top 20 derek jeter rookie cards

Somehow he was just bigger than numbers... 15 Most Valuable 1981 Topps Baseball Cards, 1952 Topps Willie Mays: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide, 15 Most Valuable 1987 Fleer Baseball Cards, 11 Most Valuable 1993 Upper Deck Baseball Cards, 13 Most Valuable 1990 Leaf Baseball Cards, 15 Most Valuable 1992 Fleer Baseball Cards, 1933 Goudey Lou Gehrig: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide, 10 Most Valuable 1959 Topps Baseball Cards, Ross is the founder of Old Sports Cards and has been collecting sports cards for over 30 years.

To check out some of the best cards available at any given moment, peruse the Derek Jeter card auction Hot List. 1993 Upper Deck Baseball was released in two series and Jeter's rookie is in the second set. Onward with the quest to solve the mystery of the mystery set of the 199?

The colored borders make the card susceptible wear and tear making high grade specimens tough to come by. Ranking the Best Derek Jeter Rookie Cards, long-running cardboard legacy between Jeter and flagship Topps, 2. Part of the Draft Picks subset, the card is found in Series 1 packs and boxes of 1993 Topps Baseball. Some are very old and in very good or like new condition. For some, it might be the most fun Derek Jeter rookie card.

Easily the key card in the set, its place on the secondary market is bolstered by the Bowman brand, which remains a top choice with rookie card collectors and prospectors. It's also one of the most affordable. Almost impossible to find is a quad autograph with Jeter, Jones, Rodriguez and Scott Rolen. These command significant premiums over the regular 1993 Upper Deck Derek Jeter rookie card.

This is one of the first cards in which you'll see Jeter in a Yankees uniform, albeit from his time with the Gulf Coast Yankees, the rookie affiliate of the New York Yankees. Finally, Jeter was included in the Extended Series Century Marks parallel, which was limited to just 100 cards. But I decided to mix and match anyway and toss cards from 1992 and 1993 all in this same list because it was more fun that way. Although not terribly rare and somewhat available, both cards provide a tougher chase for collectors looking for early Derek Jeter cards. Generally, buybacks don't garner the same as attention as iconic sports cards. Stadium Club Murphy my favorite. And when I look at his stat lines, I get it...the numbers were never quite there. Both players have extremely loyal followings and are the faces of their respective teams. Personally, I'd be very nervous about buying one given how the PSA holder doesn't really look like it would do a good job of protecting it. While prices have since softened, it still sells for more than most of the other Derek Jeter base Topps cards.

His non-autographed version is also on this list but it's his autographed version that can go for thousands of dollars in PSA 10 condition. It turns out it wasn't and it's still readily available. Although he has been among the hobby's elite since his early days, Derek Jeter cards are quickly becoming something more. Click on the card names or images to shop for specific cards on eBay. This set featured five different versions of this card: a base, gold, silver, purple promotional, and autographed versions.

1 bid.

So, I started wondering which of his rookie cards are his most valuable and I came up with this list after analyzing sales prices. The rest of the card remains the same.

Craig � Anything signed by Jeter has good value. There's really not much else to say about this silver parallel of the 1992 Front Row card other than there were 10,000 of these distributed inside factory sets. With so many great ones to choose from, how can you pick just one favorite Derek Jeter rookie card? Because a lot of factory sets are still intact, singles can be tough to come by. Here are ten of the greatest. Ahead of its time, 1996 Select Certified brought low print runs to a new level. Unlikely to shock anyone, Derek Jeter cards have long been in demand with collectors, and that has only increased since his retirement.

1999 Stadium Club Co-Signers paired Derek Jeter with several different players. Extreme scarcity and an awesome design.

Next on the list is yet another offering from Classic. I have an autographed derek jeter 1997 donruss card #123 and 1998 autographed pinnacle card #64.

These gold parallels were only distributed in one out of every fifteen factory sets. If you need help selling sports cards but aren't sure where to start, click the button below to learn how I can help! All Rights Reserved, Salute The Captain! I absolutely idolized Derek Jeter growing up.

1993 SP Baseball took things to another level.

Classic Best also issued a 30 card Greensboro Hornets set and wisely placed the young superstar as card number 1. There is no shortage of great and valuable Derek Jeter cards available today. Most come with a noticeable amount of edge or corner wear. At first glance, this may look like an ordinary 1993 Upper Deck Jeter card. Excluding parallels, inserts, special issues, and Jeter's minor league cards, there are just eight Derek Jeter rookie cards. I really was never a Jeter fan but Im an avid yankee fan Once i realised how much he really did mean all those yrs to the yanks I started collecting about 130 Jeter cards, Armand, Trying to find out if a 2000 upper deck derek jeter legendary signatures card is worth anything.

