tau codex pdf 2018

The downside… this is a single model and as we outlined above, you often want to nestle your Warlord in your backfield, not on a unit that is getting up close and personal with the enemy. Fail-safe Detonator (1CP) – Another very situational stratagem, this one provides mortal wounds to units within 3″ as the model dies. Neuroweb System Jammer (2CP) – Similar to Eldar’s Lightning Reflexes, this is limited to being within 18″ of a Commander model but can be applied to anything (honestly though, what competitive choice in Eldar cannot use Lightning Reflexes?). Of course realistically speaking that’s irrelevant, because both armies are gonna be taking other options in some or all of those slots, but on a theoretical level I would definitely put my money on the Tau army. Hunting Grounds (1CP) – Unfortunately Kroot and their Hounds have two uses in 8th edition thanks to the changes in cover and neither of these are exemplified by Hunting Grounds. Still working out the kinks. +1 to wound for potentially everything in your army is off the chain. Don’t worry; it was one of the first things I sent in for the FAQ (with a desperate hope for an Errata attached).

I hope it’s at least understandable why. Crisis suits are only usable as a bomb, ghostkeels got nothing but access to some pretty underwhelming 'relics',…, Tau Codex Review – Part 3: Relics / Warlord Traits, London GT Drama, Tau 1500 and Boardgame Stuff, Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good: Tau Review. IG Brigade: company commanders, infantry squads, platoon commanders, multilaser scout sentinels, mortar HWTs; 78 bodies, The Mortars are basically the only good thing about it. At 30 shots (so 10 triple tapping Fire Warriors or 30 single shots) your MEQ deaths are 5.185, 5.833, 6.481 and 7.13 assuming BS3+ and re-roll 1s at normal, through unity, Focused Fire, devastation and focused fire + through unity, devastation respectively. Losing your Warlord loses the free benefits we will outline below. The real question is, does the upgraded AFP replace a CIB or Fusion Blaster and the short answer is no. Drop Zone Clear, although limited, is literally what most people have been begging for the whole of 8E. If it was 2D6 shots, I would take it in a heartbeat.

We looked at the Warlord Traits and Relics for each of the individual Septs so are not going to rehash those here though they will obviously be considered. Would still prefer 4 of them :p. Incorrect on the prototype limit, wording just says when you select a relic. Recalling from months and months and months ago, we have already reviewed the septs and stratagems. And then they probably just hostage the kroot, and you're in a worse spot than having broadsides touched. Yes I likely will.

Before we look at the actual traits, picking which model is our Warlord is quite important. I agree. Auotmated Repair System (2CP) – Standard repair option though given the breadth of Battlesuit options that are solid choices, it can certainly be used in a pinch to gain a couple of wounds back. Like the uplinked markerlight stratagem you might not need it every turn but you should build your list to have enough CP to use it every turn. This may be just me, but the entire Codex gives off the impression of being made with aims towards levelling the field for Tau somewhat, but no heart behind them. Focused Fire would be in the running for best stratagem in the game if not for the release of the DE book and the Agents of Vect strat. Insult to injury if they do mortal wounds in their own death throes… It’s not a lot of damage but a couple of Mortal Wounds can add up. A single S10 AP-4 D6 attack is not amazing but can finish off a tough unit that Tau normally cannot do in the combat phase. No LOS on 18″ weapons though are far less useful to the 30″ of SMS or the myriad of other common 8th ed weapons (*looks at Mortars and Tempest Launchers*).

), There's an additional loss - if the warlord isn't Farsight Enclaves, then I lose the option of taking Talisman of Arthas Moloch in relevent matchups.…, Have Aun’Shi be your Warlord to get Academy Luminary (+1 Command Point, 9" Moral Aura). Actually, that’d be an entertaining exhibition match to see, minimum Tau brigade vs minimum IG brigade. Incorrect on the prototype limit, wording just says when you select a relic. 2 (Through Unity, Devastation): This is your go to choice. pdf) or read online. The biggest benefit of AFPs is their ability to damage units out of LOS and the upgrades to S, AP and D really help allow this option to be more useful than just plinking at infantry like a short-ranged mortar. Emergency Dispensation (1CP/3CP) – You start with the Puretide Chip and then you decide if you want to spend 0, 1 or 3 CP for extra stuff. 6 (Exemplar of the Mont’ka): Advancing without penalty is fantastic on Coldstars – you basically get free 40″ movement and that covers a huge amount of the board. Tau Brigade: fireblades, strike teams, firesight marksmen, kroot hounds, sniper drones; 57 bodies Focused Fire) are more than 1 CP. Support Turret Replacement (1CP) – I complained for years that Fire Warriors needed a special weapon through a drone to allow them to actually be somewhat useful when Troops were mandatory ala Tactical Marines with a special / heavy weapon option. A close-ranged Commander option like Fusion Blasters / CIBs and not on a Coldstar (or moving the Coldstar would expose the Commander) may have this option early turns without issue but as the game wears on or for other builds (if they remain relevant), losing lots of BS2+ shots is a huge opportunity cost. legiones astartes age of darkness army list a supplement for warhammer 40,000. winters SEO the Tau Empire's neglected eastern Support systems list (see Codex: Tau Empire) Warhammer 40k Ork Codex 7th Edition Download Pdf DOWNLOAD. Sure, you could use a drone but those are a scarce resource…get yourself a 3++ and tank some the fist turn or two. 4 (Through Boldness, Victory): Re-rolling failed to hit rolls for a unit within 12″ of your Warlord is never a bad thing but when Tau have so much access to re-rolling ones and all of your shooting HQs are BS2+… this really only comes into play against units that have negs to hit (*looking at you Eldar*).

Then I went looking for it, it wasn’t there. I want to like the supernova launcher but the only crisis-chassis weapon its profile goes with is the plasma rifle, which are just bad, sadly.


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