocks Arias and abilities that protect her party (Aria of Resolve, Reviving Song, Aria of Respite) and grants her larger AoEs for her songs (Crystalline Control).

She knows what she wants and is loyal to those who are also dominant and straightforward. In Combat Sirin is designed to control and manipulate battles by afflicting her foes with sicknesses of the mind and body. Marriage Bed Armistice (attack during peace festival or wait), a.

Inside Agent (find an ally within the city), a. A Captive Captain (decide how to deal with a captive leader of the enemy forces), a.

Proclaiming this Edict will change your dialog options with potential companion Lantry, who was a sage working at Vellum. Your party is in need of buffing or debuffing support.

Reputation and Combos: Sirin maintains a moral backbone despite the horrors she witnessed both as a child with uncontrollable power and as the recruitment arm of the Scarlet Chorus. A new passive song becomes available for purchase every level starting at 7, and they are bought with talent points. Sirin can be recruited after taking the first Spire, she is found in a small tavern in. Choose Scarlet Chorus - Gain favor with Disfavored, B.

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. You enjoy dialogue with someone who's single-minded in their lust for combat and vengeance. When you are ambushed by Kills-in-Shadow in the Blade Grave, she is leading a pack of Stonestalker Tribe beasts, as she is the last member of her former tribe and desires to lead.

Lure to Disfavored ambush - minor favor boost, b. Tyranny is off to a strong start among cRPG fans. His basic combo ability is Iron Tollling. "Feisty and chaotic" actions will draw her Loyalty, whereas  "orderly and honorable" actions will increase her Fear.

You want to learn more about the resistance against Kyros in the Tiers. When Lantry joins your party, you get Quicken.

A. Choose Disfavored Plan - no major change.

Her Ravager tree grants massive bonuses to unarmed attacks (Natural Weaponry, Rending Claws), grants her increased proficiency when attacking from stealth (Leaping/Shadow of Death, Tooth and Nail), and unlocks powerful abilities (Claw Swipe, Disembowel).

If you're like me, the choice of which companions get to tag along and which stay home is tough.

If you send both armies at once, the city will remain standing. Just make sure to raise his Parry and Dodge skills as soon as possible. The tree grants her abilities that debilitate enemies (Breaking Iron, Trample, Blood Spike, Snapping Bone) as well as boost her capabilities while wounded (Scars if Battle, Relentless). Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a. Blight the stone sea when you end the edict of stone.

You enjoy dialogue with a "survival of the fittest" born killer.

Lethian's Crossing is a location in Tyranny. Barik is in the unfortunate state of being trapped within a fused suit of weapons and armor, a result of being caught in Kyros' Edict of Storms. A major change is available here depending on your final option. Reaching Loyalty (3) unlocks Iron Storm, a damaging AoE combo where weapons fly from Barik's armor and land in an area around the Fatebinder. Background: Eb is a mage formerly of the School of Tides. The breakdown of reputation is as follows: Can't find much how to rise her loyalty. At the end of my first playthrough, my front-line fighters were level 18, whereas Verse had JUST hit 14. In Combat Sirin is designed to control and manipulate battles by afflicting her foes with sicknesses of the mind and body. Gaining Fear (3) grants Theft of Memory, an ability that causes a selected foe to lose access to some abilities, while a targeted ally gains a boost to all attributes. Combat Style and Talents: Verse's two talent trees focus on either improving her dual-wielding melee abilities through the Duelist tree or her ranged bow attacks through the Skirmisher tree.


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