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To what extent do you agree? Finally, this is contrasted with the working class, particularly George and Myrtle Wilson who we meet in chapter two. When at last she’d left the Isolation Ward and her parents were allowed to sit by her bed, they looked smaller to her, aged by the terror they had suffered, old, shrunken, ill-at-ease. Old money have their own culture of feigned politeness which Gatsby doesn’t quite get. Polio Australia's general information on polio, History of the polio vaccine - College of Physicians Philadelphia, A blog post on the Poliomyelitis epidemics in Western Australia, Fighting Polio - an ABC podcast from July 2016. Even after Muhammad’s death, Islam only prospered more and more and, in fact, the 8th to 16th centuries where known as the “Islamic Golden Age” as the Muslims grew and accomplished the most during this period. His feeling that he was ‘nothing more than a flea on the side of some enormous quiet creature’ [pg 4] depicts the Australian land almost like a monster. Try identifying all of the features below as it also helps you plan your introduction within reading time. Topic sentence, evidence, explanation, link.

In this sense, we’re largely agreeing with the prompt, backing up the distinction between interpersonal and interracial conflict, and finding a way to extend on it a little towards the end. A smallholding, a tiny farm. Innocent people across Europe had, The Golden Age for Jews was an age of great prosperity along with fluctuating tolerance. 'No feast for fear of contagion' - The Western Australian State Records exhibit on the Queen's visit to W.A. The Golden Age started in about year 711 and went till approximately 1066 CE.

Tragedies cannot be defined by their tone, however. Call it the greatest American novel or ultimate story of unrequited romance—The Great Gatsby is undoubtedly a stunning snapshot of one of the most American decades that America has ever seen. With the help of Persians, and several other newly converted Muslims, the Abbasids fought against the Umayyad forces in the, Purpose For a detailed guide on Text Response, check out our Ultimate Guide to VCE Text Response. Those on the fleets included the criminals, marines, and their families. This is directly contrasted with Iago’s use of the complex verse form, which he uses at all other times.

The next paragraph might look at the cultural dimension, exploring how you just can’t buy a way of life. This empire was home to one of the most influential. Also check out some writing prompts. The bushfires, for example, might generate debate around whether or not the Australian government is doing enough to combat climate change, whether or not Scott Morrison has fulfilled his duties as Prime Minister, whether or not it’s appropriate to discuss policy already when people are still grieving. In case they haven’t, allow me to reiterate that great planning is compulsory for a great essay. The Isolation Ward is an extremely painful and frightening experience, during which parents and doctors can provide little help. P1: At its most intimate layer, conflict is internal—the moral dilemmas of William and Sal are particularly strong examples.

What do Aunty Grace and Chapel illustrate about the complexities of belonging to a racial minority?

WHO - A particular person or group of people impacted by an incident or involved in a situation, WHAT - This really depends. Tag: English Essay Examples The Golden Age.

Changes in education resulted in the Elizabethan moral and social customs being questioned. Are you sure you want to remove this item from your cart? An important distinction to be aware of is that the expectation of Year 11 English was geared more toward themes and characters. Do create complex arguments, or paragraphs with a twist! He earns the name “Sour-face” because of the worry lines that developed after Chapel’s death. .  If vocabulary isn’t your strong point (it definitely isn’t mine! According to the study design published by VCAA, both English subjects: ‍It might sound complex, but this basically just means that these subjects enable us to enhance our understanding and usage of the English language, which serves to support our daily English communication. In Othello, disorder could be represented by Iago, destabilising the lives of those around him through his use of rhetoric and manipulation. in 1954 which highlights the concerns around the epidemic at the time. Introduction Unfortunately, not all questions in this section have “question words” and examiners usually give out questions that are broader using “direction words” or “task words”, making this section more challenging for students.

For much of the novel, isolation and solitude stand in conflict with one another. From one of Australia's most loved novelists. Were such traits he developed over time beneficial for himself and those around him or have they caused the destruction of once healthy relationships? CONVERGENT ideas lead to similar conclusions and messages, while DIVERGENT ideas take us to different conclusions. They're all fabulous. Yes, there will always be our go-to pieces of evidence we like to use, like our favourite quote or symbol, but change it up often so that you don’t become complacent. Order is then returned when Iago is revealed and Othello takes his life, recognising himself as tragically misused. This knowledgeable efflorescence was largely the result of the Muslim world’s integration of the scientific legacies of other civilizations – an adjustment aided notably by the translation movement (chiefly from Greek into Arabic) initiated by the caliph al-Ma’mūn in ninth-century Baghdad. Set during the early 19th century. Firstly, social stratification clearly divided society along economic lines. To what extent do you agree?

Many of the fleets from England were destined for New South Wales, Australia. 1. How badly must the police have mishandled him for that to have happened? The misfortunes occurring in this time lead many people to believe that it was a Dark Age, on the contrary Europe proved to be, The Islamic Golden Age (750-1258) was a stark contrast to the Dark Ages (500-1500) in Europe. If you’d like to learn more about this strategy which can help you build more insightful discussions of the text by finding unique points of comparison, then I’d recommend you check out the LSG’s How To Write A Killer Comparative study guide. Over time, Charlemagne’s kingdom became the Holy Roman Empire.

P2: With The Longest Memory, social change is required across the economy that depends on enslaving people and stealing their labour, while others have an economic interest in the status quo. It also has roots in Australia’s genocidal history such that the death of any First Nations person—but especially elders—is felt widely.

I was sent to Bancroft Elementary School and it is located in Andover, Massachusetts.

whether or not the period can truly be called "Golden, peoples said that Allah created everything in existence himself while scientists said that everything occurred naturally. Compare how the two texts explore innocence. This means that you should be discussing the prompt, not blindly agreeing with it. Finally, we should consider the moral dimension—even though the wealthier socioeconomic classes enjoyed more lavish, luxurious lifestyles, Fitzgerald also argued that they were the most morally bankrupt. The different uses of verse and prose are a good way to show when characters are genuine or performing for others. The Secret River is usually studied in the Australian curriculum under Area of Study 1 - Text Response. Importantly, they appreciate their togetherness even while they know that separation is imminent; this demonstrates that relief from isolation doesn’t preclude the embrace of solitude. Many people have their own Golden Ages. He touches on the possibility of abolition, but this is seen as impossible—certainly, none of these men want to lose their power.Â, Looking more closely at this chapter, we also see how Mr Whitechapel is exactly the hypocrite that everybody says he is—it’s ridiculous for him to pretend he’s treating Black people fairly when they are dying under his watch. Sure I can make out the basic female figure. Knowing the difference between Verse and Prose and how they are used is an easy way to stand out in an essay. Or if it’s a play, examine the stage directions. Check out Lisa's VCE Study Guides for her take on The Golden Age.


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