torna first malos fight

When Amalthus returned to Alrest, he resonated with Malos, becoming his Driver.

Shortly after, he visited Amalthus in Indol and informed him of his plan to attack Torna before leaving.

Malos begins to steal data from Pyra's Core Crystal to repair his own.

Movement Then the duo simply shut my group down not only increasing their dps, but what ever they are doing are outright locking my AI partners out of leveling ANY of their specials up. Phys. Not wanting his "game" to end early, Malos invited the party to Torna's core and challenged them to stop him. They carry out secretive operations for a mysterious purpose under Alrest's Cloud Sea.

Ether Defense


Kingdom of Torna (The Soaring Rostrum)

Aware that Mythra was not going all out on him during their battle, Malos goaded Mythra into using her full power by having his Siren destroy Auresco. Malos is fought twice at The Soaring Rostrum; initially he is accompanied by two Artifice Colossuses, and the second he is using his Siren as a battle mechanic. Like all fights things go smooth up to the first orb. Xenoblade Chronicles 2Torna ~ The Golden Country. Ether Mythra's final attack destroyed Malos's Siren and fatally wounded the Tornan Titan, causing it to sink.

During Serious Showdown As the party climbs the World Tree further, Mikhail sacrifices himself to defeat Indol in a huge explosion. Boss Rather than using his Siren to destroy Torna, Malos explained his plan to awaken the Tornan Titan's true form and detonate its core to destroy Alrest.

Malos is fought for the third time at level 52 at Balquors Ruins.

Now regaining his Aegis powers, he uses the Omega Fetter to reprogram Ophion to work for Malos and Torna. 10% Stats

Ground Alias Ether They are overpowered, due to Akhos's ability to disrupt the ether flow in the area, until Vandham is able to fight back against them. Movement Ancient Ship (Point of Awakening)


Malos then leaves to activate Aion, to which the Architect does not object. This makes locking out shackle impossible.

SP 602,800 They come upon Pyra, and when Rex goes to touch her Core Crystal, Jin kills him; however, Pyra awakens and resurrects him, allowing him to fight against Jin and Malos until they are rescued by Azurda and escape.

Land of Challenge When they reach the top, Jin stays behind to confront the party one last time as Malos continues on. 3,260 Stats Critical Rate Malos later travels to Fonsa Myma with Akhos and speaks to Cole, who he knew as Minoth during the war.

Malos also became the Driver of Sever around this time. Logos's Core Crystal, stored within Elysium, was taken by Amalthus when he climbed the World Tree, along with Pneuma's Core Crystal. Malos

Jin reluctantly teams up with Rex and the others until they find their way out of Morytha; along the way, Jin reveals his ideologies and past on Torna but is met with skepticism from Rex. In the ensuing battle, Malos and Akhos overwhelm the party and kill Vandham before Mythra unleashes her power. Guard Rate Aegis No He offers to help heal him, but Cole refuses; however, Malos is able to take the young girl he cares for, Iona, hostage.

Driver (Humanoid) He wears black plate armor with staggered plate pauldrons; as an Aegis he has a purple, crucifix-shaped core crystal in the centre of his chest. Damage dealt from the front is increased by 50%.

Despite the efforts of Addam and his allies, Malos claimed the Titan's seal and escaped. Amalthus and Indol saw Malos as the embodiment of the Architect's will, and Malos claimed the title of "the Aegis" for himself after an Indoline artifact. In the aftermath of the Aegis War, Malos is presumed to be dead, and Jin and his Driver Lora travel to Spessia to reunite with some Tornan refugees. As Amalthus unleashes his forces to stop Torna, Torna releases their army of Artificial Blades, immune to Amalthus' ability to control Blades.

44 Malos are you talking about the jin and malos fight?


Gender Empathizing with Jin's misery and feelings of lacking a place in the world, Malos offered for them to join forces, and they began planning to climb the World Tree and kill the Architect.


