the lost tomb 3 ep 1 eng sub

At the same time, I’ve heard the English translation isn’t very faithful to the original novels, and they apparently cut out a bunch of stuff that they thought western audiences wouldn’t understand due to cultural differences. Wu Xie (Li Yifeng) is an antique shop owner who comes from a family of tomb raiders. Even if they weren’t gonna charge money, I wouldn’t watch Season 2 anyway because Season 1 was so disappointing!

And then attacked by bug monsters. So the issue is only with the MU links then?

It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. So I wasn’t the only one who noticed the gazes and the music changes between the two main characters!

Kylin/YY and Wu Xie/LYF had such a good chemistry and i saw/feel the bromance between them. I have no idea WTF is going on with CCC because she’s totally made up and I can’t effing stand her.

Such a thing is mean and painful.

Most of the time novel fans are trying to guess what’s going on in the drama based on what they read in the books LOL. No signup required. Apart from Kylin’s silence and coolness (and his favorite past time of looking at the sky), his deadly fighting skills and graceful movements are what Wu Xie often describes. I agree with you about HR / LYF / YY / Fatty. Episode 4 is no longer working. Wu Xie has so much inner feelings but none of that is shown (or acted out). wooo I’m all up for bromance!!! After the whole debacle with HR and their atrocious treatment of YY and his fans, I don’t think I’ll follow the drama series even if they have additional seasons. Wu Xie’s using his awesome brains but at the same time very aware and concerned about his friends’ well-being. (There’s much more ugliness behind the scenes but I won’t say anymore unless people actually want to know.).

Kappy, I have 2 comments awaiting moderation but can you please approve the full version if it replying to Messengerman and not the cut-off version with only half the content? This was supposed to be a heartfelt gift to the fans (while making money, of course) so that’s why there’s so much outrage over the mess it has become. He’s quite close to how the novel shows him so I’m happy with him here. I don’t understand chinese.

so funny. There were fancy sequences filmed in Tibet and big action scenes filmed with YY and other actors, but they too were all cut. I think HR’ll have the same problem too if LYF doesn’t improve his acting.

I confirmed it after watching it streaming and downloading from another site.

Book Wu Xie is actually pretty smart and is calculating like the business owner he is, such as not trusting the hired mercenaries out to attack/kill him and always looking out for his own and his friends’ interests first. I checked the file sizes and indeed both files are the same size. That’s some great editing there with the way they connected the 2 different scenes , OMG!! Because of this sad/mean story i was a little bit depressed and wasn’t sure if i want to watch season 2. And just where will these puzzle lead the group? The vice president (or something) left HR and took with him Yang Yang and Ying Er to start a new production company, so most likely their characters will be replaced with other actors if there is a season 2…, The goss is that Lost Tomb is getting swamped with bad reviews (like, epically swamped with bad reviews by the masses) so HR used this news to distract people’s attention … YY was never signed with HR and only signed with the vice president guy so yeah… I think it’s a shame if they change the actor for Kylin cuz I think YY is good in the role… The whole company shakeup was why YY wasn’t at the Happy Camp appearance with the Lost Tomb cast (according to the goss).

Our Seashell’s First Impression Rating Chart (added entertainment value b/c something can be bad but entertaining!)

You’ll be seeing more of him in that Taekwonda drama in exactly one week. Yeah, that’ll go well with the audience ;D. I couldn’t make up the news about HR even if I tried! A stranger in black…, Wu Xie is fed up with the guessing and asks his uncle to finally tell him what he knows. Kylin/Zhang Qi Ling (different names depending what site I look at) is unconsciouness/not doing well (don’t speak chinese not sure what is happening), they spot a village. I'm just really sad that we don't have a date for season two yet.

Thank you . Poor Shimo!! Insider reports and actors who filmed the scenes report that they did indeed film those sequences (there were photos taken during the production as proof), and the scriptwriters also said that they scenes were scripted, but they just all ended up on the cutting room floor.

Regardless of what HR decides to do with the rest of the drama series and how the movie works out, I really hope that we as the audience get to see those deleted scenes sometime and show the cast and crew out appreciation for their hard work and artistic vision.

I haven’t looked to see if you are missing more between more episodes, but just letting you know.

Aw…that’s a real shame. :p, Yeah I wasn’t too impressed with the trailer too but honestly the actual series is much better than the trailer makes it seem like. It wasn’t too much of a hassle. Fatty’s actor is pretty good and brings his character to life. in the media for months), of course HR denied it and said that they gave YY as many opportunities as they could.

Apparently he tried to find the girl but by then she’d already been sent away. Here, his character is going down a dangerous tomb for the first time and instead of showing the proper level of nervousness/fright, he acts like he’s taking a guided tour or something! I’m not favoring YY on purpose but the fact is that YY has embraced Kylin’s character and has become Kylin onscreen, which is why even with his little screentime and with his face mostly covered, audiences all around have acknowledged YY’s performance as Kylin and are all eager to see him play the character again.

Also there is a complete party change with that uncle joining the party, which suddenly in your copy he is there with no explanation. There are 9 novels because the final book (I think it’s just called “The Big Finale” or something like that) is split into two books. Dear valued customer, If YY really leave lost tomb, big chances i will not that keen on watching season 2 eventhough for LYF. ♦ Episode 3 LYF himself is charming and has onscreen charisma and the talent to support his popularity, so HR’s actions are actually disrespectful to LYF too because they make it look as though LYF can’t shine in his own right unless they oppress his costar YY. After an accident involving a factory and an old tomb, Wu Xie gets bad news about his health status. Fast forward to June. I read halfway through the first one before the first episode aired but ever since then I’ve been trying to catch up by reading because the drama series was so disappointing.


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