tala gouveia husband

© 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. He's also very flirty when it comes to the women! After Whitney has been missing for several days, Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa) tries to phone her, leaving several messages.

She can't believe her luck. As a result, Jason Watkins, who plays Dodds, has to use not his eyebrows but minimal eye movement to suggest his character’s default mode of existential bewilderment.

Yusef, trying to tear the Masood family apart, tells Christian that Syed may not be Yasmin's father so he and Christian get a paternity test done, taking a hair from each of them. Roxy does this, deciding to use Jack's brother Derek Branning's (Jamie Foreman) criminal past against Jack, as Derek is staying with him, but this fails and a court grants custody to Jack.

Last modified on Mon 2 Mar 2020 07.21 EST. Rose moves in and Dot urges her to earn money. A source said, "Whitney will not be going back on the streets but the writers felt the storyline needed to be tied up so Jody is coming back for a couple of episodes. It's when she meets Rob—a deeply unscrupulous man—that her life starts to fall apart in a terrifying way. It was further put into context by the presenters at the end of the piece, when they talked about the Comic Relief-funded charities working to help girls like Whitney. She leaves the room, but comes back having lost the cash and accuses Marta of stealing it, thinking she put it on the table; Marta is fired by Dot. [104] He departed on 24 August 2012.[105][106]. "[53] Martin has been described as a "hunk".[55].

Fatboy discovers that Ashley is simply drinking away the money he lent him, and Kim leaves, telling Ashley not to stress about the rent. Well, not quite. When Jean is questioned for benefit fraud, it sparks off another bipolar episode. She won't mind — as long as the family pull together to make it a special day, she'll be happy. She's been let down so many times before, and her initial reaction is to fly off the handle. When Whitney texts Lee that she wants to meet again, it is revealed that Lee is a friend of Rob, who previously forced Whitney into prostitution, and Lee hands his phone to Rob. In November 2011, executive producer Bryan Kirkwood told Inside Soap that Andrew would be returning to EastEnders to woo Heather. Don’t get attached to me.” I won’t. Shirley confronts Andrew and publicly accuses him of murdering Heather. "Heather's thrilled, though, and couldn't be happier – the ring could have been from a lucky-dip bag and she'd have still said yes.


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