townshend act significance
They were designed to collect revenue from the colonists in America by putting customs duties on imports of glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea. [28], The original stated purpose of the Townshend duties was to raise a revenue to help pay the cost of maintaining an army in North America. [59], Merchants in the colonies, some of them smugglers, organized economic boycotts to put pressure on their British counterparts to work for repeal of the Townshend Acts. It was not passed until July 6, 1768, a full year after the other four. Although portions of the Townshend Acts were repealed, the tax on tea and special indemnity awarded to the British East India Company was retained. In response, the Sons of Liberty reorganized, new boycotts were called, and tax collectors were assaulted again (as they had been over the Stamp Tax). Although portions of the Townshend Acts were repealed, the tax on tea and special indemnity awarded to the British East India Company was retained. [78] Although some in Parliament advocated a complete repeal of the act, North disagreed, arguing that the tea duty should be retained to assert "the right of taxing the Americans".

When were the townshend acts passed? Townshend Acts in facts and numbers By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. The Townshend Acts were met with resistance in the colonies, which eventually resulted in the Boston Massacre of 1770. It also created the American Board of Customs Commissioners and new admiralty courts to reinforce trade acts and collection of duties. Customs officials seized the sloop Liberty, owned by John Hancock, on charges of smuggling. With John Adams serving as his lawyer, Hancock was prosecuted in a highly publicized trial by a vice-admiralty court, but the charges were eventually dropped. In April 1768 he sent a letter to the colonial governors in America, instructing them to dissolve the colonial assemblies if they responded to the Massachusetts Circular Letter. The, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 00:06. The recently created American Customs Board was seated in Boston. The Quartering Act was passed primarily in response to greatly increased empire defense costs in America following the French and Indian War and Pontiac’s War. [24], The Revenue Act was passed in conjunction with the Indemnity Act 1767,[25] which was intended to make the tea of the British East India Company more competitive with smuggled Dutch tea. |

The taxes created by the Townshend Acts were on imports. In addition, the act allowed the supreme court of colonies to issue writs of assistance or search warrants on shipments to and from America. The world’s first iron bridge was built in England. [26] The Indemnity Act repealed taxes on tea imported to England, allowing it to be re-exported more cheaply to the colonies.

Massachusetts sent a petition to King George requesting a repeal of the Revenue Act.

These measures exacerbated American discontent, though Parliament was not made to realize how much until 1774.….

One ominous result was that colonists now began to believe that the…, …then chancellor of exchequer, levied duties on certain imports into the colonies, including a duty on tea, and linked this proposal with plans to remodel colonial government.


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