thieves' cant dictionary

Verbs used without accompanying time indicators are in the present tense.

Thief definition, a person who steals, especially secretly or without open force; one guilty of theft or larceny. A quick note that my book Cant: A Gentleman's Guide is available in both print and ebook format. Literal translation: Speed run slowness         (the) box-box. Example: English: I might go if it rains.

Literal translation: Slowness run

Who yesterday steal box.         boxes = kalkal, Literal translation Passive sentences differ from active sentences in that in the former, the action is performed on the subject. Only another creature that knows thieves’ cant understands such messages. English: The dog that has the helmet is running. (Note: Nouns used to modify or explain other nouns always precede the Ro (of) is used to show possession only: I means "(the) book of (the) man," or "the man's book. The language takes time and practice to learn the extensive vocabulary and the process of forming sentences. Thieves' cant was the secret language of rogues.1 1 Uses 2 Appendix 2.1 See Also 2.2 Appearances 2.3 Further Reading 2.4 References This hidden language consisted more of slangs and innuendos more than an actual language. When a pronoun precedes a verb (sometimes done for clarity or emphasis) or stands by itself, a "t" is placed before the simple form of the pronoun: Ti ken kal means "He steals (is stealing) the box"; keni kal means essentially the same thing, but with less emphasis placed on the "he" and more emphasis on what "he" is doing. During your rogue training you learned thieves’ cant, a secret mix of dialect, jargon, and code that allows you to hide messages in seemingly normal conversation.

Standard word order: Thieves’ Cant. For the purpose of this introduction to the language, the written conventions of the English language are used to "spell" the Cant words. Examples: English: The man who has the helmet is running. Instead, tyn (to have) and bilin (to stand) are used, respectively, for these purposes: Tyni sio literally translates as "Have-he tallness," and its English equivalent is "He is tall." question particle+question word+standard word order Click on the cover image on the right for more details. Those types do not exist as such in Cant. Literal translation: Future go-I. In English, these are words such as "which," "who," and "that." The Cartographers’ Guild is a forum created by and for map makers and aficionados, a place where every aspect of cartography can be admired, examined, learned, and discussed.      Cant: Kar bano. Literal translation: Might go-I if rain-it. In the examples below, note the location of the modifiers and how their placement affects the meaning of the sentences, even though both example sentences contain the same words: English: The fast man runs slowly. Cant: Beti tyni barbo, takin bano. When a pronoun is used with a verb, it is generally attached to the end of the verb form: ken means "to steal"; keno is "I steal"; kene is "you steal," and so forth. The following word-order rules apply to clauses, phrases, and complete sentences. English: Steal a box! would go-l.

Many words of four or more syllables will be secondarily stressed on the other odd-numbered syllables if such accenting makes the word more easily distinguished or easier to pronounce. (The question particle ste serves as a verbal question mark and is always used to introduce an interrogative sentence. ", Ka (on) is used with horizontal surfaces, while li (on) is used with vertical surfaces, such as a wall, upon which things are hung or affixed: Bilin lakat ka ruba means "The book is on the table"; Bilin likob li liki ro obark means "The necklace is on the woman's neck.". English: You stole the box yesterday. To learn it, a thief must be taught by a high level guild official - the language is so rarely used, that it is often impossible to "figure out" the language him/herself. This has the complete (or nearly complete) contents of both Bailey and The Lexicon but a lot of the 1811 ones will appear in the "Uncategorised" category. Kutin (might) is used differently from sib (may). As stated on other pages, the advanced form of the Thieves' Cant is used by the elite - common thieves are either too stupid, or impatient to learn the intricacies, and some do not even know of the languages existance. Thus, bi (one) + nk = bink (first); lim (five) + ink = limink (fifth). Send. There is no specific Cant alphabet, because Cant is only rarely encountered in written form. Alternatively, there is a simpler form of the Thieves' Cant: The language takes time and practice to learn the extensive vocabulary and the process of forming sentences. speed man. Literal translation: If have-he boat, (indefinite future) Cant: Obok sen koma ark. ", Cant uses the single word hibni to express negation. The person or thing responsible for the action is not indicated; instead, the sentence indicates that the action was performed on the crown. It is used to express determination to do something in a conditional sentence. Words from Nathan Bailey's 1737 The New Canting Dictionary and the 1811 Lexicon Balatronicum based on Francis Grose's Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue and the glossary from the Memoirs of James Hardy Vaux, published in 1819.. Since thieves would also use general slang it is not unreasonable to regard the whole as the way thieves would have spoken. English: I will go. Cant: Labne kene kal. I have put both dictionaries into a Cant Database Search facility. For instance, the Cant word "laimbo" (twenty) is pronounced la-im-bo and not laym-bo. ", To negate individual parts of a sentence, hibni is placed before the word it negates: Keno urtel moky hibni kanab means "I am stealing the diamond but not the chest. First person plural (excluding the person spoken to), oo (us, we but not you). Articles (a, an, the in English) do not exist in Cant. For the Advanced Dictionary, Cant to English, click here. The verb Mon: This word is loosely equivalent to the verb "is" or "to be" in English. Miban (must) expresses compulsion; it may also be used like the word "should" would be used in English. Literal translation: ? Instead, any modifier can modify either a noun or a verb, depending on its location within the sentence and with respect to the words around it. In speaking the language, all words in Cant are stressed primarily on the first syllable. In English, these words are called adjectives and adverbs. Fractions are formed by adding the prefix "ob" (which literally means "opposite") to the appropriate number: ob + la (two) = obla (one half); ob + lim (five) = oblim (one fifth). Unless specified otherwise, Cant prepositions are used as in English. Forming a noun from a verb is usually done by simply drop-ping the final "n," and possibly the vowel that precedes it, from the verb form: hunaran (to die) becomes hunar (death); asefan (to drink) becomes asefa (drink).

Cant: Labne bano. Introduction   |   Advanced English-to-Cant   |   Advanced Cant-to-English. English: The slow man runs quickly. Examples: English: I went yesterday. Word order is extremely rigid in Cant, since only by its position in a sentence can the function or relationship of a word be determined. In the latter, the subject performs the action. It has been observed that this pronoun is most often employed in discussions pertaining to the division of treasure. Pages are: Musicians, Entertainers and Dancing Masters. Mon is never used to express the possession of a quality or location. word they modify.).

Cant: Te ken kal! ", This is an active sentence. Home | About | Submission | Support This Site | Contact. I have also added some categorised pages. The Advanced Thieves' Cant, is a complex language used by master thieves and high thieves' guild officials.

For example, "seventeen" is imboula, or "10" (imbo) plus "7" (ula); and "seventy" is ulaimbo, which translates as "seven tens.". Pronouns are words used to represent nouns. The opposite of a word can be formed by attaching the prefix ob to the front of the word: ob + ark (man) = obark (woman); ob + ine (day) = obine (night). Takin (would) is not necessarily related to will or desire. Optionally, for easier pronunciation by those accustomed to English, "i" can be sounded like the "e" in see when the "i" appears in the middle or at the end of a word, and the "y" sound is shortened to sound like an "i" if the resulting syllable or word is easier to pronounce that way.


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