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The Projectionist has the ability to project light from the projector where his head should be, similar in the use of an actual flashlight helmet/headwear. Even when getting into the room while the Projectionist is still in there, he strangely vanishes. In one, he is projecting a Bendy cartoon on a wall, and in another, he is being attacked by three Boris clones. Code: 1251737869 - Copy it! Speed Please enable Javascript to use all the features on this site. In Chapter 3 only, Henry can attack and kill the Projectionist with the Gent pipe, the axe found in the blocked room, or the Tommy gun if successfully equipped. Henry encounters the Projectionist in the flooded Maintenance department of Storage 9, walking around in circles.

If killed, the Projectionist will let out an inhuman, high-pitched wail while the light from his projector head flickers off, then falling forward to the ground, seemingly dead until his reappearance in Chapter 4 where once again, Henry must completely avoid him in order to not be spotted by the Projectionist again. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the.

Having his ink hearts touched or taken will anger him, drawing his attention regardless of how far away he is. At the start of Level 14, Projectionist's screech is suddenly heard when Henry obtains the very first ink heart from Striker's corpse. The Projectionist seems to wear clothing if one look real carefully, with rolled-up sleeves for his shirt, and pants with a rolled-up left pant leg and a pair of large boots. Norman Polk velocity = Property.CFrame.lookVector * knockback + Property.Velocity / 1.05, for _, part in pairs(hit.Parent:GetChildren()) do, local floatybits ="BodyForce", hit.Parent.Torso), floatybits.force =, -ForceOfGravity, 0), local spinny2=CFuncs.Part.Create(Torso, "SmoothPlastic", 0, 1,"Black"), "spinny2",, local alg = math.floor(playlist.PlaybackLoudness)/500, local alg2 = math.floor(playlist.PlaybackLoudness)/80, local efekt2=CFuncs.Part.Create(hit.Parent.Torso, "Neon", 0, .3,, "ref",,alg2,.3)), spinny2.CFrame = spinny2.CFrame * CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(0, math.pi/100, 0), spinny2.Position = hit.Parent.Torso.Position, efekt2.CFrame=spinny2.CFrame*,0,0), game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(efekt2, .7), game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(rl, 10), game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(floatybits, 10), game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(vp, .5), local bodyVelocity = Create("BodyVelocity"){, game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(bodyVelocity, .5), Effects.Block.Create("Black"), hit.Parent.Torso.CFrame, 5, 5, 5, 1, 1, 1, .08, 1), game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(bodyVelocity, 1). ", 1,, efekt.CFrame=spinny.CFrame*,0,0), efekt=CFuncs.Part.Create(Torso, "Neon", 0, .3,, "ref",,.05,.3)), efekt2=CFuncs.Part.Create(Torso, "Neon", 0, .3,, "ref",,.05,.3)), game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(efekt, 2), game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(efekt2, 2), efekt.CFrame=spinny.CFrame*,20,0), efekt2.CFrame=spinny.CFrame*,10,0), C# |

Later on, he appears as an enemy that appears in a specific level type that randomly appears, in which Ink Hearts must be collected in lieu of Supplies.

Originally, the Projectionist was going to be discarded during the production of the game but was put back in again. Upon entering the room after the Projectionist went completely away, it appears that he walks to the closed gate off-screen. Code: 365812441 - Copy it! Using the Tommy gun will take 16 hits and using the axe will take 8 hits.

Here are Roblox music code for Jacob Tillberg - Ghosts Roblox ID. Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features!

clothes, roblox, games. In the base game, the Projectionist does not make any physical appearances, but his trademark scream can be heard when picking up any Ink Heart found in the studio. Once Henry gets upstairs and pulls the switch there, the room goes dark and the Projectionist vanishes. Color =, Color2)., 1.4785918, -0.211434767, 1, 0, -0, 0, 0.98480767, 0.173649639, -0, -0.173649669, 0.984807611) *, 0, 0) * CFrame.Angles(0 + .05 * math.cos(Sine/35), 0, 0).

maxTorque =, 500000, 500000) * 50000000000000. angularvelocity =, 10), math.random(-10, 10), math.random(-10, 10)), game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(bodvol, .5), game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(rl, .5)., -1.62964225, 0.259462059, 0.999541879, -0.0301539842, 0.0025981334, 0.0127545623, 0.497520745, 0.867358446, -0.027446935, -0.866927922, 0.497677386) *, 0, 0 - .2 * math.cos(Sine/35)) * CFrame.Angles(0 + .2 * math.cos(Sine/35), 0, 0), MagnitudeDamage(Torso, aoeconstant, 0, 0, 0, "Normal", " ", .8), elseif RootPart.Velocity.y < -1 and hit == nil then, elseif TorsoVelocity < 1 and hit ~= nil then. Piano music roblox.

6 hours ago, We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. Warning: This song contains questionable elements (Implied stalking, Borderline personality disorder); it may be inappropriate for younger audiences. Not a member of Pastebin yet? The Projectionist is a Cycle-dwelling creature and an ink incarnation of Joey Drew Studios's lead projectionist Norman Polk. Attribute Information Roblox, the Roblox logo and Powering Imagination are among our registered and unregistered trademarks in the U.S. and other countries.

She could, however trying to quiet down Henry so he can hear the Projectionist wandering more clearly. If you are happy with this, please share it to your friends. See Norman (disambiguation) or Projector (disambiguation) for other related uses.

