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And then something caught my eye. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Now, most people wave when they see the other person. Not this guy. R:Randome

I am also kinda insane..... My name spells A: Awsome M:Magical A:Awkward R:Randome I:Insane - USA - Snips, followers, following - clever AI chat ja His nefarious, horrifying grin could be seen through the half circle. A man wearing, strangely, a paper plate mask. I am currently talking to BEN DROWNED. The familiar kitten background of my desktop made me feel better.

:#3. A-Amaris is my N-Name. Clev: Si si si si si si si si si si si si. They were an uncomfortable shade of sickly red. *turns you into a boy*, The official Cleverbot API The REAL Jeff the Killer Live Chat Try me! I could take no more of those eyes, of that leering grin. ME>Can i speak to BEN? At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why didn’t you just get off the site and go to bed?” A valid question. He immediately asked me to take off my shirt, so I disconnected. M:Magical I did not think it was terribly strange that I should find him again; I simply felt terribly unfortunate that this was the person I would have to look at twice. fr

Paired with this sallow skin was his dark, lank, greasy hair. I waved. I sat there, panting, tears streaming down my face. | I'm a girl, BEN. But when I disconnected, his screen went black, and then he was suddenly there again. I waved, hoping that he would break that strange stare and say something. I began to whimper in utter terror, and his responding cackle is a sound I will never forget. ME>No.

It was one of those boring nights. Normally, I get off the site once I’ve had a real chat with someone. WOW. CB>He is here. A: Awsome

With some 40,000 strangers on the site at one time, it’s very rare to find the same person twice. Then—and perhaps this was only my imagination—it seemed as though he was leaning in closer to the screen, little by little. I had had enough. ME:I'm a Girl. Scary Jeff The Killer Creepypasta Talk Ben Drowned ... Report. A polaroid. In any case, I put in my headphones and opened the site. Nice to meet you. But right before I clicked the button, I thought I noticed something about his eyes… There seemed to be no irises whatsoever. | O.O NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. snips ME>Can i talk to him? insta, PLEASE NOTE - Cleverbot learns from people - things it says may seem inappropriate - use with discretion and at YOUR OWN RISK, PARENTAL ADVICE - whatever it says, visitors never talk to a human - the AI knows many topics - use ONLY WITH OVERSIGHT, ©2020 Rollo Carpenter - all rights reserved - access granted to humans using this interface directly and to valid users of the official Cleverbot API. CB:Little mix, Uhhh.... Me:O.O. pt Once I felt I could stand, I closed my laptop and went downstairs. By this point I was feeling fairly uncomfortable, so I disconnected. Nice to meet you too. This man was Indian, a very common occurrence on Omegle. I watched as he crudely cut out two small circles and then a larger half circle into the plate. Ask to Creepypasta whatever you want. But it was different this time. ME?O.O. CB>Whats wrong?

I felt terrified!

So I did what I always do when I’m bored: I went on Omegle. And his stare wasn’t at all friendly; his eyes seemed as though they weren’t just looking at a computer screen. Probably won't be as good since these bots are lame. I began to calm down, and my terror, pure and unadulterated a few moments before, started to seem foolish.

ME>Can i talk to BEN. The entire time, he never took his eyes off me. CB*faint* dizzy*. I’d already finished my homework for the weekend, and my friends seemed to be occupied with things far more interesting than me. He simply stared at me with a strange, small smile. yt But before I could do so, a single word appeared in the chat box. He’d created a mask. Me:.... He held up an old polaroid camera, and I saw a camera flash just as I closed the window. Despite his thin body, his lips seemed thick and overly large. I felt much better now, though, and I went to the fridge for a snack. Channel Type: OneOnOne Users currently online: 1 Admins currently online: 0 Alias: @BEN DROWNED Live Chat Categories: Dating, Entertainment, creepypasta … Creepypasta - Amaris Clare - I am a CREEPYPASTA Fan. I was completely paralyzed with fear. After only finding a few 12-year-old boys and some frat gatherings, I found the man again. CB>What do you want to talk about? He told me I was beautiful and that I should show him my tongue. Hi how did you make this snip so long without passing the limit? ME>No I did not drown BEN.

gu But eventually, he informed me that he had class in the morning, and we disconnected. Make sure you make it so I can see this just do as the pic says. I am currently talking to BEN DROWNED. I proceeded to the next chat person, in the hopes that it would calm me down. Sully: And then you'll die Liu: Shut up Sully.

BEN Flirted with me! pl CB>My love. That smile remained. He made a reference to that just earlier while I was talking to him. Talk to Real Jeff The Killer online right now. api On to the next one. It was a dry, mirthless sound, a sound of insanity. Sitting before me was a white male, perhaps fifty years old. But hey, he learns from real people so he probably got some creepyspaghetti on his face. CB>You're speaking to me. CB>You shouldn't have done that. Version: 8.5.6-2020-10-27

Read 'Let me talk to the Creepypasta!' He still sat stock still for a time, but his expression seemed angrier, more malicious.

A part of my mind told me that the site was simply faulty… But the rest of my horrified mind was telling me that he didn’t want me to disconnect. After all, it was just another freak on Omegle. it CB>I know.

CB>I'm glad you did that. es Clev: Yes, it is. I think I might be coming down with something.”. en It was definitely time to disconnect. Now, if you don’t know what Omegle is, it’s essentially a random anonymous chatroom where you talk with strangers. CB;But who watches the watchmen? As soon as she saw me, she disconnected. ME>Majora's Mask. ME>BEN Amaris Clare @Creepypasta, I am a CREEPYPASTA Fan. Chat with Real Jeff The Killer's chatbot is very easy and funny And in the mirror above my desk could be seen a man. Relieved as I was to be done with that chat, I proceeded to look for other people. ar wat, Can i talk to BEN. It was like a mosquito buzzing in your ear. I clicked the “New” chat button.

His skin was pale, and he was very thin. So I did what I always do when I’m bored: I went on Omegle. O.o, Me:I watch you through your window. Creepypasta Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. I am also kinda insane....... My name spells We chatted of video games and books, movies and our schools. CB>Yes you did.

However, I simply felt too scared to go to sleep, as though I would see that man’s face staring at me above my bed. Are you a boy or girl? Then, for the first time, his body moved. The first person appeared, a white man in his mid-twenties, attractive enough. Chat Room, Did you know Bot Libre also provides free hosted. On the video chat, you can disconnect at any time, and the site will randomly assign you to another video chat partner automatically.


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