stretchy cast on stockinette

When knitting this stitch, you end up with two different sides – one very smooth and a purl side that looks a bit like the ribbings of the garter stitch. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you step by step how to knit the most basic knitting stitch. more information Accept. The single cast on works with stockinette stitch knitting as well, but is quite a bit looser. If you are left-handed, you may want to work from right to left.

Try using a crochet hook instead of your right needle as an alternate way to do this cast-on. The wrong side is rather messy, with a lot of so-called “floating threads” (or floats), so you cannot use it for a scarf, etc. It is moderately stretchy, I would say it is about equal to the Alternating Long Tail Cast On. Close up of the Alternating Long Tail Cast On. It's just the way the yarn wants to lay. Another very different kind of cast on. It seems slightly more flexible to me than the standard Long Tail Cast On and it gives you a clean and simple edge to any ribbing. In Garter Stitch, you only do knit stitches in every row. Stretched Jenny’s Stretchy Slip Knot Cast On.

With that technique, you create the knit stitches. 2. The cast-on uses loops and twists to create pairs of stitches on the needle. I find it even easier than the Alternating Long Tail Cast On. That makes it nice for buttonholes if you want them to have a bit more give than normally. All you are doing is changing the way you wrap the yarn over your thumb for every second stitch you are casting on. The only thing you need to consider is that a longtail cast on will create knit stitches. If you need to join the cast on edge to another piece using mattress stitch, then the single cast on is no option as it lacks the little bars in between the stitches. Please note, that when you are working in the round, things are completely opposite. This is probably one of the reasons why it became such a popular pattern for socks, as it’s super easy to knit.

You’ve knit a beautiful pair of socks, a hat or sweater only to find out that the cast on ended up too tight. Don't hesitate to send an e-mail! And since you are only using the working end of your yarn and not the tail, you can even cast on stitches within a row using this method. Note: Fair isle patterns are not reversible.

Use a needle one to two sizes smaller than on your project to make the cast-on blend into Garter stitch. It sounds a bit like it was a different stitch order or some other magic, but it’s really that simple.

As with the standard Long Tail Cast On, don’t forget the first you’re knitting will be a wrong side row. This cast on should also be easy to learn, if you already know how to do the Long Tail Cast On. Half of it is exactly the same as the standard Long Tail Cast On. But it’s true that it looks much better on ribbing. I thought this cast on was a bit fiddly to do first and it took me a bit longer to get into a nice rhythm with it. It was taught to knitting author Cap Sease’s friend by a waitress in a Beijing restaurant, hence the great name. …atleast, if you want a nice knit stitch edge. This video is available to customers of the following class(es): Click the links above to learn more about the class(es) OR Join KnitFreedom Premium now and get this and every other video we sell FREE. The Chinese Waitress Cast-On is a beautiful, reversible, and stretchy short-tail cast-on.

If you got an interchangeable needle set or some spare needles, you can try knitting the purl return round with a smaller needle to fix that problem. Then you came to the right place. Often, you create an accidental yarn over.

The stretchiness is also towards the top, rather than just to the side (like in stockinette). Are you wondering how to knit the stockinette stitch? view continental videoview english … Cable Cast-On. Unlike the st sts, the garter stitch will produce a soft and pretty stretchy work. The cast-on creates pairs of stitches so, combined with the initial slipknot, it results in an odd number of stitches. The only thing you need to consider is that a longtail cast on will create knit stitches. And since so far I’ve only tried two, I get to learn more about this, too. When you go to bind off the stitch, hold the working yarn tight in order to tighten the last stitch on the needle. The stockinette stitch is moderately stretchy. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. The Double Start Cast On looks really interesting and pretty. Close up of Tillibuddy’s Very Stretchy Cast On. It creates a very smooth and stretchy surface on the right side and that is why it is preferred in very fine stockings. Since you are holding the tail doubled it is a strong, long-lasting cast on. 1. I could get into a good rhythm quickly. 7 more ways to prevent knitting from curling here, tutorial on the double stockinette stitch here, Knitter’s Pride Karbonz knitting needles – Review, The best Knitting books for beginners & advanced knitters, Intarsia Knitting vs Fair Isle – the difference explained, or do a purl long-tail cast on (in case your pattern prevents you from switching right and wrong side). Remember to remove the right-hand needle and replace it in the stitch facing the other direction before you start each new stitch. My mission is to provide you with in-depths tutorials and free patterns. So, I personally prefer the longtail cast on.

This cast on creates a nice decorative edge. They sometimes are a bit too loose. ⓘ In knitting patterns, the stockinette stitch is often abbreviated as st st. You’ll sometimes also hear stocking stitch. A lot of people are wondering how you knit stockinette stitch in the round. You can easily knit a 2 colored stockinette stitch by starting with a different yarn in every knit row. Also, don’t forget that tail needs to be bit longer since you will hold it doubled and will wrap it twice around the thumb for each stitch. Step by step instructions for knitting the stockinette stitch. There seem to be enough of them out there to make an interesting post.

The fun starts, when you add a second color or a third or a fourth.

It creates an interesting knotted edge – that’s where it’s alternative name come from. It's very important to keep an even tension across all stitches. The cast-on is so elastic that you can’t afford to leave any slack in the yarn. I am using the Schachenmayr Catania Grande in this tutorial. The Alternating Cable Cast-On is a very stretchy and almost invisible cast-on for any combination of knit and purl stitches. A lot of knitters I know care a lot about different cast-off methods, but always cast on the same way.


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