Xenoblade Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. In his last breaths, Malos reminisces on his time on Alrest and states that he wishes he had met Rex sooner. Upon seeing the ruins of Morytha, Mikhail begins to wonder if Jin's desire to wipe out humanity is truly justified. 0% While the other members of Torna work on their own projects, Jin heads for Temperantia. Malos is first fought at level 5 in the Ancient Ship with Rex and Pyra. 20 10% During the battle, Rex reveals that Jin was only looking to connect with Malos; Malos is shocked that Rex would forgive Jin so easily, to which Rex states forgiveness is not always easy but is necessary.

Back on the Monoceros, Akhos discovers Mor Ardain's excavation of a Judicium Titan in Temperantia. Information

Ether He manages to hijack the Titan Weapon and fire on Urayan forces, making it seem that Mor Ardain attacked Uraya without declaring war.



He frees Akhos and Patroka from a Tantalese ship headed to Indol, and at some point after Amalthus begins executing Blade Eaters, he is able to rescue Mikhail.


Malos' Break resistance decreases after Mythra's awakening. With the help of Rex and his team of salvagers, the Ancient Ship is resurfaced, and Rex helps open up the ship.

Phys. Ether Defense

Story event Respawns 5%

As Pneuma prepares to use Aion to destroy the World Tree, Malos contacts her asking how it was being alive. Location Lastly, he saves Nia from being executed by the Praetorium.

Eye colour Gray In the meantime, Jin hijacks an Ardainian ship with Core Crystals headed to Indol and steals the cores for Torna. Rex and Pneuma are able to use Siren to destroy Indol's amplification towers, preventing Amalthus from controlling Titans; when Indol fires at Rex's group, Mikhail protects them with the Marsanes. Strength Strength Torna (Japanese: イーラ, Īra, lit. Ether Defense


Increases Block Rate to 100% during this Art. This process causes his Core Crystal to shatter. Movement Malos fights the party once they reach the Cliffs of Morytha, and he and Jin both take them on at the Gotrock Oracle Ruins. Defense He summons Ophion, to which Pyra and Mythra summon Siren; the two Artifices' battle destroys the cliff, sending Jin and the party tumbling below into the Cloud Sea.

He then tells Rex to stop Malos before using the last of his power to kill Amalthus. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Movement When Rex accidentally touches the Aegis Sword, Jin murders him, though Rex ends up resurrecting as Pyra's new Driver.

Lora suffers fatal wounds as she tries to escape, and Jin consumes her heart to continue living on as a Flesh Eater. Driver (Humanoid) Dark

They want to capture Pyra, known as the legendary Aegis, and try to stop her and her friends on their way to reach Elysium.

Location Malos The Marsanes reaches the base of the World Tree, and Jin boards the ship.

In order to follow through on this wish, Amalthus used Malos's immense power to enforce the Indoline Praetorium's will and begin destroying the world. Ether 158 Level Increases defenses. Rex and his group travel to Tantal next in hopes of getting the Omega Fetter to redirect Ophion from guarding the World Tree.

Horrified by the destruction, an enraged Mythra awakened a new sword (Pneuma), and clashed with Malos, with the two fighting in the skies above Torna with their Sirens. Time 64 Logos, along with Pneuma, was modified by the Architect to process data received from the Blade system. Level With that, the final member of Torna disappears from Alrest. Aegis

Defense Element


20% Telling the others to flee, he is killed by Malos, and in a last-ditch attempt to save Rex, Pyra reverts to her other form, Mythra. After a hit from Siren reverts their Blades to their cores, Malos and Akhos retreat once again. Akhos first challenges Rex and the group at Garfont Village, but Vandham forces him to retreat. Hair colour He and his Artifices attacked the Tornan capital Auresco, where he met Addam and Mythra for the first time.

Imagination is the essence of discovery. Type

HP 8,982

Respawns Sever has four Blade Specials, but only one of them is used while Malos is in the party during Chapter 1: Malos SP Malos is a well-built man with fair skin, short jagged black hair and grey eyes.


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