travis and emmett station 19 fanfiction

11 May 20 4:30PM 26 notes. Geschichten und Texte zu Seattle Firefighters - Die jungen Helden - Serien und Podcasts - Fanfiction | Seite 1 . But a decision Robert makes as he steps into the real world will change the course of their young love forever. She had to smile. Sullivan told them to stop fighting at the station and suggested a peer support group where they could go.[42]. I'd like to know another opinion on your results given the circumstances.". Because passion is uncertain. Or climbing any ladders or so. Could he trust him? And he took him into what looked like an interrogation room.

Travis was married to a man named Michael, but Michael died on duty. Federal, State, and Local law enforcement and investigative agencies haveverified what has long been suspected: the social justice protesters havebeen infiltrated by "bad actors." Andy smiled at her gratefully and when Maya left to watch some TV, Andy dialled the number she needed to listen to her voicemail. On the stairs, they ran into Molly, who had been trampled by a panicked mob. And so he did. 43 Maybe after all, she’ll come back to him. Oh and... oh and Andy, I'm an idiot.". Profession He lashed out at them, but was interrupted by Ripley, coming to tell them they were taking calls again and their first call was search and rescue for Andy and Sullivan as no one had heard anything from them in over an hour. Travis is a firefighter at Station 19 of the Seattle Fire Department. He desperately wanted to pick up but instead he put the phone down and looked back at Montgomery. Throughout their relationship, Vic talked to Travis about Lucas and when Lucas suggested getting married for practical reasons, Travis talked her out of saying yes, because he said something real was more important than something practical. Set immediately post 3x12. He didn't expect the Captain to see that point. Once they got Deborah out, they realized she'd inhaled some glass. Station 19 responded to the fire.

"I'm trying to analyze it but it's a mess.".

Takes place in D.H. Caldwell's "The Home Team" AU prior to the events of the Home Team. This worried Travis, who asked Grant about it at the end of the day. A Marina story. When Lucas was in hospital and Vic had to say her final goodbyes, Travis held her hand and helped her through it. The Portlandand Seattle PD and FD will need to 'step-up' to prevent the cities from burning tothe ground. GA: All Tomorrow's Parties [5], Station 19 also responded to a medical call.

And finally by the end of the conversation he got a chance to talk to Montgomery.

While she was gone, Andy heard Max's voice down below them.

While they were waiting, Peter offered up the gurney he was on for them to use, so Jack left briefly to take it to them. Maya loves to run, Carina loves yoga. There are things I don't need to know about my Captain.". They left them alone.

On their way to the hospital, they came across a party bus that had crashed. [10], Travis and Maya used torches to drill Vic, but she stopped the drills and said they weren't helping. First Travis saw her foot shaking and asked if she had seen a doctor for it, but she said she was fine. He only half joked. "Back in the hospital when Vic went to see the Chief, people were talking. Emmett Dixon/Travis Montgomery (breakup and possible reunion) Maureen Dixon/Michael Dixon (Breakup) Maya Bishop/Carina DeLuca (breakup and possible reunion) Andrea "Andy" Herrera; ... Station 19-In this Alternate Universe, Michael Dixon has been killed by his wife, in a domestic abuse incident. So here are, as it's said in the title already, five times that she wears his stupid, nice-smelling shirt and one time that she doesn't. Station 19 (auf Pro7 abweichend Seattle Firefighters – Die jungen Helden) ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie über das Leben der Männer und Frauen einer Feuerwache.Sie ist ein Ableger der Krankenhaus-Serie Grey’s Anatomy.Die erste Staffel wurde zwischen 22.


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