terry mcginnis fancast
. Nothing good ol’ Gary can’t do.

Well… This is just my opinion. Forget the blue skin color!

I think, for the most part, Keira would be comfortable on taking on this role. ... Lauren London first appeared in the film, ATL, opposite actor and recording artist, Tip "TI" Harris. It is clear that Noah Ringer, after his Aang role performance in the movie adaptation of the Last AirBender, would be the right actor for the job. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Fancast for a Green Arrow show idea I have. The man juggles responsibilities while keeping his supervillain status a secret.

Victor has recently appeared in The Slap (2015), The Flash (2014), Motive (2013) and Web Therapy (2011).

Michael Trevino is Mexican-American, too. This has been evident after watching the Nikita series. The portrayal of Warren is just a simple dad who cares for his family and makes sure that he gives him the best. More posts from the Fancast community. ( Log Out /  He can fight and also use his knowledge regarding sound. This pick is on the spot.

Kristin Kreuk as Dana Tan. This fancasting is borrowed from @s4karuna, who despite casting outside the ArrowVerse, provided good options for Bart and his cousin Jenni. Not to mention that their looks are somewhat quite the same. List your movie, TV & celebrity picks. Scott knows how to do stunts and could also has been in lead roles and is clearly one of the most underrated actors of recent time. She acquired all the powers her father possessed and has the great sense of justice.

With his charisma, cunning, and probably do everything, it’s unanimous that he should be given a shot to be the Bat as he said in an episode in the hit series, Supernatural. DC Universe Fancasting — Tyler Posey as Terry McGinnis Notes: So, Mary... 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. I came across several blogs to see this for myself. He has company ties w/ Bruce Wayne.

Not to mention that John’s facial features is really similar to Matt’s. Her mother, Kathleen Alexandrina Eva Matilda (Rogers), was from a working-class English family, and her father, Vasiliy Petrovich Mironov, was a Russian-born civil servant, from Kuryanovo, whose own father was a diplomat. Then, I asked myself: What if I can create a cast for a Batman Beyond movie? His parents are Lisa (Goldman), who worked as ... Victor Garber has been in some of the most memorable projects of the past four decades. Logan Lerman (second Choice) 3. He worked for his father's welding firm before he decided to become an actor. This also inspired directors to create live action movies. I think this is a good pick. I’m not really sure about picking Scott Adkins but I think he can still pull it off. Terry McGinnis is Bruce Wayne's successor as Batman. It’s only a dream fan cast. This is actually the easiest pick I did just because Henry Rollins IS Mad Stan. She has played a role in which she was sweet and kind but could be violent yet controlled if forced in a certain situation (Kira Ford/Yellow Dino Ranger). Plus, I think most women assassins are 90% asian women. I strive for racial diversity and follow previous canon DC properties racebends when appropriate. Cameron Diaz already had most of these traits when she was still starting out except for the “killer” part. Victor has recently appeared in The Slap (2015), The Flash (2014), Motive (2013) and Web Therapy (2011). If want some proof, go watch the Charlie’s Angels movies just to see for yourselves. Initially, he was at odds with Terry for being inducted by Superman to the league w/o the informing the other members. Jensen Ackles as Terry McGinnis/Batman II: Since Jensen is an all around actor who can also fight, I think he has the potential to be Batman should DC decide to do a Batman Beyond movie.

So, he we go! Richard Schiff as Warren McGinnis. Bean was born in Handsworth, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, to Rita (Tuckwood) and Brian Bean. He studied law at Bristol University and graduated in 1985 with a degree in law but decided to study acting. Ryan Reynolds as Barry in the live action Archer movie .

Marcia Gay Harden as Mary McGinnis. To those not that familiar in who Derek Powers is, he is like the Lex Luthor of the Batman series.

Marina is part of the new wave of JLU heroes and also the daughter of the king of the seas, Aquaman. He is currently staring in Greg Berlanti's new DC Comics Superhero series "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" for ... Dame Helen Mirren was born in Queen Charlotte's Hospital in West London. tbh i ... BATMAN BEYOND — fancast!!

Ian Somerhalder as Terry McGinnis / Batman. Notes: Kyle Rayner in the comics is the son of Mexican-American CIA agent Gabriel Vasquez who has the alias of Aaron Rayner. List Activity.

Plus, Inque almost killed Terry in several occasions in the series even though she was eventually captured by him. I finally realized that this is just a fancast and I wanted to be a bit more original. Kevin was the real voice of Batman since the Animated series begun. I dislike erasing his black heritage, so I may later recast if I can find an Afro-Latino actor of the right age and coloring.

Curare is one of those villains that kills without remorse. Choosing a young girl like Emma Lahana would be the best decision since Marina is also in her teens.

Liam Hemsworth (first Choice) 2. The only question is: Can he play the part as well. Another one on the list in which no explanation is needed. Since Geena also has  a great resemblance to Mary and she already has played mother roles before, I think she’s in the top of my list. ( Log Out /  Jason Isaacs was born in Liverpool, the third of four children of Sheila and Eric Isaacs. But, Maggie is still definitely a hottie who can go karate-ka on your ass. Sean Bean's career since the eighties spans theatre, radio, television and movies. Her next film role was in the teen romantic ... Marisa Tomei was born on December 4, 1964, in Brooklyn, New York, to Patricia "Addie" (Bianchi), a teacher of English, and Gary Tomei, a lawyer, both of Italian descent. Zoe Saldana as Maxine Gibson. Diane Keaton as Commissioner Barbara Gordon: Diane is simply hotwired to be the old Barbara Gordon. Notes: To follow the Latina casting of Zatanna, Giovanni Zatara is cast by fellow Latino actor Henry Ian Cusick. In his point of view as a hunter, Batman is the best challenge there is.

