tdi egr delete tune
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That's my feedback. Tuning it out is an option but mine still has some leaking by. Stage 2 tune is all you need. With Gary's help the Mini diesel has 350Nm up from 200Nm in stock form and pulls really nice, changes gear better, revs better, does everything better it's what the car should have been in the fist place. The warmer the temperature is, the better the mileage. Re-mapped my 2.8L Turbo diesel 2016 model to amazing results. My car is currently throwing the p202a code, which means another one with the adblue heater issue. Car is so much more responsive. $2,800CDN for everything. So I'm going to throw out the obligatory "Emissions equipment removal is illegal" warning. When the EGR is blocked, it is overheated. I would say keep it intact for as long as possible, within reason.

I did a tune to my mk6 Golf TDI … I highly recommend it. The DSG tune is amazing, all the way to the red line now. I did the whole Stage 2 Malone Tune and DPF/Cat/EGR delete a few months ago. Highly recommend!!|iid:1, If you have a manual, getting a Malone stage 2 with dpf delete can get you your 50mpg if you know how to drive well. The guy failed me because he visually didn’t see a cat under the truck although technically it passed all their tests.

You will need a cat to pass and as I said earlier, a tune to eliminate the cel or you will fail. If you make it another 100,000 miles down the road and the DPF clogs on you, that's when I would look into other options such as deletes. I also live in ct and deleted my egr in February. I read some fantastic MPG's here and wish I was in that range. An EGR delete kit can increase your exhaust gas temperature. I’ve seen some websites based out of the UK that sell down pipes with fake DPFs to fool visual inspections.

I recommend Malone tuning. Hence, the EGR gets blocked. Did you read the thread on the EPA's new ruling/clarification? EGR DELETE results in the improvement of the fuel economy.

2013 TDI wagon here (also a BC resident). : When the EGR is blocked, your engine may give a knocking sound. More noticeable on the 0-60kph. Emissions is going to play a bigger part of our lives in the future. DPF did not have to be removed. List of the Cons of EGR Delete Kits. NOx is produced by the combustion of gases. If you beat on it you will get low 40's probably. My friend just became a distributor for Rawtek and put a complete system and tune in an '09 Jetta.

Speed limit on the toll road here is 85 mph. Tales of slow warmup are overblown in my experience. Gary and Staff Invest in a block heater / oil pan heaters. It havent noticed a major difference, maybe a few extra minutes since deleting my EGR.

Went the extra mile to help with my situation. I feel a little more power but the true test will be when I hook up the caravan. It worths to drive more than 40 kms. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. It's not going to rob or gain any mpg doing either delete … That didn't stop me from doing it, but just a heads up that you could get a $600 fix-it ticket that goes up to $10000 if you don't in a timely manner, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Tell me about it. Great job Gary. No smoke. The problem is I live 2 hours away from the closest dealership, so its a huge waste for me to bring the car in and pay for their diagnostics, only to find out it will be $1200 (it seems that's what most others are paying for it at the dealership) to fix it. Some of it is just dust and this dust is carbon fuel that is not burnt. Hopefully much better towing as soon as I can get my van hooked up. You must log in or register to reply here. My first tank included several 6 mile trips 1,175 ft rise up the side of the mountain, lots off rain and average speed around 70mph. I do everything myself.

Here's the catch can I used, search in the MkIV forum for a couple threads. **Due to new regulations, we no longer sell EGR Delete Kits or EGR Delete programming, but we still offer performance tunes! Gary's knowledge in the automotive diagnostic industry and diesel tuning is nothing but the best in the trade ! I can feel the difference in the car with and without. Gary did a remap on our 2014 Territory Diesel and made a major improvement! I think they just hook up to the obf 2 port normally: I’m not sure what they do on diesels as this is my first. You can also get a soft egr tune to help with soot build up. Thats why I make no promises.

Stalling: When the EGR is clogged and the emission of gases is shut off, stalling arise that means the engine completely shuts off. IIRC you're in CT? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. My warm up is just as shitty as with the egr, but now my intake isn't getting clogged. You must log in or register to reply here. JavaScript is disabled. But the hp/tq gain is where it makes the upgrade worthwhile, plus never have to worry about the emission stuff breaking. I purchase this car for my young daughter on LPlates as her first car. It also helps in reducing the number of Carbon Deposits in the engine. The removal of EGR results in the reduction of oil contamination. Highly recommend., Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus 235/45r17. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Project DerpSpeed 1400mi club experimental.

Diesel engines typically cool the exhaust gases generated, then recirculate them back into the system. This is caused due to high combustion temperatures on overheating.

Not fun. i've even heard people in Ontario, if they have a healthy car and a DPF delete, they can still pass the opacity test.

I had my 2015 MUX tune with 90k on the clock, now it rides like a brand new car. I have a 110 mile commute each way and average 54-58 mpg if I keep the cruise set at 68mph. Also I think over time the computer learns how well the diesel burns and adjusts accordingly so over time say 10 tank test it may not make as much difference. Genuine Advice from real experts with no upselling Fuel consumption is the same if not better. But I'm torn between the security of the Dieselgate warranty and the allure of the better power/mileage/longevity of the tune. TLDR: Had a RawTek DPF delete kit and Malone stage 2 tune and I’m very happy with it. I just got back from a 1,000 mile round trip up almost 2,000 ft. into the mountains.


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