trials in tainted space fungal queen
Inside, Steele will find a gloryhole on the wall and (with the proper anatomy) Steele can choose to Use Gloryhole or Step Back. A cloud of spores moves, allowing you to see a little further ahead, and you tense at the sight they reveal. The towering beast slips down onto its knees, almost toppling over onto its side as it exposes its back to you. airstrip and get paid for the probe's bounty. Turning on your synthwomb’s birth control no longer makes your dong fire blanks. New Busts: Zaika Peers (3x + Nude variants), XOs (Dhaal cybernetic security gals), Male Zil. Either subjugating or marrying Taivra results in gaining the Nyrean Royal perk and free run of the palace, including a number of sex scenes. The robot will regenerate 25 energy per turn in order to charge its special attack. Good job team, and thank you backers for allowing us to keep chugging along on this amazing game! Resolution: Successfully defeat the rogue robot in combat. I ran through everything with some bug-reporting save files a few times.

There are a group of guards patrolling this area and Steele must Approach them to get pass the gates. Kaska no longer attempts to disarm the disarmed. Image pack update here. New location on Dhaal: the Paragon Playground, a high-end brothel. Search for: Search Filled In The Fertile Futa Kingdom 3 Story Bundle A Fertile Futa Kingdom Collection Sign up for all Keywords. A text-based adventure game with a 'furries in space' theme.

I hear that futa Paige is going to be Lighterfluid’s next coding project… (Art by Sulcate). And watch out for the overpass!). There are a couple of ways to end the confrontation with Taivra and retrieve the data probe: Optionally, Steele can become an official "Nyrean Royal" of the Palace by doing the following: Lose to any combat encounters in the palace, or willfully joining the royal harem, will result in one of a number of bad ends, variation based on the character Steele has lost to. Rewards: 15000 credits for claiming the minerals.

After reaching the appropriate location, Steele must appease the praetorian guards to gain entrance to the palace grounds. After defeating Taivra, Steele can Fuck Taivra, Kill Taivra, Subjugate them both if Steele has both learned about Nyrean culture from Seifyn and defeated them without freeing Dane, or simply leave.

Fixed possible crashes when selecting random masturbations with no available masturbations (mostly only a problem for sexless centaurs). The Fungal Queen has the following sex scenes when choosing to engage in Sexytime: The Fungal Queen has no related quests, but does offer a reward for fulfilling her request.

Fixed an inverted check causing crashes and/or displaying the incorrect version of a three paragraph chunk mid-scene. Urbolg’s new “Annoy” scene now has a disabled button with tooltip to give a little direction for unlocking it. I haven’t played it yet, but I intend to tonight or tomorrow to help keep me sane with all the piled-up 2020 stress. Trials in Tainted Space. A bunch of typos and smaller bugs got fixed.

The gabilani chemist can no longer put you into heat if you’re infertile or already pregnant, though the attack will still deal lust damage. A metric fuckload of bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements.

Fixed a brothel crash related to a dumping a load into a creature object with no vagina instantiated. Animation for scene from text-based RPG Trials in Tainted Space A female gold myr sits on a chair sized mushroom, surrounded by a tiny whirlwind of spores that pulse with vibrant colors. Trying to persuade them will give Steele several options for Steele to offer them, including Sex and Credits.

We also got an event from Nonesuch and coded by DrunkZombie that I trust is pretty solid, knowing the long history of Nonesuch’s excellent writing. …the knowledge that there’s a skeleton inside you right now. Jerynn will no longer collar you if you are already wearing a collar.

I’ve also sent its author an email to try and commission a bad-end to pair with it in the future, so… fingers crossed. New Busts: Dhaal Party Slyveren, Lorelei Nun, New Halloween Event: Lorelei’s Nunnery! Back on the content pipeline, we have a couple of treats for all you lovely backers!

P.S. New Bad End: Milodan War Lion for short PCs, by Wsan and coded by Gena138.

Online version’s a little behind too, but not quite as much. The chemist pregnancy event now properly newlines below the room description. The next backer patch should feature an encounter with Feruze, assuming I can get this scene written tonight, but for now, how about we take a look at what’s new this month? You can no longer run from Feruze’s second fight.

(You must log in or sign up to post here. If Taivra becomes hostile, Dane can be set free during the battle with Queensguard or Taivra herself. The Haunted House of Whorrors! Only appears when choosing to aid the Fungal Queen., Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. Hey, if you’re seeing this, then you tried to go to New image pack images: Anno & Shekka cum kiss by. Queen Taivra's Palace is an essential story-related dungeon located in the Deep Caverns of Myrellion, connected to Seifyn's trading post. Proudly powered by WordPress. (Edit: the link has been corrected to the proper, 500MB+ file.). There’s some legwork to be done before meeting Feruze on Dhaal – namely attending a high class party to make connections and perhaps gain some intel on who – if anyone – knows where the probe is! In Feruze’s second fight, you can now avoid her landing attack by standing up first. Zephyr can no longer impregnate you if she doesn’t know you – this was only an issue at the stocks.

Losing to “Friendly” Feruze now also awards the VR item for viewing the “Bad End”. During Taivra's bad end, it is possible for Steele to choose the fate of Jack/Jill.

The Image Pack is available, though you need a stand-alone flash player to play it. This page was last modified on 30 May 2020, at 14:51. You must be 18 years old to visit this site.

Mean characters cannot currently resolve the situation without violence. Blech. How to Analyze Competitor Keywords. Bizzy’s busts should function properly now.

This page was last modified on 28 January 2020, at 00:10. After victory in combat, Steele will be visited by a representative of KihaCorp’s interplanetary shipping department, asking about the … New Party even on Dhaal! You’ll need to have a penis, not be sterile, and have at least 10,000 credits on hand. As mentioned, Princess Nasti was written by Nonesuch and coded by the fabulous Drunk Zombie. I suspect most of you will see the “friendly” version of the event, but there’s a fairly involved combat fight that’s possible as well.

New Dream: Anno facesitting dream, by William and coded by Gena138.

Other small typo fixes and tweaks that I’ve probably missed. It is a 10% chance of unlocking late at night whenever time passes. Would you be interested in a "hard mode" that featured XP drops (but not level) for masturbating and more stringent HP/energy recovery methods?

Written by Adjatha, this came in too late for last year’s Halloween but not too late for this one!


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