Tell us what you think about this feature. Unfollow . He also voiced the Red Hood in a Batman movie animation: Batman Under The Red Hood. I think there is no more explanation for this one.

Since, I’m also an avid fan of the franchise and a movie junkie, maybe I could assemble my own cast. His voice was so loved by the fans that he came back in Batman:Beyond animation series, several Batman Animation movies, and hit games Arkham City and Arkham Asylum. abraham lim as terry mcginnis go joon-hee as chelsea cunningham. Djimon Hounsou’s skills and physique will blend perfectly well with Stalker’s character. kiersey clemons as maxine gibson anna akana as dana tan abraham lim as terry mcginnis go joon-hee as chelsea cunningham. Kai-Ro has a strong sense of justice and also wields the power of the Green Lantern ring pretty well.

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. W/ him and MJ White in the same movie, the fight scenes will be instant classics!

It’s been way obvious in the Christopher Nolan Batman movies that Gary Oldman was the best guy to be Jim Gordon. Change ). Liam Aiken as Matt McGinnis. Almost every kid and teenager in the late 90’s watched Tim Burton’s Batman: The Animated series. 26.

Terry McGinnis was created for the television series Batman Beyond.In the DC Animated Universe Terry has succeeded Bruce Wayne as Batman, the protector of Gotham City.Later, Terry was confirmed to take over as Batman on Earth-12 and Earth-992. But who cares? Paul knows how to be cold, calculated, and intimidating but still knows how to care for other humans (same w/ Victor’s personality towards the heroes and his sick wife).

But, instead of following the highschool format of the animation series, I decided to go on a somewhat college-aged Terry McGinnis to give it some spice.

. Max Gibson’s personality traits on the series was that she was smart, pretty, and also a kick-ass girl. Notes: I’m casting Meloni Thawne with a Hispanic actress and Maridueña is of mixed Latin American origins. Here is what I have assembled so far. It was a tough choice on my pick on this one just because there are so many other possible people that could do it.

Notes: Boneta is Latino. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Unfollow . Her father Giovanni Zatara will be cast as Latino. Since this fellow is Derek’s personal bodyguard and a very big, muscular, strong looking dude that could kick-ass and also responsible for Warren’s death, Michael Jai White’s on-screen personality is spot-on on Mr.Fixx’s character. She already played a role which involved fighting w/ martial arts and swords in the movie Forbidden Kingdom. Stalker is a hunter (looks like an Afro-American hunter) who loves to look for a challenge by stalking other fighters and warriors alike.

Notes: Toubia is half-Lebanese and half-Mexican. Tell us what you think about this feature. This was a tough call because I can think about 3 women that could play this role. She can be sweet and gentle but also cunning and calm at the same time + she has a somewhat stunning resemblance to the character. He can do fighting scenes and stunts as nearly as good as anyone else in the planet…. Tyler Posey as Terry McGinnisNotes: So, Mary McGinnis is Mexican-American. If in case that a Batman Beyond movie will be in the works, he’s also one of the lead candidates to be Warren. While at Bristol University, he ... Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Kevin Grevioux was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in various other states including Alaska, Oklahoma, Massachusetts (Boston), and New Jersey. It’s safe to say that Ted Danson might be able to pull this one off that easily given the fact in his performances in CSI were stunning.

Every Robin is a different ethnicity. ( Log Out /  Yes, the former childstar who once played as a young John Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is best fit for Matt’s role. Follow. After watching Battleship, it’s relatively clear that Rihanna has the tools to be Max. Jensen Ackles as Terry McGinnis/Batman II: Since Jensen is an all around actor who can also fight, I think he has the potential to be Batman should DC decide to do a Batman Beyond movie. WarHawk has the physique and is well versed in hand to hand combat… And in addition, also acquired the wings from her mother. Terrence "Terry" McGinnis was the successor of Bruce Wayne as Batman. ( Log Out / 

Batman Beyond Fancast by JJMeylar | created - 18 May 2013 | updated - 18 May 2013 | Public Sort by: View: 9 names ... Terry McGinnis. She is a feared assassin and also a master of the martial arts.

Mykel Shannon Jenkins flexible on-screen personality (as seen in The Bold and the Beautiful and Undisputed 3) might make a run for the role for 3 reasons: a. Being a millionaire entrepreneur/power hungry monster will be just a walk in the park. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Batman catches a lot of attention not just because he’s a superhero… But, because he is the first superhero in DC who doesn’t need any special powers to fight crime, monsters, and other evil entities in Gotham and beyond. Mykel Shannon Jenkins as WarHawk (Rex Stewart): WarHawk is the son of Green Lantern Jon Stewart and Hawkgirl (Shayera) and was inducted in the JLU much earlier than Terry McGinnis (Batman II) and is the oldest hero in the new wave of JLU inductees.


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