It's also the most valuable. Originally offered only at team retail outlets, every card in these sets featured a special foil stamp. This includes making 14 All-Star appearances, along with collecting five World Series rings.

But the simple fact that it has an autograph from the school-aged shortstop makes it one of the most sought-after Derek Jeter cards among high-end collectors.

The first series has three different versions, including Bronze (700 copies), Silver (200 copies) and Gold (100 copies). At the time, Pinnacle was one of the hobby's premium brands and the 1993 release is noticeably slicker than many of the other Derek Jeter rookie cards.

Louis allan � Prices are constantly in flux, which makes it hard to keep track of everything.

Ranking the Best Derek Jeter Rookie Cards. The 1993 SP set offers the most desirable and iconic Derek Jeter rookie card.

thanks,i think it alot scarcer to get than way price guide scoring it,ive been checking last 2 yrs on ebay and amazon and never once laid eyes on a sparkle jeter,thankss for ur help, Mail (will not be published) (required), © Copyright 2008-2020 The Cardboard Connection. It is rather odd to me, because he looks like a little kid in that particular photo, like he’s 13 or 14; yet, he’s at the highest peak of the game, and he’s DEREK JETER! Not as valuable as the autographed version, this card can still command top dollar.

Rushmore of New York Yankees, who would you leave off a list of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Derek Jeter?". Found in 1993 Pinnacle Series 2 packs, this is an attractive Derek Jeter Rookie Card. I am over 76 and hope to get one card with his Autograph. Still, as is normally the case in the hobby, the signature helps overcome the ugliness. With several to pick from, what is the best Derek Jeter rookie card? ... Upper Deck Top Prospect Derek Jeter RC LOT See Pics .10¢ Each Combined Ship ... $515.00.

I always thought the gold foil trim on this card added a nice design touch. In the years to come, there will likely be many more. Father passed and it was his. Find the perfect deal for Derek Jeter Rookie Baseball Trading Cards with free shipping for many items at eBay. 1992 Little Sun High School Prospects Auto. One of the most iconic baseball cards of the 1990s, this is, by far, the most popular Derek Jeter rookie card.

The card itself shows a great action shot of a young Jeter taking a nice cut. I have sent him about 10 different cards but he never sent them back.

Below, you can get an idea of scale of the micro version compared to the regular version. All in pristine condition, … though never graded, … all “virgins”. The other Jeter card from the 1992 Little Sun set shows Jeter in his Kalamazoo high school uniform ready at short. An all-time great for arguably the greatest baseball franchise in history, Derek Jeter is virtually unmatched in the modern hobby.

Known more for his consistency and clutch play than his power, Jeter's play has often let his teammates shine.

The Rockies set has a reported print run of 10,000 while the Marlins set is lower, at 6,000 sets. However, if you click the eBay links in the titles and check completed listings, it’s a simple way to check going rates. The Jack Murphy Stadium rookie cards are said to be rare and are priced around 300 in mint condition. This gold embossed version is also easily distinguished by the emblem in the lower right corner. Front Row came back in 1993 to offer this card of a young Jeter that's got much stronger eye appeal than their 1992 offering. Copyright © 2020 by Old Sports Cards, LLC, Baseball Card Values: How To Determine Their Worth, 100 Most Valuable Baseball Cards: The All-Time Dream List, 40 Most Valuable Football Cards: The All-Time Dream List, 52 Most Valuable Basketball Cards: The All-Time Dream List. Limited to 250 copies, the 1992 Little Sun Derek Jeter autograph is tough to find.

Derek jeter 1993 sp foil.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Not familiar with cards. $4.20 shipping. When Score first burst onto the scene, it was popular simply because the hobby was growing fast and there weren't a lot of options.

A few years before R. Kelly serenaded us with "I Believe I Can Fly" in Space Jam, Jeter was ready to take off in 1993 Select Baseball. See also: Ranking the Best Derek Jeter Rookie Cards. Need help buying or selling cards or have a general question about the hobby? The pink and green multi-color lettering along the bottom was a sign of the times. Buy Professionally Graded Derek Jeter Rookie Cards on eBay Derek Jeter (06/26/74) is a former shortstop who spent his 20-year MLB career with the New York Yankees, winning everything possible along the way. One of these days….

They also brought us Marty Cordova and Rondell White. DEREK JETER 1993 Topps #98 New York Yankees 1992 DRAFT PICK Reprint ROOKIE RC .

His Little Sun autograph may be more expensive, and I get that since it's more rare, but in terms of eye appeal this one blows the other out of the water. 1993 Pinnacle Derek Jeter Rookie Card #457.


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