truck bed pop up tent
This dirt when rubbed around by the straps of your tent can eventually abrade the clear coat on your paint and leave a nasty mark. If you have a truck – whether it’s full bed, short bed, or anything in between – a truck bed tent might be the right choice for camping. These campers are perfect for anyone who wants to drive around town to grab supplies, but also travel off-grid for boondocking. With the glass up and the tailgate down you gain an extra couple of feet worth of room to move and sleep. Expand To See MoreSee LessI will say that I’m not the hugest fan of the design where the bottom of the tent door attaches to the tailgate. Thanks to the bathtub floor you won’t have to worry about a little rain getting in the bed of the truck. I took more of a gas mileage hit than I was expecting, so they fabbed a custom add-on fairing (that was the first they’d ever tried) that gave me almost all the gas mileage back.”. "name": "", That has completely changed for me and the people I travel with.”. With the tunnel-shaped design, this truck tent has an interior space of 8 feet and a height of 5 feet. "@type": "Question", Honestly I think the people who will be happiest with this type of truck bed tent camper are those who already have a truck topper and like camping from the back of the truck. Our favorite part about popup campers is that you can easily fit your vehicle into a regular parking spot, and you won’t run into height restrictions. We are off the ground and out of the weather with a hard top. Cat is originally from Seattle, WA but has traveled around the US and Canada full-time in a self-converted school bus with her boyfriend Aaron since April of 2018. However, I was always skeptical. "acceptedAnswer": { (or business ventures) When exploring the backcountry, I usually carry less than 10 pounds of gear.

Sportz Truck Tent Blue-Grey at a Glance:Sleeps two5.6 feet center heightBuilt in awningLarge bathtub floorColor coded pole setup system.

I talked with Blake (@bcmedellin) about his experience with the Drifter: “I got tired of dealing with an RTT. RightLine Gear tent made for full-size truck beds with a quick and easy to set up floorless design.

Truck bed tents allow ventilation through the walls and mesh windows.

Crow Survival - All Rights Reserved, panels, coupled with fatigue and corrosion resistant 5052 aluminum alloy, to deliver a robust and capable. Sometimes it just feels safer, cleaner, and more secure bein inside your truck rather than on the ground. In addition to my outdoor hobbies, I’m a huge fan of punk rock. After that I’d say the ease of use.

They allow you to camp anywhere that your truck can drive without having a huge impact on your fuel economy or the handling of your vehicle. Seam sealing from the factory usually comes in the form of seam tape. When we are talking about truck bed tents we’re talking about a waterproof, lightweight, and affordable pop up tent for the bed of your truck, not those full size truck bed campers. Next up we have a three-way tie at 340 pounds between the AT Overland Habitat camper and the following two campers on the list. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.

The low profile of a popup camper makes them easier to store and easier to drive. The one-piece roof is TIG welded and connected to the body with orlock rivets.

Ventilation is necessary for a truck tent as it allows oxygen to circulate. (4 Best Products). After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Two Season Truck Bed Tent – Rated for Summer and Spring, Three Season Pickup Truck Tent – Rated for Summer, Spring and Fall, Four Season or All Season – Rated for Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter, Steel Pop Up Tent Poles – Strong and Heavy, If there’s a chance of your vehicle moving, put wheel chocks in place behind the, Lay the truck tent canvas flat in the truck bed – Doorway pointing to tailgate, Attach the straps – refer to tent instructions – tailgate and truck sides, Assemble the poles – refer to truck tent manufacturers directions, Sweep the truck bed clean and try to keep the tent floor clean, Try to park in a shaded area to stop the sun from damaging the tent material, Use a tent seam sealer for watertight tape sealed seams, Wash tent by hand with warm water and soap. Some good ways to protect the paint are as follows: There are a few “extras” you may want to think about for your truck tent. If I’m not mistaken, their first platform was catered to a Tacoma.

It is low-profile when it’s all packed away.

