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Trump’s official Facebook page shared a dancing Ghanaian pallbearers video with the Biden campaign logo imposed on the coffin. Note that the ad seems specifically designed to ridicule both Biden’s campaign, his statement about “you ain’t black,” and certainly black people generally as there are racist overtones to the ad. Darragh Roche is a journalist covering U.S. politics and media, If somebody posted a video like this of Trump, they’d get a visit from the Secret Service,”, Trump Blows A Gasket And Praises Himself For Doing A Good Job On The Virus, Thai boys wave to the world in first video since their rescue, Thank you for your donation to independent, corporate free, people-first news, How To Vote And Make Sure It Counts In 2020, shared a dancing Ghanaian pallbearers video, was also cut with Biden’s recent comments, Trump Lap Dog Lindsey Graham Beats Jaime Harrison In Hotly Contested South Carolina Senate Race, Democrats Flip Their First Senate Seat As John Hickenlooper Projected To Beat Cory Gardner, Biden’s Early Lead In Ohio Looks A Lot Like Sherrod Brown’s 2018 Senate Victory, Mitch McConnell Wins Re-Election in Kentucky, Fox Survey: Majority of Voters Believe Country is Heading in the Wrong Direction, CNN’s Jake Tapper Says Exit Polls Favor Joe Biden, Fox News Exit Polls Show Voters Overwhelmingly Support Key Parts Of Joe Biden’s Agenda, Trump’s Own Polling Has Him Losing Wisconsin, Michigan, And Pennsylvania, WATCH: Steve Bannon Says Trump Will Claim Victory by the 11:00 News, A Great Sign For Biden As Pennsylvania’s Largest Suburban County Could Hit 90% Turnout, Rep. Ted Lieu Warns DeJoy That It Is A Felony To Slow Down Election Mail, Trump’s GOTV Operation In Pennsylvania Appears To Be Failing, Republicans Try To Steal Michigan With Fake Robocalls Telling Flint To Vote November 4, GOP Pollster Frank Luntz Says a Biden Presidency Depends on Him Winning Just One of a Trio of Key States, US Senate Candidate Raphael Warnock: “Georgia is Ready to Flip Blue”.

's classic track to slam Joe Biden. The President’s page repurposed a popular meme to attack the former Vice President. Posted by Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. A clip that surfaced online from Donald Trump's Snapchat where he uses T.I. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Critics branded Trump’s video “insane” and “despicable” shortly after it was posted, with former director of the Office of Government Ethics Walter Shaub being particularly critical.

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Though this is a popular meme, there was angry reaction.

It first shares the devastating clip, and then cuts to video of Ghana's dancing pallbearers, with Biden's campaign logo on the coffin. A password reset link will be sent to you by email. And yet, the Trump campaign deemed this a great time to spit out an ad that labels the Biden campaign logo onto a coffin while playing jazzy music and video of a traditional Ghanan funeral dance. “There are so many times where I think I’ll get to the point where I can’t be surprised by Donald Trump’s and how disgusting he is, and then he inevitably finds a way.”. Trump's team also posts videos openly mocking his opponents gaffes on Snapchat that are then shared on a massive scale. The video comes on the same day Trump doubled down on false claims that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough was involved in a murder. Snapchat lets you easily talk with friends, view Live Stories from around the world, and explore news in Discover.

Donald Trump’s Facebook page has shared a video of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in a coffin. Joe Rogan – What Happens to Jussie Smollett?? ", More stories from theweek.comDemonstrators, police clash during protest over George Floyd's deathTrump keeps falsely accusing Joe Scarborough of murder, and it's long past weirdJimmy Kimmel dings Trump's 'brazen hypocrisy' on golfing, calls America's mask war 'the dumbest standoff ever', Democrats Retain Control Of The House Of Representatives, These CIA Records Prove Julia Child Was A War Hero, Georgia Senate Special Election: Raphael Warnock, Kelly Loeffler Set For Runoff, Dow Jones Futures Jump And Tech Futures Soar, As Trump Seen Winning 3 Key Battleground States. Democrats, Republicans each flip one Senate seat in battle for control of the chamber, Election night 2020: Live coverage, updates and results, Louisiana Voters Pass Restrictive Anti-Abortion Amendment, The Most Useless Muscle Cars Ever Manufactured, Elections 2020: Markets are higher, Nasdaq futures are surging, Madison Cawthorn Wins Election, Becomes Youngest House Member in Decades, Sarah McBride wins Delaware race, becoming nation's 1st openly transgender state senator, Finance PhD: “Move your money before 2021”, Biden: 'We have to restore decency and honesty in our system', Canadian experts react to U.S. election: Don't be too quick to assume Biden will be good for Canada, professor says, The New York Times and Fox News election needles are completely at odds, RANKED: The 22 Greatest Shooters in NBA History, Sen. Lindsey Graham cruises to reelection against Democrat Jaime Harrison, GOP’s Tuberville defeats US Sen. Jones, flips Alabama seat.


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