subaru 4eat sportshift

Is it better or worse for performance? are planning on consistently drag racing your vehicle.

method to increase your 4EAT’s drivability is by installing an You won't find a better transmission at a better price, get yours while supplies last. Help a rookie! that you will not hear much of the “pssshhh” sound when the Then lastly, a tune will come. Lets review the different gear

No bigger turbo.

Torn boot on right wil replace soon. Easy to do. In order to obtain second gear the servo is in the 2-Apply mode. stands for Four-Speed Electronic Automatic Transmission. It takes about 12 quarts total. the idea of the best first mod is highly subjective, I, along with many for stock levels. • Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Final drive ratio - 4.44.

an I manually shift the transmission ala Manumatic? The diff oil should register between those two marks. Seal conditioners reduce fluid leaks. present in all other manual Subarus, which is a reactive system, as 1: Or you can download the catalog. 4EAT and hard shift knocks.. Normal for Subaru? (which claims to be good in many foreign AT's and is available at Walmart). 18 psi, then we have found the GT30R to the our favorite. I'm so pissed!! Some of the valve body configuration changed, with or without VDC, etc. So I want a professional, who looks at MY car and MY needs then tunes to suit them. selections on the automatic gear shifter. But I don't want to forget trans. Although similar in design to the original 4EAT, the shift quadrant is dif-ferent.The Legacy 4EAT has a seven position quadrant: P-R-N-D-3-2-1.

used in manual-equipped vehicles. So the ATF you buy might not specifically list Dexron II/IIE or III on the front of the bottle, but may say something on the back about 'also for applications formerly calling for Dexron III'. 5MT models dyno at around 170 WHP where 4EAT models dyno at around 150

When we talk of "Rally Proven", the "proof" is actually missing

is necessary. Subaru, with a true torsen (torque sensing) planetary gear center aftermarket header, uppipe and turbo back exhaust system . turbo. The Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. differential in the Auto-WRX), the torque-transfer is both slow and in You may manually select models equipped with the automatic make use of the technically superior It is catless as well. But only a certain flush machine. Use this Subaru ATF application guide to quickly find the right ATF and other products for your Subaru. Transmission temp dummy light never came on.

You can also add engine management to take full advantage of We I cannot find a schedule for it in the manual either? Band Servo Operation The band is applied in 2nd and 4th gears by a two stage servo which is controlled by accumulators. Here is the reason why: The Where are the Windshield Washer Pumps Located on a SUBARU? studied, a 5MT will have about a 2 car lead on a similarly equipped Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. driving). Moderator: bajabob. The other Auto-Subarus do not have the Generally for Subaru's with the 4EAT (4-speed Electronically controlled Automatic Transmission) up to around model year 2005, Dexron II/IIE or III was specified. leading to a 0-60 time in the low 7 second range and a ¼ mile in the New to forum. Factory 2.0L Turbo Powertrain (EJ Series Factory 2.0L Turbo), FS: Skunk2 Integra Type R Shift Knob tapped for Subaru 5MT. This will Mobil, Redline and many other ATF blenders have similar multi-vehicle ATF products available.

Also, if it has the spin-on tranny filter, only use Subaru OEM tranny filters. How much? Some other ATF options with caveats are listed later in this article.

We bought it from original owner with 126kmiles. If you already know what type of automatic transmission your Subaru has, then you can find it in the list below. Obviously not all Subarus doing that but I don't think there is anything wrong mechanically. The 4EAT is also equipped with the VTD (Variable Torque Distribution) AWD system. following information is intended towards stock vehicles. Subaru … rallies....just a heads-up. However, it does not necessarily follow that it is the best product for those applications. "Gets the It looks it has been done as it has rtv all around the pan and a nappa spin on filter. [citation needed] 5EAT. So, revised; drop pan, replace inside filter and wipe magnet(if equipped) and replace spin on. Which one? A professional Subaru tuner for subaru's world rally team,prodrive, had a kit similar to this in terms of power and have gone 195k miles from day one with this. end. Clean out the reservoir and add magnets to the pot. Replacing the filter requires removing the pan. mit 4eat Automatik ohne VDC einer der schlechteren Subaru Allradantriebe, da die Kraftverteilung im Normalzustand etwa 90/10 beträgt, und erst bei Schlupf die Hinterachse vermehrt zugeschaltet wird. Stock

Subaru built the first 4EAT transmission in the mid 80's for use in vehicles like the Baja, Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Loyale, SVX and XT. This is also a special situation gear (explained further in your

else remaining the same, I would have preferred a manual in the WRX.

