symphony of the night underground caverns switch
The names and portraits change, but are not synced up with the spoken dialogue. Reverse Caverns In accessible menu options are not darkened, unlike any version. Intro text is based off Japanese version, with minor adjustments such as changing Ralph C. Belmont to Trevor Belmont. ". ". The final version replaces the text with a red arrow instead. Cave The librarian menu has text changes, including a free talk option. GOD » Castlevania: Symphony of the Night » Maps » Underground Caverns. Underground Caverns Graphical text such as location names and elevator activated message are the same as the Japanese version. Let's Play Castlevania: SotN #30 - Reverse Caverns - YouTube Can you get to the secret save point in the Reverse Castle Entrance? The switch for making the skeleton ape appear near the wooden bridge in the Underground Caverns is missing. 地下水脈Ground Water Vein Castlevania: Symphony of the Night The in-game name of the enemy, as shown if you have the Faerie Scroll relic; different enemies that have non-unique names are clarified with parenthetical notes; The enemy's level, which determines how much experience they give based on Alucard's level, How much damage the enemy can take before being defeated, How much experience Alucard gains upon defeating this enemy if he is at the same level as the enemy; Alucard gains a multiplicative 25% bonus for each level he is below the enemy's level, to a maximum of approximately triple experience at a five-level difference; if Alucard is above the enemy's level, experience is reduced by a multiplicative 1/3 penalty for each level Alucard is above the enemy's, to a minimum of 1 experience point; the formula for experience gained by a familiar is based on this number, but works differently, The item this enemy is most likely to drop upon being defeated, The item this enemy is less likely to drop upon being defeated, The elements this enemy is strong against; attacks of this element deal half damage, The elements this enemy is immune to; attacks of this element deal no damage and have no effect, The elements this enemy is weak against; attacks of this element deal double damage, The elements this enemy absorbs; attacks of this element heal the enemy instead of dealing damage, The amount of money required to buy the item from the librarian, if it is available for sale, Attack is the maximum base damage value when this item is used as a weapon; attack is modified by Alucard's strength score, and the weapon may not give its full maximum if Alucard's strength score is not high enough, The type of damage dealt when this item is used to attack; some enemies are affected differently by attacks of certain elements, The relative speed of the weapon when used to attack repeatedly, The number of squares this weapon's primary attack reaches in front of Alucard, Whether this weapon has a special attack triggered by entering the ↓↘→ + attack or ←→ + attack commands, or both; hover over the command to see what the attack does, When Alucard takes damage, the damage dealt is reduced by his defense score, Strength determines how much damage Alucard deals with physical attacks, Constitution increases Alucard's defense and reduces the duration of the poison and curse status ailments; note that constitution from items has eight times the effect of Alucard's base constitution score, Intelligence determines how much damage Alucard deals when using spells, familiars, and special weapons; note that intelligence from items has four times the effect of Alucard's base intelligence score, Luck affects your chances of dealing critical hits and getting rare drops from enemies, Specifics on what this item does when used, The area of the castle where this relic is found; names in, The area of the castle where this boss is encountered; names in, The cost to buy the tactics demo for this boss from the librarian when it is available, The enemies that make up this boss encounter, Found Items: In Underground Caverns – 40 shown, Enemies: Found in Underground Caverns – 12 shown, Weapons: Found in Underground Caverns – 5 shown, Armor: Found in Underground Caverns – 8 shown, Items: Found in Underground Caverns – 7 shown, Relics: Found in Underground Caverns – 2 shown, bold italics indicate areas of the inverted castle, Bosses: Encountered in Underground Caverns – 3 shown, Compare Underground Caverns to other Areas, Break left wall in previous room to access, On a ledge on the right, bear right from the waterfall, In water, use Holy Symbol to avoid damage. Game Over image has a "To be continued" screen instead. After pressing start at the title screen, a selection screen which allows normal or special starts appears. Playing with a sucky controller so my accuracy isn't that great and i get hit where i shouldn't get :o. The switch for making the skeleton ape appear near the wooden bridge in the Underground Caverns is missing. Home > Games > Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Reverse Caverns Head right, fighting off Cave Trolls along the way. Music After defeating the Werewolf and Minotarus in the collosseum, a game over is triggered. ◄ Previous stage One of them is a police officer.

Doppleganger40 Abandoned Pit to the Catacomb The Reverse Caverns (mispelled "Reverce Caverns" in the game) is an upside down version of the Underground Caverns in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Special starts the player at the catacombs at level 1 with 200 HP. Eventually, you'll reach a crossroads, each with a save point. On both castles there is the green underground/catacomb area (can't remember the right name, sorry) and what looks like a wall that should open because it's a seperate block, but doesn't when you hit it. Enter the passageway. It is also called the groundwater vein. Underground Caverns. :D GFX Contains - - GFX.bin - Custom palette - tiles.map16 (I hope you are not confused) Credit? On the map it tells me that there are bits missing but when i get to those points on the map there is only rocks in way and i cant seem to fill them, any ideas as to … Unformatted memory card string not displayed properly. Enemy list also has different text. In the reverse castle in the underground caverns, there are some parts that i cannot cover on the map because there are rocks in the way. If you're having a hard time filling up the map near the ceiling, use your Wolf Form to hug the upper portion of the room. The button mapping is also different. Uncovering certain areas of the map in the inverted castle.

It is not possible to exit back to the Abandoned mine. Cave ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Japanese text denotes when a direction needs to be held in the special moves list. The logo during the loading screen is slightly larger. In the reverse castle how do i get into the alcove to the right of the waterfall? The Reverse Caverns can be entered below from the Black Marble Gallery. Next stage ► Title logo has "-E3 Version-" printed directly under the title.

Black Marble GalleryReverse Entrance This versions saves are compatible with the Japanese version. After defeating the Werewolf and Minotarus in the collosseum, a game over is triggered. Several other items have different names or descriptions.


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