the shootist ending
For the most part, it mirrored my memory of the film, with the exception of one critical character. She doesn't like his kind but when he tells her of his condition, she empathizes. Now I’ve heard everything! "[20], Also in 2008, the American Film Institute nominated this film for its Top 10 Western Films list. The book centers around Gillom Rogers, the only witness to famed gunslinger J. The SHOOTIST featured a cast of famous actors who came together to support Wayne known to be in bad health with the possibility that it would be his last film. John Wayne really was dying of cancer when he made this movie... he gathered old friends around him--the widow of Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Stewart, John Carradine, and addressed the topic of how legends die. His westerns were not short on gunplay and the like, but Swarthout’s focus was always on what motivated his characters to be the people they were.

A heavy cigarette smoker for most of his life, he had been diagnosed with lung cancer in 1964, and underwent surgical removal of his left lung and several ribs.

You certainly twisted yourself into a pretzel on that statement. Pingback: “The Power of Music”: General Electric Stereo Commercial, 1985. True Grit is a wonderful story that's well written and somehow reaches into that part of the soul that stirs and inspires powerful emotions. I've always felt that True Grit, by Charles Portis, transcended the "Western" novel, and indee.

In the movie, the 17-year-old played by Ron Howard followed John Bernard Books (John Wayne) into the saloon where Books h. THE LAST SHOOTIST is the sequel to the classic western THE SHOOTIST a book that is not nearly as well known as John Wayne's final film.

New York: Free Press (1995), pp. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published I never read, The Shootist, written by Miles Swarthout's father, Glendon Swarthout, so it would be difficult to compare the two novels. He says Books has a month maybe two left. Read it. It fits squarely into the tradition of stories starring the aged veteran who is preparing for his last ride and last stand. Bravo Miles!! And while the Western as an art form is flexible enough to confront and at times subvert these evils, Wayne was not. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I picked up this novel. Books, not wanting to go through the agony of dying from cancer, tries to find a quicker way to go. Ron Howard picks up Book's Remington .44 and kills the back-shooter and then throws away the gun, renounces violence (to Wayne's approval just before he dies), and goes home to his mom, played by Lauren Bacall. Others sniff out the news in short order: the opportunistic Marshal (Harry Morgan) who can’t wait for Books to die and tells him so; a shifty reporter (Richard Lenz) who proposes to write a series of articles embellishing Books’ life; an ex-girlfriend (Sheree North) who wants to marry Books and get rich off his name; the undertaker (John Carradine) who tries to sell him a burial and grave “befitting [his] status”; and, of course, young guns shooting for the title, and old enemies with a score to settle. Or simply use the links provided in the article, one of them being a biography of Wayne. His last several weeks of life and his growing infirmity are authentically captured by Mr. Swarthout and made for a good read. We liked each other and respected each other. As Books looks forward to his death, he discovers how empty a life he has led and when boiled down, what is most valuable to leave behind once you have departed. [17] The film was nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA film award, and a Writers Guild of America award. Gillom enters the bar in time to see the bartender fire a shotgun into Books' back as Books turns to leave. Books had told Gillom during a shooting lesson that “will,” above all else, is what it takes to be a great gunfighter, and we find out that Gillom has exactly that. Your IP: The SHOOTIST featured a cast of famous actors who came together to support Wayne known to be in bad health with the possibility that it would be his last film. Gillom is impressed, but his mother is losing boarders and she is angry. The Shootist is as much a story of the end of the Old West as it is the story of John Bernard Books, the last famous living gunman, whose passing will mark the end of an era. It quickly became clear why this novel ranks so high on Western genre lists. I'm basically trained as a screenwriter, attending the famed USC film/television school for my Masters in Telecommunications, after attaining an undergraduate degree in English literature at Claremont McKenna College in Pomona, CA. The ending of the movie pretty much prevented a sequel. I liked John Wayne, and I'm sympathetic to the back story of his appearance in the movie. A great read, start to finish.

Miles Swarthout is an aging author leaving in the South Bay of Southern California near the beach in Playa Del Rey. My favorite type of Western is the action/adventure variety, where a practically invincible gunman mows down anyone that stands in his way. Bravo Miles!! ‘The Etruscan Smile’ Review: Proof That Brian Cox Will Never Get Typecast as Logan Roy, The Art of Manliness - Part 2 (1962-1984), American-produced Classic Western Pairings, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Beast of Yucca Flats. A wild kid with a chip on his shoulder destined to bring nothing but heartache to his mother, trouble to those around and tears to anyone who enters his life. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. If that's also your knowledge of the story all you really have is a sort of general outline of the story.


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