He has a film reel stuck in his left shoulder. In this state, he never goes to chase after Henry upon getting caught, thus giving Henry a safe opportunity to defeat him.

maxForce =, 8e+003, 8e+003), local rl = Create("BodyAngularVelocity"){. This is likely because Ink Bendy is not supposed to be down there, so he does not pay attention to the Projectionist. Prior to update patch 1.3.1, the Projectionist was able to walk the stairs of the Inky Abyss.

Several long, hanging black wires (possibly film roll) are attached to his back and under his head, with the longer wire attaching to his right ankle, and another attached to his right arm. maxTorque =, 4e+005, 4e+005) * math.huge , coroutine.resume(coroutine.create(function(Part), game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(BodPos, 3), game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(BodGy, 3), game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(debounce, Delay), function ShowDamage(Pos, Text, Time, Color), local Pos = (Pos or, 0, 0)), local Color = (Color or, 0, 1)), local EffectPart = CFuncs.Part.Create(workspace, "SmoothPlastic", 0, 1,, "Effect",, 0, 0)), local BillboardGui = Create("BillboardGui"){, EffectPart.Parent = game:GetService("Workspace"), EffectPart.CFrame = +, Percent, 0), function MagnitudeDamage(Part, Magnitude, MinimumDamage, MaximumDamage, KnockBack, Type, HitSound, HitPitch), for _, c in pairs(workspace:children()) do, local targ = head.Position - Part.Position, if mag <= Magnitude and c.Name ~= Player.Name then, Damage(head, head, MinimumDamage, MaximumDamage, KnockBack, Type, RootPart, 10, "rbxassetid://" .. HitSound, HitPitch), Create = function(brickcolor, cframe, x1, y1, z1, x3, y3, z3, delay, Type, Part), local prt = CFuncs.Part.Create(EffectModel, "Neon", 0, 0, brickcolor, "Effect",, msh = CFuncs.Mesh.Create("BlockMesh", prt, "", "",, 0, 0),, y1, z1)), game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(prt, 10), Create = function(brickcolor, cframe, x1, y1, z1, x3, y3, z3, delay, parent), local msh = CFuncs.Mesh.Create("SpecialMesh", prt, "Sphere", "",, 0, 0),, y1, z1)), Create = function(brickcolor, cframe, x1, y1, z1, x3, y3, z3, delay), Create = function(brickcolor, cframe, x1, y1, z1, x3, y3, z3, delay, Part), local msh = CFuncs.Mesh.Create("SpecialMesh", prt, "FileMesh", "1323306",, 0, 0),, y1, z1)), local prt = CFuncs.Part.Create(EffectModel, "Neon", 0, 0, brickcolor, "Effect",, 0.5, 0.5)), local msh = CFuncs.Mesh.Create("SpecialMesh", prt, "FileMesh", "3270017",, 0, 0),, y1, z1)), local msh = CFuncs.Mesh.Create("CylinderMesh", prt, "", "",, 0, 0),, y1, z1)), local msh = CFuncs.Mesh.Create("SpecialMesh", prt, "Head", "",, 0, 0),, y1, z1)), local msh = CFuncs.Mesh.Create("SpecialMesh", prt, "FileMesh", "20329976",, 0, 0),, y1, z1)), Create = function(brickcolor, cframe, x1, y1, z1), prt.CFrame = cframe * CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(math.random(-50, 50), math.random(-50, 50), math.random(-50, 50)), Create = function(brickcolor, cff, x, y, z), local prt = CFuncs.Part.Create(EffectModel, "Neon", 0, 0, brickcolor, "Part",, 1, 1)), prt.CFrame = cff * * 100, x * 100) / 100, math.random(-y * 100, y * 100) / 100, math.random(-z * 100, z * 100) / 100), msh = CFuncs.Mesh.Create("BlockMesh", prt, "", "",, 0, 0),, yval, zval)), euld = CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(eul1, eul2, eul3), euld2 = CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(-eul1, -eul2, -eul3), for _, v in pairs(Torso.Parent:children()) do, if v.className == "Part" and v.Name ~= "HumanoidRootPart" then, local c = CFuncs.Part.Create(EffectModel, "Neon", 0, .5,"Bright blue"), "Effect", v.Size), cmsh = CFuncs.Mesh.Create("SpecialMesh", c, "Head", "",, 0, 0), v.Mesh.Scale), cmsh = CFuncs.Mesh.Create("BlockMesh", c, "", "",, 0, 0),, 1, 1)), bp.MaxForce =,5000,5000), if part.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid") then, part.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid").PlatformStand = true, if part then if part.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid") then part.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid").PlatformStand = false end part = nil end, ShowDamage((Head.CFrame *, 0, (Head.Size.Z / 2)).p +, 5, 0)), quotes[math.random(#quotes)], 5,, playlist.SoundId = "rbxassetid://" ..songs[math.random(#songs)], elseif k == 'n' and circleinthesky == false then, elseif k == 'n' and circleinthesky == true then, for i, v in pairs(Character:GetChildren()) do, v:WaitForChild("Handle").Material = "SmoothPlastic", c.CustomPhysicalProperties =, 0.001, 0.001, 0.001, 0.001), ShowDamage((Head.CFrame *, 0, (Head.Size.Z / 2)).p +, 5, 0)), quotes[math.random(#quotes)], 5,, TorsoVelocity = (RootPart.Velocity *, 0, 1)).magnitude, local hit, pos = RayCast(RootPart.Position, (, RootPart.Position -, 1, 0))).lookVector, 4, Character), if RootPart.Velocity.y > 1 and hit == nil then.


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