taylor swift write her own snl monologue

I would’ve taken more of that and less of certain other aspects of this sketch. Taylor is indeed a likeable and energetic host, and helps to add a fresh feel to the material. Ah. That being said, during the “Monologue Song” she had a hard time seeing because Taylor is nearly blind.

teen (host) lists parental car sins worse than driving-while-texting, — Lots of solid relatable humor here. She also added well to the atmosphere of this episode, giving the show a fun, likable feel.

— The debut of Andy’s great Nicolas Cage impression. Part of the A360 Media Entertainment Group. I recently watched an interview with Bobby where he said he didn’t do political stuff so his way of playing Karl Rove was just to keep putting his chin down. STARS: ****½, CARTER N’ SONS BBQ Jason was always funny as Glenn Beck.

She also hinted to the fact that she could be dating Taylor Lautner from ‘Twilight’. This Update outside of Abby has a heavy claptor-ish feel which never wears that well – I do enjoy parts of the “Really?” but as it goes on and on the humor really saps into stridency. — Now we get the also-now-obligatory character break from Bill, Andy, and Bobby when Jason hops up onto his desk in a sitting position in these Scared Straight sketches. Taylor Swift didn't leave anyone out of her monologue when she hosted last night's Saturday Night Live! T.R.A.A.A.P.D. For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – Subscribe on YouTube! Does anybody know how the second musical performance intro was fixed for the rerun? Fred is alright as Randy Newman, but that impression is always going to be tied to Will Sasso and Mad TV, so seeing Fred try to do it just reinforces my feeling that he didn’t have much left to offer by this point. — A pretty solid episode. — Oh my god at the initial visual of Taylor dressed like…THAT. STARS: ***½, MONOLOGUE I don’t mind Amy’s cameos as much here because I feel like she was probably helping people remember her as she was getting Parks and Rec ready, but I do agree about the perils of too many cameos (we’ll be dealing with that plenty from now on…). Fortunately I think these are just about done…. STARS: ****, MUSICAL PERFORMANCE Your email address will not be published. While heavy recurring material is nothing new (especially for this era), I would say they are more grating tonight than usual. I got to one part that made me laugh (when she joins the bride and groom in their wedding greeting), but I rarely do make it to the moment that tends to make me cringe most – when the host tries to out-Penelope Penelope, and inevitably fails. STARS: ****, HOLLYWOOD DISH When’s the last time that happened? Other than the Scared Straight sketch, they write to her range and do a good job of presenting young-ish material without feeling too pandering or cloying. We’re clearly in the era of recently-departed cast members being afraid to cut the proverbial umbilical cord after leaving the show. In her most recent stint SNL’s Youtube even put up a video compiling her sketches, which led some to think she would do more. — Boy, Kristen-as-Elisabeth-Hasselbeck’s constant rants are so grating, and not grating in the funny, satirical way it’s intended to be. We collect all relevant information pertaining to a single trivia or factoid on the web and collate it into a uniquely styled single article. Taylor Swift and Kate Gosselin are both from Wyomissing, PA, which is a suburb of Reading. It also pokes fun at the things people notice about all of her …

What Affleck and Damon Wrote Into The Initial ‘Good Will Hunting’ Script Was Ballsy! Kristen’s “Just kidding” character) commentary earlier this season had a brief, half-assed attempt at a change of pace with her bringing out a chart, SNL does a brief, half-assed attempt at a change of pace in tonight’s Nicholas Fehn commentary by having him try to write down a point he’s failing to say, but it ends up going the exact same route you’d expect it to. Taylor actually wrote her own monologue for this episode, which is super rare for hosts to do, unless they’re doing stand up or something. Christina Ricci, Justin Timberlake), in which they say they watched the show when growing up “way back” in the days when (insert cast members from not too long ago here) were on the show, Taylor Swift goes one step further and says she used to stay up past her bedtime to watch SNL “way back” when [current cast members] Bill Hader and Andy Samberg were on the show. "You might be expecting me to say something bad about Kanye," she says, looking sad. Another shout-out was to rumored beau, New Moon's Taylor Lautner. Jason’s Glenn Beck isn’t 100%, but that 80% or so is still great to watch. — I do like the part with Taylor being forced to do a very stiff, unnatural laugh, and how the Hollywood Dish show eventually airs it out of context in a cruel manner during a preview of Taylor’s interview. Fox News election coverage prematurely declares the end of the Obama era, — Funny Greta Van Susteren impression from Kristen.


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