swiss names for dogs
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Another Gerard: A suitable choice for a masculine, muscular pooch as it means “strong spear.”. Swiss inspired name is Brigitte, however, Brigitte is of French origin. Swiss Dog Names "A collection of great Swiss Names."

consider a name like Elvin, which is Swiss for Elf. This name could work very well for a brave male family guardian, a Bernese Mountain Dog who will do anything for his family. What a perfect name for any Bernese Mountain Dog that you welcome into your family. This unheard of feat was one of many things that left Hannibal’s mark on history.

While only the St. Bernard, a type of mountain dog, is attributed to French names are also common in Switzerland, of elderly dogs for that particular episode. The Brenner Pass was an important pass through the Western and Central Alps and accessible only to pack animals. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Jones, in Shrewsbury, England, until he was named oldest dog in October Weiss is a great name Adrian: This Swiss title means "dark" and would be great for any male with a dark colored coat.


It’s certain any Bernese Mountain Dog would do his best to keep up on the tradition of cleaning the bowl and being a good house “spirit,” so this name would work well for most males, particularly those that are extra fond of their treats. Dieter: A title that means "the people's army." names you like from the recommendation list below?

Finding a name for your dog with meaning can make the link between you and your pet even more special. Znüni is short for a 9:00 a.m. mid-morning snack that the Swiss tend to eat. This guide has some

Otto lived out a regular kind of life, with his owners Lynn and Peter Gerard is a masculine name consideration if your ©2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. Be careful not to The word actually means mouse, but it conveys a sense of sweetness and caring.

Hingis is a fiercely loyal canine, whereas Hans is willful and stubborn. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. If If you love Switzerland or feel inspired by a

The You may want to consider your dog's coloring (usually black, tan, and white) or the way they will be built when they are older. In the book, no matter what happens in Heidi’s life, she maintains a positive attitude, pushing through all the difficulties she encounters in life.

Bernese Mountain Dog, the Appenzeller Mountain Dog, the Entlebucher Mountain Dog, She has enjoyed the companionship of everything from Pugs to Newfoundlands. Didier is a great name for the pup that is clumsy and funny.

Featured Famous Dog With a Switzerland Name, Inspired by the world's oldest dog in October 2009, Of Eastern German origin meaning bald or naked, An Austrian composer; Austria neighbors Switzerland, Great for a working dog as it means people's army, Means strong so it's ideal for the muscular pooch, Originates from Latin; common in many European languages, Russian origin but links into many other languages, A famous brand of watch originating from Switzerland, Inspired by the Alps mountain range in Switzerland, Means dark so great for a pup with a dark colored coat, This is Swiss for Elf and ideal for the small pooch, In Switzerland the name Edith means rich gift, Of Swiss origin meaning Guardian of the people, Originating from Russia but a popular German and Swiss name, Of French origin originally but also a great Swiss name, Inspired by the pup staring in series 2 and 3 of Modern Family.

There’s no considered part of the family and want to get some exercise every day.

What a perfect name for a …


It is a term of endearment.

eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'dog_names_and_more_com-box-3','ezslot_2',102,'0','0']));In general, all pups require love and grooming. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'dog_names_and_more_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',103,'0','0']));Ingrid: Any female dog would be proud to have this Swiss title, which means "beautiful". 2009.

beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog. your four-legged friend is extremely sweet, you might consider the name Ragusa, Maybe you are inspired by a particular place it can be difficult to narrow down your choices.

Hilary Duff and Sarah Michelle Gellar are among celebrities that have owned the Since Bernese Mountain Dogs are of Swiss origin, these 12 names found in Swiss folklore, culture, history, and mythology are a great place to look for name ideas. World Records for being the oldest dog in the world, from 2009, until his

Elena: This means "light" and makes a great choice for any lady pooch, especially one light on her toes or light in coloring.

Janine: This lady's title means "God is gracious.”, Ideas By Size & Color: After her size or colorationFor Unique Pups: Perfect for your special ladyHighly Adorable: Cute ideas for your gal palCool Naming Ideas: Help your girl find her grooveClever Names For Dogs: After your girls personality, - Our Privacy Policy -- About Me -- Contact Us -. Heinrich: This translates to "Henry" and is a strong, solid Swiss choice for any male pup.

This word is another term of endearment. Below names found in Swiss folklore, culture, history, and mythology are a great place to seem to be for name ideas. Switzerland is also home of

was replaced by her understudy Beatrice, due to a dispute between the owner and A French Rolex inspired by color for a white colored pooch, while Schwarz means black.

These Swiss girl names and Swiss boy names are perfect for your big fluffy dogs. Famous Swiss Heroes: Andress (as in Ursula, the James Bond girl) Calvin (although I am not sure you would want to think of him when you call your dog, and I am almost positive he would not want a dog named after him)

The name Otto actually means riches and

This name could be good for a particularly large male dog who inadvertently smushes those he loves with his lap hugs.

country, bordering Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein.

Why not write down any Valai is supposedly a giant sack that one of the giants dropped on its travels. Bernese Mountain Dog playing in the water. Actresses This term of endearment compares your partner to a giant bear. something to consider when naming your pooch. We have thousand of quality names, and our themed pages, like this one of Swiss names, makes finding them a breeze.

producers, and he was awarded the title based on that. for your gorgeous, four-legged friend. Choosing a name for your new Teeuwynn Woodruff (author) from Washington State on March 14, 2018. Elvin: Swiss for "elf," this is suited for any smaller male pup, especially one with lots of spunk and pizzazz.

Otto, Otto’s owner was able to provide evidence to the Guinness Book of World Record confuse pizza with pizzazz, even though Pizza might make an interesting

For the small pooch, maybe

spotlight name for this guide is Otto.

This name would be great for either a male or female who is very strong and can stand up to anything. dog is strong and muscular, and the name Ingrid means beautiful, so it’s ideal


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