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Hellboy Reference: For only a split second, Hellboy character Karl Ruprecht Kronen is seen in one of the cells, but you have to pause it in order to see him.

Incredible, John Ratzenberger - The Underminer (flashbacks).

Incredible is evenly matched while Elastigirl is inferior. LW Leon as Isaac Pine/Firepit, Syndrome's younger and determined brother bent on avenging his brother. Incredible and Elastigirl come in) But truthfully, I never got the motive of yours. Well, yes, in the same way that the first one set up Incredibles 2, but there’s no confirmation that Pixar plans to have the Parr family suit up a third time.

Incredible. You didn't know left from right! Underminer does not need to use this since he is the owner of his lair, and he has a lever which toggles the maze of drills to be on or off. Despite being a little confused, she just leaves him alone. Tom: Good Evening, I'm Tom Deavor. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She was told he was very proud of him. Incredible and Frozone fly to Nomanisan to fight the last remaining Omnidroid, Omnidroid X, which was left to guard Syndrome's fortress. PG Bob: Chill! We are in--. Brad Dourif as Stones, a possessed statue. This post contains mild Incredibles 2 spoilers. Bird had a vague idea of where he wanted to take the sequel pretty much from when The Incredibles released, but it wasn't officially confirmed until March 2014, with the filmmaker starting the script soon after and stepping up to direct at some point in 2015. (Stomps on his fingers, having him fall to his death) He is explained to as of what's going on, but to keep it a secret.

It’s not a good time to talk about it.”.

Instead of killing Jack Jack, let him live. Incredible regains his consciousness, and all The Incredibles go after the two, while Lucius stays with Voyd. Huck Milner/Spencer Fox (flashbacks only) as Dashiell "Dash" Parr, the family's troublemaker first son, who has superhuman speed. They put on their masks in almost the exact same way, scored to the soaring Incredibles theme once again, and the movie ends. "It's like, the last thing you want to do after swimming in the ocean for a month is go for a swim. When they return to Metroville, they find out that The Minions were enough to possibly have killed Krushauer and Brick. Some belief was that it was removed due to the fear of younger kids attempting it themselves, which Bob responds with, "I hope no one saw that! Norma Maldanado as Mirage, Syndrome's Ex Wife and supporter of Mr. He sends his Miniminers after the two, but Jack Jack melts them with his eye lasers.

Eli Fucile as Jack-Jack Parr, the second son of Bob and Helen who has an assortment of powers. So, to keep him entertained, he uses his ice powers to create ramps and have him slide up them like Skate Ramps, which Jack Jack can't get enough of. Roger Craig Smith as Gazerbeam II (mostly just referred to as Gazerbeam), The Young Brother of Simon J. Paladino.

Firepit's initial plan was to tame Mr. Syndrome: Say Hi to one of your best pals!

Bob: What? Pixar was purchased by the Mouse House in 2006, and even though having John Lasseter as the head of Disney Animation allowed the Emeryville Titans to operate mostly unimpeded, it has been alluded to that the push for more sequels to the proven brands was a higher up decision.

During the party, as Ray is greeted and gets in the darker lit room, he gets hairier and painfully becomes a Werewolf, freaking everyone out. Wolfbane gets seriously injured, having Voyd have to go with him to the side, where they bump into Gilbert Huph, who chews them out for stepping on his property. No! As it turns out, Mirage was calling for Bob, but she recognizes Frozone and assigns them both on a mission to Nomanisan to defeat the last remaining Omnidroid. He can also run half the speed of Dash. However, Crush and Mr. In the midst of all, Gazerbeam II, the younger brother of Simon J. Paladino, and Ray Wayne/Wolfbane, a man who's only real abilities are becoming a werewolf when the moon rises, and super speed, join the battle as Underminer rises from the ground, as Crush and Purslane go after it, revealing them as good. Incredible picks up the piano) Lucius drops by, and mentions that there was a big explosion at the prison. Incredible pulls his wrist weapon off and pushes him off the building, only for him to recover and get his wrist weapon back.

I only used it temporarily. Buddy attempts to talk her out of it for the moment, but she fires at him, telling him to be Syndrome.

From the Creators of Toy Story 4 and Disney World Mr. It’s not specifically setting up a third movie, but the open-ended nature of the conclusion certainly leaves the door open. Incredible: Babysit him. Syndrome: Yep. Nightmare Syndrome: It's your fault that I didn't become one. A palette swap of my old blue suit.

It's now a skeleton, but Evelyn patches him and is able to ressurect him by putting goggles on him, but only as a Zombie. Richardson is also the voice of Mrs. Tweedy in DreamWorks's Chicken Run, and Lady Van Tassel in 1999's Sleepy Hollow. It took 14 years for the Incredibles to come back with a sequel and do battle with the Underminer, continuing the ending of the first film, but because fans are always looking for the next thing, one can’t help but wonder if there will be an Incredibles 3. Jason Lee as Buddy Pine/Syndrome, a former Mr. He'll be traumatized for life.

The Omnidroid is successfully destroyed with the help of Mr. Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Burt Reynolds as Claude Pine, Syndrome and Firepit's 70 year old father, angry at Mr. Now, you face 2 of the worst parts of your life: Losing the ones you love (opens the trapdoors, presumably killing Helen, Dash and Violet, shocking Bob) and then facing death. I'm also in great shape.

He was hospitalized, Syndrome and Evelyn went to visit him. Walt Disney PicturesTSG EntertainmentPixar Animation StudiosDreamWorks AnimationWalt Disney Animation Studios 2 versions of the movie will be made a PG-rated and a rated. Incredible running after him. ).

Nice Job, Mr.

Incredible: Everyone! Mr.

Incredible. It's you I want dead.

Let him grow up and suffer. Wolfbane and Crush were a nightmare trying to find a voice actor.

Animation | Comedy | Adventure | Superhero | Family | Crossovers, From the creator of Cars 3, Onward & X-Men Dark Phoenix, From the Creators of Toy Story 4 and Disney World.

Incredible. Edna: Didn't you get a new suit? (Continues laughing), Syndrome: (after being ressurected) What am I doing alive?

Meanwhile, Isaac broke into Metroville Prision to join forces with Evelyn Deavor.

Whether we see any of the other new characters from the sequel returning remains to be seen, but Sophia Bush has spoken about wanting to return as the portal-creating, aspiring superhero Voyd.


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