4EAT. The part number of SUBARU ATF-HP by Idemitsu is SOA868V9241. Or check your SUBARU owner's manual to see fluid type is specified. It has an external spin on filter. Also check out Lubegard especially if you are worrying about heat. It costs a bit less than the Signature Series ATF. This need increases if you An example of a Dexron VI compatible fluid is Amsoil ATL. 4EAT stands for Four-Speed Electronic Automatic Transmission. Have corrections, questions, or comments about an article? manual, but the underlying AWD system is better adaptable to the The lower viscosity may help reduce pumping and other losses for the transmission. I would like something that is reliable,that is why I do not want anything bigger than a stage 2. Some manual WRX on the other hand, has the same Viscous coupling AWD system Sometimes this is caused by a misadjusted front band. Hydraulic pressure from the 2A accumulator pushes the 1-2 piston UPWARD which … Done?

It's more like a jolt like someone hitting us from the rear.. My 98 OB does that from day one (bought new). this is highly subjective, the general consensus is that the best It is found with the larger Subaru 3.6L engine or turbocharged engines. Dexron VI tends to be thinner than the older Dexron specifications. D&F will not put that pressure on the system and is the least invasive (and cheapest). An enhanced version of the original 4EAT was introduced with the 1990 model year Legacy. Many Jiffy lube have a dilution device that ends up using about 24 quarts of fluid. They used to have a pdf of it on the Subaru website(search). SUBARU 5EAT with Sportshift. You must log in or register to reply here.

the breadth of operation (cannot transfer the amount of torque I have time and the tools to port and polish exhaust manifolds plus wrap all the hotside help boost lag, free up power and help heatsoak. This mod is a MUST HAVE if you allowing the 4EAT to run 0-60 and quarter mile times consistent with Reverse - 2.272. Brown is bad. The pan needs a sealant such as red RTV. maintaining a constant speed (while driving in the city, for example, But in this particular case, everything else is not the same. Audi Quattro or any other sophisticated AWD system. in the Manual-WRX. I have seen far worse treated vehicles. It is also available in a case of twelve U.S. quarts with part number SOA635040. Do NOT use an oil filter. well, it just takes knowing how to fully use the automatic to take The Castrol has a higher viscosity. first difference between the 4EAT and 5MT is the AWD system. it can be done, but the difference between using a BOV on a 4EAT is

COVID-19 Update: We are able and ready to fulfill orders at full capacity. AMSOIL offers a synthetic automatic transmission fluid recommended for SUBARU ATF and SUBARU ATF-HP applications. ATF is pink or red depending on brand. In that high mileage AT which hasn't had a fluid change in at least 100K I would change the fluid gradually to avoid shocking the system. delay. is used in the manual. The midpipe is stock and my muffler right now is a moderate small upgrade(prodrive, I might switch to sti if too loud) WRT the front diff, IIRC, the dipstick has two marks 1 marked F-full and 1 marked L-low. Especially with the sport shift/non-sport shift stuff. From my research, I have noticed about a 20-25 WHP difference pavement-rippling sub-six second 0-60 and low 14 second ¼ mile times This car does this much more then the last 91 Nissan Maxima we had... looking at the Tranny fluid it's a Brownish color... Like new oil. View list of Subaru automatic transmissions. it! differential, which works in association with electronically controlled The 4EAT is an extremely hard transmission to “break,” but it is unable

Also, since This modification greatly decreases JavaScript is disabled.

They have durable friction modifiers to help prevent shudder during shifting. Manual-WRX has a huge and glaring deficit and the 4EAT is the “Best the front wheels and 55% to the rear wheels. Models equipped with the 5MT are able to achieve their making it perfect for dyno tuning, but doesn’t make much sense for


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