It has 13-inch shelves running down each side on the interior of the camper so you can store items off the ground and out of your way. How did you choose your camper over all others? You can follow her adventures on Instagram at @stu.the.bus. Truck bed tents are well worth the money for anybody who enjoys camping and the outdoors. Here is a feature comparison of my top pickup truck tents with reviews and our buyers guide below. Some truck tents come with awning like the Sportz on our list. Most trucks are sold with either “P” (Passenger) or “C” (6-ply) type tires. It’s five feet tall and it also extends slightly over the end of the bed. A: Honestly I think the best way to use a truck bed tent camper is to treat it as if it could leak at any moment. When looking for the perfect truck bed tent you need to decide on the standard features you need. Cons: Can’t really think of many here, if I had to say anything maybe accessibility of getting in and out but I feel all of these small campers have the same issue, you just get used to it. That’s because it has a large D-shaped door, a rear window into the cab, two mesh windows and built-in air vents. There’s one large door and one access panel for the vehicle. A rainfly to help keep the tent dry when the inevitable rainstorm hits. A lightweight pop up truck camper is an amazing option for backcountry camping and off-roading. The Napier Backroadz truck tent manufactured from polyester taffeta makes it durable. Next up at 340 pounds is the Summit camper from AT Overland.

In that case, the tailgate remains attached in the down position.

Otherwise stick with a truck tent because they’re way cheaper and easier to swap in and out after your trip. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent at a Glance:Sleeps two1500mm hydrostatic headLong bed truck size5.25 feet center height. thanks, Your email address will not be published. They have so many options available compared to other competitors. After seeing the different styles of lightweight truck bed campers, we knew we had to investigate our options. Are made for the bigger truck beds on many full size trucks. Lastly an opening at the back of the tent can come in handy if you need to access the bed of the truck. “Pros: I think the price point is really great. Truck bed tents are easy to set up, portable shelters for sleeping in the bed of your pickup truck. This tent has a heavy steel tube frame which adds to the weight making set up harder but increases the strength. With the Duracozy pop up campers, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of setting up tents and sleeping on uncomfortable, lumpy ground any longer. The biggest woes of camping always come from those surprisingly tenacious rain storms that seem to get everything you own wet. This hole has a sleeve which slips over an SUV or hatchback tailgate so you can move between the vehicle and the tent without ever leaving the enclosed space. Top Pickup Bed Tent – Best Truck Bed Pop Up Camper for in 2020. Most truck campers suggest tall people who stretch out while sleeping. The most important consideration when choosing a pop up truck bed camper is to obviously make sure that the model you want comes in the appropriate size and configuration for your truck. A lightweight pop up truck camper is an amazing option for backcountry camping and off-roading.

Campers are typically installed with the tailgate removed. Ceiling heights can expand up to 6 feet 6 inches so most people have no problem standing inside. But with a camper added, the typical recommendation is to use “D” (8-ply) or “E” (10-ply) rated truck tires. That floor space is protected by a double wall tent with a rainfly that covers quite low on the sides to prevent intrusion of rain. Otherwise stick with a truck tent because they’re way cheaper and easier to swap in and out after your trip. The higher the number, the better the waterproofing. Pickup truck bed tents without floors. I would say this tent is worth the increased price if you’re interested in having the awning to protect you as you get in and out. Many choose to increase the steadfastness of the truck or tailgate style tents with an extra tarp and a few straps just to be safe.

I know several people who use this style tent and sleep in the back of the car while setting up their “living” space in the tent itself for more elbow room.Best For: Car camping and truck campers when you don’t have the bed of the truck available. Most pop up campers are surprisingly strong when it comes to hauling gear.

Despite its small stature there is still a significant amount of space for storage and 60″ of height above the bedrail of your truck. I personally love the full bathtub style floor on this tent and the ample coverage on all sides. High-end truck bed tents get made from canvas. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Dave and Marina (@bcoverlandtaco) gave their insider perspective: “Lightweight and convenient. However the price difference is hard to justify when you could build your own awning out of a 10’x10’ pop up canopy for the same price or less. The seasons are in order from warmest to coldest: A majority of popup truck tents available today are three-season tents.


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